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78 Gemini Sedan

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    78 Gemini Sedan

    Hey Kents.
    Been uhming and ahing about putting this up – those expecting a VRSenator065 or Babs style build are going to be severly disappointed :rotflol: – but being a bit in over my head with current engine build means I wouldn’t mind some advice or pointers, along with copping shit for having a PS3 username that doesn’t match whats under the bonnet [thanx jonnocunt] means it might be time to man up and make a build thread.

    It’s a Gemini. Yeah yeah I know half of PF hates them but I don’t care. Ive had this thing for 6 odd years now and its gone a bit back and forward with changes, and spent just as much time off the road as it has on it. Started life as the proverbial Nanna car in pretty good shape, packing a terrifying 50kilawasps backed by a Traumatic auto.

    Edo-spec footage of the angry horses in the paddock

    Was meant to replace my S15 as a daily and not be modified. Which lasted all of 4 days before I went and put this in it – to my defence I had it lieing around from a car id written off. Itd be stupid not to put it in!

    Isuzu G200w DOHC 8V out of a mid-spec Piazza [also come in 1.8 form ex-Gemini ZZ/R]

    Whacked it in over a weekend with the help of a mate, along with a poxy set of extractors [bends overlapped into the flanges, too close to starter used to fry solenoids] and a VN V6 throttle body I added at a later date to ditch the shitty Siamese throttle body and that was it.

    Dodge as fuck fuel system that worked so well I never actually fixed it even with the turbo motor [say what??]

    Ended up making 82rwkw on 98RON. Lack of weight meant it got along well and was shitload of fun to drive seeing as it also got a set of springs in it and a locker at the same time as an engine. Used to fry 185s like a champion.

    More Edo-spec phone vid of it on the dyno

    Drove the cunt around for a year having max-lols suprising things with bigger engines until it started knocking on the freeway. I assume it lost oil pressure – I say assume because I have no oil pressure gauge and the oil warning light was disconnected. Anyway, half an hour from home, was in no mood at the time to stop so just turned the radio up higher. It was only when the noise drowned out the radio that I realized I was in trouble. Still kept going, until engine got so hot it seized shut. Managed to restart it two days later [hence mustve been REALLY hot] but by this point damage had been done and it was knocking its face off from the big ends. Still, sold it for what I paid so gave zero fucks.
    This all resulted in my daily looking like this again…

    Which is no good if you expect to be able to get to work that’s for sure. Dragged the old G161z and auto out from the corner of the garage, through the auto in the bin and pulled the head off.

    Head was fucked, 3 out of 4 inlets leaked and 4 out of 4 exhaust valves were munted. So new valves, recut seats and it came back looking like this. Slammed some Crow HD springs in there and a mild turbo grind cam [wait wot?].

    Grabbed a Rodeo 4ZE1 lower inlet, put a dodgy cylindrical plenum on it with a XF Throttle, injectors were some Bosch ones, cant remember exactly what.


    Buttoned it up, threw an Exedy HD clutch on it, 5spd box and threw it in the bay.

    Now I needed a hotside, which I had, except it was meant to go on my other Gemini. Oops. T3/T4 apparently a 500hp roller core, HPC coated manifold, external gate hanging off the rear manifold [Deltagate, which failed pretty quickly]

    Hacked up and modified an XR6 Turbo intercooler to fit. Also required some hacking of the car and ditching the square headlights

    Wired up a MicroLeb LT10s through a Magna dizzy/single coil setup to run the thing, had it tuned aaaaaaaannnnnnndd thennnnnnnnnnn… ended up at my uncles on ramps because the HD shit itself [replaced it with a 4 puck]
    Good view of how the cooler went in. Spewin I couldn’t get the grille over it properly though

    Reason for clutch shitting itself.

    Went orrrright considering it was a stocko motor with the only internal mods being a tiny cam and valve springs. Would light up 2nd gear in the dry on the roll. Good fun. Drove it daily for a year, kaining the absolute shit out of it – 17psi, countless over-boosts/over revs, spinning to 7500rpm. Overheated it a good 15x too [note to self: 12” cheapo chinese fan does not cool well with turbo on engine and cooler blocking airflow]. Then got agro at oil leaks and annoying rattle coming from engine, cracked shits, parked in driveway, threatened to sell it, decided not to, changed mind, decided not to again…you get the picture.

    How it looked before I pulled it off the road and stripped it to a shell to start the rebuild.

    More tomorrow when I can be fucked typing.
    1978 Gemini Sedan - Powered by i change my mind every week
    1980 Gemini Sedan
    1992 Land Rover Discovery 200TDI

    Skim read but like it! (and I'm not a fan of gemini's generally probably due to swede factor)
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      Cool write up so far!
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        Cheap fun by the sounds of it. Keep the story going.


          Great story and impressive figures from the last setup. My grandfather owned a Gemini eerily similar (model, colour, interior etc.) to this... in standard form of course!
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            This is very cool.

            Mate at school had a gemi, was a total p.o.s, this is more like it!
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            Originally posted by nutttr
            People must assume you are some sort of drug dealer with all these nice cars turning up to a fibro home


              awesome story mate, the ghetto stuff is often the most fun!


                Cool! Gem fan back in the day here.


                  Very cool!

                  Needs more hubcap

                  VC Valiant


                    Sounds like my ghetto turbo Gemini build many moons ago.

                    Had same rims on mine as well.


                      needs more 1JZ/2JZ/1UZ/LS1, but cool story
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                      Originally Posted by Stang:
                      particularly when your body is functioning like a 1970s Alfa made by drunken chimpanzees on a Friday afternoon


                        Thanks kents.

                        Truth is sometimes I wish it wasn’t so ghetto, or that I took a bit more time doing certain things so it wouldn’t bite me in the arse later. I just did what I could with the small budget and knowledge/abilities available to me. Prime example the turbo setup. Not the first turbo gemini I’ve built, but the first one where I’ve put too-big turbo onto too tired engine and expected it all to hang together. Its changed a fair bit over the past few years and ive gradually gotten serious with it – not time-to-run-9s serious; moreso time to fucking build it once and once only serious. So, before we get to the plans [sorry jay, ill leave the 1jz for my BMW], bit more on what happened to the car in the meantime. If you cbf reading look at picshures.

                        And it hung together for about a year, which was a fair effort. Apart from a few little niggling things that were more my fault than the car, it was actually pretty reliable. They are stout things these engines, but unknown bottom end plus 17psi/7500rpm and it was always going to be on borrowed time. Right before I cancelled the reg I was chasing my tail with oil leaks and a rattle I thought was the timing chain. Would only happen between 3000-3500 and it was a light sounding. Checked the chain which seemed good, cracked the shits, cancelled the reg and advertised it for sale. Went through the whole why does this shit always happen to me [prior to reading Kedderz thread, everything ive gone through seemed like the end of the world!] and put the car up for sale.

                        Poor thing sat in the driveway for 6months while I got fed up with getting text messages at 2am asking if id swap for a VN and a PS2. Eventually decided to stop being a sook and rebuild it.

                        Engine out. Note Deltagate was in the bin by this point and I had a cheap Chinese gate on it with the screamer pipe pointing straight down. Not sure what went wrong with the Delta but it wasn’t working – id either get no boost, or 25psi, which car was not tuned for/waaaay too high for a standard engine. Got as high as 27psi a couple of times while I was trying to work out what was going on – FUCK it was quick! Lol. Would fry all of third and sounded absolutely savage breathing out of the gate. Pulled it apart to see what went wrong.

                        Surprise #1

                        Pistons were in faaaaaaaaaaaaaar better shape than I thought they would be. Still looked good/useable and no sign of any issues. Rings looked ok too, so oil spraying out of every seal was probably from not having enough crank case breathing [hindsight tells me I should’ve added a second breather to the rocker and had a catch can, not just a pissy little drift filter].

                        Surprise #2

                        I found the rattle.

                        The suprising thing is it only made noise between the 3000-3500 range when it was coming on boost. Didn’t knock, didn’t clatter, nothing. Just rattle in that rev range only. No idea what went wrong or why – the DOHC did it because I sheared an oil pump drive from bashing the rev limiter like a spastic. This? Who knows. Journals were ok though [crank was linished and now lives in the nopics Gemini which is in the process of being turbo’d]

                        I also had this issue to contend with [yep this was another why me screaming moment]

                        I should point out the car had sat in the driveway for 6months so no idea how this appeared. Its also VERY solid for a Gemini so I knew it was filler, just didn’t know WHAT it was covering. So, only one thing to do then and that’s start digging into it.

                        Strip disc found this.

                        No rust, just a LOT of filler.

                        Rear beaver on the other hand, more bog and a little bit of rust.

                        Turns out it had been rear ended – hard – at some point in its life. Instead of pulling the back corner out properly, they just bogged over it. Car was around 10mm short on one side, which explained why the LHR door didn’t line up properly. Apart from the rear beaver [two spots as per photo] and a 20c piece in the front quarter, no other hidden suprises. Had the car pulled on the rack, then dropped back off at home so I could start on the bodywork [which, apart from the LHR quarter I did all in my parents garage with the occasional hand from the old man].

                        Sent it to a mates shop and apart from needing a touch up on the front quarter he was happy with the state of it.

                        Agonized over the colour for weeks. You’ll find I twist and turn with my decisions more than the plot of a good Stephan King book, except unlike his books none of my decisions make any sense and they don’t follow any rational train of thought. Went from the original colour to Papaya Orange to actually buying Baroda Silver [HQ colour]. None of which mattered because while the car was on the tow truck on the way to the panel shop I’d already gone to the paint shop and bought new basecoat. Decided to paint it the same colour as my dads old Gemini, the reason I got into the bloody things in the first place.


                        Its called Antelope Metallic. Supposed to be a light sandy gold but changes colour depending on what light its under.

                        Sorry for the big block of photos/text. Bit more to go till current state of car.

                        1978 Gemini Sedan - Powered by i change my mind every week
                        1980 Gemini Sedan
                        1992 Land Rover Discovery 200TDI


                          fkn oath.


                            yeh another gemi.. hopefully some motivation for myself to pull my finger out.
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                              Let me guess - It's a $50,000 gemini now? :p
                              Originally posted by Mr Jones
                              Sneakers prompted the erection. Engine stand made me do something with it