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VS UTE 5L- Wayne Gardner Racing ugliness.

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    Prepare your internets, photo dump!

    Originally posted by Rdyno
    It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


      One more

      And i'll just leave this here too. Another story for another day....

      Originally posted by Rdyno
      It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


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          VS UTE 5L- Wayne Gardner Racing ugliness.

          Originally posted by lysdexia View Post
          pretty sure i still have that issue of street commodores floating around somewhere
          Yeah me too

          I started reading the first post then the ugly ass Enkei rims and the wing appeared and I knew I had seen this before in a previous life.

          Those VX GTS rims looked the best in my humble opinion.

          Any info on the stroker engines that WGR built for some of the road cars? Never seen one
          Sutherland Shires #1 Escort? is that like being the 4th best prostitute in Kazahkstan?


            Well looking through the sales brochure there is no mention of a stroker engine. But i have heard there were a few that had this option and that they were built by the race team.
            Honestly not too sure on any more details other than that.

            Did some work on this today for the first time in a looooong time. Will save that until i finish my story.
            Originally posted by Rdyno
            It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


              in for HQ story also.
              Originally posted by Mr Jones
              Farmer its all about how you cut them up, like a dead hooker jigsaw puzzle.


                Ok then, so here's the HQ story. It's kind of embarassing looking back on it now. Just a steep learning curve for a young guy with no idea. A world of fail.

                Before the ute came along, and before drifting started, i was a young 2nd year apprentice at a dealership. A shit cunt with no money. But i just wanted to drive on the track, it was my dream. So i was flicking through the classifieds in the back of Auto Action and found a guy selling a couple of HQ racers. I always liked watching the HQ's run back in the 90's, and this seemed like a good way for me to start, just by doing some supersprints and hillclimbs.
                So i bit the bullet, took out a personal loan and went out to buy this HQ.

                It was a really well built HQ racer built to HQ racing rules by a guy who taught painting at TAFE. He only ever used it for Hillclimbs and sprints, so it was immaculate unlike most of the HQs that did door to door racing.
                I was pretty poor, had no tow car or trailer, so i had to borrow these of other people or pay for a tilt tray to take it to and from the track.

                My TAFE teacher at the time was chief scrutineer at Oran Park, and he suggested i join the NSW Road Racing Club. So i did.
                Their next event coming up was the Huntley hillclimb down in Dapto, so i entered, borrowed a ute and a rusty old trailer and headed down.

                Shitty scanned old photo

                Now when i bought this, the guy told me that it ran on avgas. But also said that it would run on 98ron as well. So i pop down to the local airport in the leadup to the hillclimb to get some avvy. Nobody there. No avgas. I'll just put in 98 then, she'll be right.
                Yes i was young dumb cunt.
                So first run up the hill, start off ok, but then start to here the dreaded pinging noise. A short time later i see a nice plume of smoke from the rear of the car and it starts to lose power. I limped it to the top where it shut down by itself, got out and had a look under the bonnet. Fuck! Coolant everywhere!
                Headgasket was gone and it was pumping the coolant straight out of the side of the head where it met the block.
                I rolled back down the hill and straight onto the trailer to head home. Great debut fuckwit.
                (It turned out that i got an award for 2nd in class for my first and only run. There were 2 cars in my class.....)

                So i pulled off the head, sent it to get checked out (it was fine), chucked on a new headgasket and entered the upcoming supersprint at Oran Park south.
                This time i bought some RF100 race fuel at the track. Should have done that before doh!
                Still no idea what im doing. The car was running old RE88's when i got it, so i upgraded to some HQ racing spec RE92's that i got from Oran Park during an HQ race meet. They were 2nd hand junkers that they were chucking away. Well worn. No money, no idea. Tire pressures? Umm yeah 34psi will do.

                This time was much better though, i was getting in some laps and getting a feel for the car and learning the track. This was my first time ever on the other side of the concrete wall and i was loving it. The car was a bit boaty and slid around a fair bit, but hey i like that.
                The biggest issue i had (besides forgetting to remove the 2 spare wheels out of the boot before my first run) was braking into turn 1. I was either too late or too early. Too early isnt too bad, too late was a problem. A few times i ended up backing it in when the rears locked with too much speed on, and i ended up off track a bit.

                Like this. I was in front of the other HQ on entry to turn 1, on exit i was headed for the north circuit via the gravel trap.

                After a stern talking to from the officials afterwards about taking it easier into turn 1 (including them telling me i might be better off in speedway sprintcars given all the tail sliding i was doing lol) I got my shit together and started putting in some clean laps.
                Ended up with a best of i think 56 seconds around south circuit, which was 4 seconds off the HQ lap record. Pretty piss poor, but my first time out.
                The car didnt break, i didnt crash. All was good.

                I ended up doing a couple more sprints on OP south, but then entered one on the GP circuit. The full track, under and over the bridge.
                The first few runs were ok but slow, still learning the track.
                Then a bit later i was coming over the dogleg and heard an odd noise from the engine followed by some ticking. I pulled into the pits, it didnt sound too good when the bonnet was popped, but nothing obvious. Onto the tilt tray early for the ride home.

                Waiting for the tilt tray at the front gate.

                Got it home, started pulling it apart to find the noise. Off comes the head, fuck, there's your problem!
                Broken ring lands on one of the ACL flat top pistons. And a nice crack in the bore of same cylinder. Double fuck!
                There goes my expensive built HQ engine.
                Young, no money and no idea, left it in the garage for a few months and forget about it.

                About a year later the club was having a meeting to celebrate their 50 years of existence, and had organised for some parade laps for all the various cars that had been run by club members over the years. I thought fuck it, i'll get the HQ running and do some nice parade laps. What could go wrong there?
                So i chucked in an old junk long red motor that i had lying around and trailered it down to Oran Park once more.
                All was going well on the first couple of parade laps (except for the spare battery i had forgotten to take out of the boot beforehand sliding around and hitting the inside of the rear quarters!) when, coming onto the main straight, the engine cut out. I rolled into the pits and popped the bonnet for a look.
                Engine cranked but the rotor button wasn't turning. The cam gear which was made out of cheese had broken. Seriously? Fuck me dead!

                By then i had bought the ute and drifting had begun. I was totally over the HQ.
                I pulled the engine again, slapped on the race head and fitted the race cam to get it running, then stuck it on ebay where it sold for a substantial loss.

                Goodbye HQ

                I did this all by myself with no money and too proud/stupid to ask for help.
                I fucked up a lot. I learnt a lot. I lost a lot of money. But when it was working, fuck it was fun!
                And that's the end of that chapter.
                Originally posted by Rdyno
                It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


                  Reading through all that i got a bit depressed. Fucked up a good car.
                  Same with this ute. At least i had fun doing it.

                  Now getting to how it stands now....

                  Pretty sad looking. The paint is faded to fuck, clear is peeling off the bonnet from a previous repair before i owned it. Battle scars everywhere. No rego for the last 18 months.
                  Every time i went outside and saw it my heart broke a little more.
                  I was pretty much over it, and had been making plans to sell it. No point letting it rot away in the yard.

                  Then one morning having a dart and looking at it, my brain snapped and reality sunk in. Nobody is going to pay half decent money for it. It looks like shit. I'd never get a price i was happy with. What a waste.
                  But the biggest thing i'd lose was the bond i have with this car. We did so much together. It was a rock for me. Always dependable, loads of fun when it needed to be.
                  Nobody else would have that link to it, money can't buy that and i'd never get it back.
                  Nopics and i even went out for our first date in it, and it also carried us to the place where i proposed to her. She thought i was crazy for wanting to sell it.
                  So my mind was made up. It's getting some loving and going back on the road, with the end goal being for us to use it as our getaway car from our wedding.

                  Honestly, it needs a full respray. That wont be happening soon. Too much money that is needed elsewhere at the moment. Instead i will do my very best to clean it up and get it looking respectable for the big day. Respray somewhere in the distant future.
                  I've already tried rubbing some of the shit clear off the bonnet with wet and dry on a little test patch. It worked and the paint underneath polished up ok. Better than expected. So some elbow grease will be needed to finish that.

                  Also did some mechanical work to it last weekend to get it roadworthy, and last night bought yet another set of wheels to go on.......
                  Pics to come in the next few days.
                  I'm so psyched to be working on this again.
                  Originally posted by Rdyno
                  It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


                    Good on ya mate, good read about what youve done too. Great way to learn, similar to what ive done however ive asked the stupid questions on the internet haha.

                    Nice to read your getting back into it again


                      How about a quick respray of roof & bonnet?
                      Most crash shops would do it no probs - no panel work, just a rub down & squirt of new paint, will be cheap & will do wonders for the looks.
                      Just polish the rest - maybe polish the rest 1st so it can be colour matched easier.


                        Cool story dude, good to see you keeping the car. Once they're gone there is no getting them back.
                        Originally posted by Turbo Yoda
                        I <3 Hamster


                          Good to see you are keeping it chief. Finally worked out the NED10H, never looked at it as backwards


                            Originally posted by BoganDAVE View Post
                            Cool story dude, good to see you keeping the car. Once they're gone there is no getting them back.
                            What he said. I ended up tracking one of my old cars down - its now just a front quarter panel hanging of the wall of a wreckers factory.

                            Considering the sentimental value behind it and the fact its a commo [ie parts a $3.50 and are found at local milk bars] it shouldn't cost you much to make good again. What TK said is a good start, apart from the bonnet the rest looks like it would polish up good.
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                              Thanks for the positive comments people. I honestly didn't expect too much interest. It's not exactly a powerhouse with it's stock engine, and there's no fancy fabrication like most cars on here im jealous of.

                              Anyways, to some of the points you've raised.
                              The bodywork is a bit tired. Not all of the damage is visible in that picture, and some of it looks worse in that pic than it really is.
                              Pretty much every panel has a dent or is missing some paint. The rear bar is the worst. So many scars from popping tyres and dad backing it into a gate and me carelessly jacknifing my car trailer when reversing it out the driveway half asleep.

                              The rear quarters are scratched from a thousand steel belts of fury. There's damage to the drivers door around the handle where some tard tried to break into it at some point in its life. So really it does need a respray.

                              I did polish the roof quickly and half assed on the weekend to see how it looked, actually got some shine on it, the roof has the best paint on the whole car.
                              I think once i rub back the clear on the bonnet, and give the whole thing a buff it should come up alright, just with a few scars. I may replace the rear bar though, there's way too many repairs needed to fix it up, would be better to start again. We'll see.

                              I really would have regretted selling this one for sure. Looks like it's hanging around for a while now.

                              And yes my numberplates NED10H. I've lost count of how many times i've had to explain them to people who don't get it lol. Not many do.

                              Dying to get some time to work on it again, hopefully on the weekend i can get the new wheels on for a look. It's gonna get uglier....
                              Originally posted by Rdyno
                              It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


                                Great read. Stop being so fucking hard on yourself! You've done a lot of shit most dumb cunts only dream about. Look forward to more.

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