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Toyota MR2 AW11 9A-GTE project - the faildub

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    Toyota MR2 AW11 9A-GTE project - the faildub

    Ok so this is gonna take way too long to explain properly so I'll give a quick summary with pics:

    Many moons ago when I was a strapping young lad, I wanted a Fiat X1/9... but my dad said they are too rusty and unreliable and I should buy a Toyota instead. Oh how wrong he was...

    So I bought this, a 1986 AW11 MR2 with a mild bluetop bigport and some suspension work. Instantly I was hooked, it was SO much fun to drive.

    Did a trackday, mucked around with trying to fit ITBs to the bigport, then saw the light and did a 4A-GZE swap (with an ensuing 4 months of hilarious misadventures, which were totally not hilarious at the time as I was a broke as fuck uni student)

    Did a couple more trackdays, slapped a bigger pulley on the GZE, did even more trackdays. Went from a 1:21.7 when it was n/a to a 1:14 with the supercharger setup (and a lot more driver experience ) at wakefield. Lot's of fun was had

    Decided it was time to take the next step and embarked upon the enormous headfuck that was my turbo swap version 1. This was essentially a dress rehearsal for when I would build a new motor and I was basically experimenting to see what would and wouldn't work. The HUUUUGE KKR430 turbo for example, was one of the many things which didn't work, however it did enable me to find out what revs i needed boost to come in at for the car to work on the track, as well as allow me to refine intercooling and oil cooling solutions later on.

    I also learned why it is important that your oil lines are well and truly insulated from heat. I can confirm that seeing a fireball appear in your rear view mirror is not a fun experience at 140kmh

    Then I spent a whole fucktonne of money and basically redid everything using my experiences from the first build.

    Got a Garrett GTX3071R in preparation for the new motor I was planning on building.

    Got a PWR water to oil cooler

    Put an intercooler on the roof (which is now painted black and has a scoop so it is slightly less conspicuous. Slightly...

    Got a race technology dash and data logger

    Aand a whole bunch of other shit....

    Car was going well, decided to start on my final build. Bought a new shell as the old one was rusty as fuck and the fire hadn't done the engine bay any favours anyway. New shell is a 1987 aus delivered model with a 20v silvertop swap.

    Stripped and scrapped the old shell

    Started to put all the good shit into the new shell (still on progress, just did all the suspension and brakes)

    Got some rad 80s turbine wheels. Everybody loves turbine wheels

    Started collecting parts for my 9A-GTE (1.9L stroker)

    aaand that's where I am at at the moment.

    The new shell is about to be back on the road with new suspension and brakes. It is currently running a standard silvertop 20v 4A-GE. I'll be installing my ecu, dash/logger and oil cooler setup next. Hopefully by the time I have everything to build the motor the car will be all set up and ready to go so that I can just drop the motor in. That's the plan, but shit never seems to go to plan for me so I'll just play it by ear


    edit; oh and the old shell was called the faildub because it's an adub and it failed all the time, and this used to be painted on the bonnet thanks to some of the more artistic members of the adub community...

    Hopefully the new shell can shake off the fail moniker. Time will tell.
    1988 AW11 9A-GTE - Turbo Missile | 2004 Elise K20A - N/A Screamer | 1984 MA61 1JZ-GTE - 80s Cruiser



      Great story. Those old school wheels are awesome


        Brilliant, more please.
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          The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


            Hey doodle.

            Always been one of my favourite automotive endeavours to behold - mainly due to the amount of fire.


              The only other car that I know about that has had as much fail of mine.

              Mine tops yours though as it's been stolen by a "performance workshop"


                Freakin awesome. Turbine wheels will set this thing off really well.
                As mentioned. More please.
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                Shitbreak is the epitome of perfection.


                  Looks sweet. Agree wheels are tip top.
                  I climbed Mt Druitt


                    This is fucking awesome.

                    Would bang /10


                      Cheers guys. If any of you have no life you are welcome to read the whole history of the build here:

                      seriously though its like a 230 page thread mostly full of shit breaking followed by people laughing followed by me crying. lol

                      also HEY TOM! :D
                      1988 AW11 9A-GTE - Turbo Missile | 2004 Elise K20A - N/A Screamer | 1984 MA61 1JZ-GTE - 80s Cruiser


                        Fuck yeah, sik little rig! I have always had a soft spot for AW11's. I imagine you're using the MRP 9A kit? Apparently it is good, can handle lots of boost and make lots of power. There is also a guy here in Australia who does a 9A stroker kit.

                        Will follow with great interest


                          I like how you're on your second body and third engine but it's still the same car.

                          Interested to see how you go with the MRP kit, I think I need one for my future ITB/NA build. Hopefully it results in less fire!


                            This is going to be good! Subscribed!
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                              mega - bonus points for BBQ and axe!
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