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    I'll bite, what's that?
    "Where can we get hold of a Vincent Black Shadow?" "Whats that?" "A fantastic bike," I said. "The new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds."


      It's the oil pump.

      Engine stand fell over?
      Originally posted by Marlin
      Chickens will slip under water in the cover of darkness like a seal team and FUCK YOU UP.


        Yes oil pump .
        Had to remove for messing with the external pickup and was hummed up with enough sealant (was aviation sealant) to lock it in there.
        So my stupid fault regardless and started belting it with my softfaced hammer and still no go it eventually gave in....
        Had the shits and made a screw in type arrangement and carefully threaded the inside of the collar then just used the slide hammer to pull out.


          After some thieving the oil pump from old motor was able to get the oil pump i replaced all the gears and used the newer of the 2 outer section which i had ported.

          After some considering how to get exhaust/hotside pipework to go in neatly without touching anything ie bar work. Had a semi rage quit and chopped all the torque arm mounting out. As having pipe work in the road of every thing also meant moving fuel tank which i had envisioned to begin with.

          Have since put motor into the car with the gear bag mounted to motor.

          So back to the the old system that i know works and change bits where necessary that mainly being the hotside pipework as the pacemaker 1 3/4 tri y extractors have a very different outlet position then the old system.
          Pipework is 2.5inch into the 3 inch single that feeds the turbo.

          Cold side pretty much slots straight back in will have to do a wrap or heat shield next to the extractors.

          Condenses on my end was to do orange timing cover along with the water pump.Nopics agreed alternator mounts needs more black.

          Throttle cable mounts and return spring mount will get painted black


            Since last post not really done much until Easter time cause reasons...

            Which involved thundercunt acquiring a better radiator support panel for this shitbox which i had sandblasted then had a few holes to weld up before some satin black paint was applied.

            Decided alternator looked better black along with the alternator previous one got thieved for EH...

            Have more or less made first start and a heat cycle on the thermo fans.

            Yay no leaks at this stage...but seriously needs a wash

            Drove it off the hoist to fit bonnet then back onto hoist.

            I am waiting on a set of shocks and need to build catch can system before going anywhere.


              Still waiting on a set of shocks for this shitboxen.

              Went to order a set of KONI red adjustables off eBay first seller listed the set paid for them nearly a week later rings and says his supplier doesnt have any available. OK send me a refund.:knock:

              2nd seller says i think was 2 available sweet paid for them. Nearly another week later sorry our supplier doesn't have any available WTF in another listing you say you have 9 sets of them. Told me available doesn't mean in stock fucking useless cunts.

              So for now ordered a set of KYB shocks should be here before next weekend so looking forward to that...

              Some stainless scrubbing balls and an old catch can were harvested for fittings.

              Drain hole is in the wheel well just got to put the bolts from underneath then good to go.

              All fitted up with hoses


                Since getting some more seat time with the tig on alloy decided was time for a proper overflow tank.
                Many thanks to thundercunt for leaving some alloy hardline off cuts lying around so I could make this abortion.

                Put some tops on the fan brackets whilst in bits.


                  Still one of my favourite cars on here, still love the detail, enthusiasm and photos man. Keep it up.


                    Always one of my favourites, don't ever finish it....
                    " Racing cars don't have doors. Toilets have doors" : Keke Rosberg


                      For a long time I got you confused with Morgs the mortgage broker and I thought "wow this bloke has some skills, not what I'd pictured next to a C63s in the garage"
                      Awesome build, I fucking love it. All custom, no just buying shit off the shelf and smashing it together and a mad sleep look. This is 100% PF right here.


                        Talented mother fucker.
                        Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                        My Italian 510


                          still a cunt lol done a skid yet?


                            Originally posted by darwinschops View Post
                            Still one of my favourite cars on here, still love the detail, enthusiasm and photos man. Keep it up.
                            Cheers thanks
                            Originally posted by Roy928tt View Post
                            Always one of my favourites, don't ever finish it....
                            Cheers thanks Had this shitbox 19years this year so probably no chance of ever finishing it.
                            Already thinking individual runner or quad webber setup as needs more cranky sounding cantankerous cunt of a thing might be a fun take .
                            Plus its an old holden so its always leaking oil somewhere lol.

                            Originally posted by Komdotkom View Post
                            For a long time I got you confused with Morgs the mortgage broker and I thought "wow this bloke has some skills, not what I'd pictured next to a C63s in the garage"
                            Awesome build, I fucking love it. All custom, no just buying shit off the shelf and smashing it together and a mad sleep look. This is 100% PF right here.
                            Whats this euro stuff you speak of Its stable mate is a 63 EH Holden so got the number the same LOL.
                            I get the whole euro thing and would love a porka one day but im just a country be thankful the ute is not a B & S special with a massive 5 poster and kenworth mudflaps haha.

                            Try buying something that actually fits these things properly

                            Cheers thanks

                            Originally posted by Guido View Post
                            Talented mother fucker.
                            I tell everyone i am useless

                            Originally posted by Hjtonner View Post
                            still a cunt lol done a skid yet?
                            Thunderous Thundering Thundercunt...You need a name change ...
                            The little guy does plenty

                            Can i borrow a wheel i heard one was on a vacation all on its own...

                            Getting shocks in this thing is a fairly straight forward affair except drivers side...

                            So made this in the mill

                            There was burnout lube around so no drive today.
                            Only have the lightest gate spring in atm ~3.5psi should be fine to bed the rings in still tempted to just chuck the 11psi spring in to make sure it seals up good lol.

                            Last time driving this resulted in a fair amount of axle wrap / diff hop. Looking into ways to eliminate this has resulting in searching alot about caltracs,slapper bars , traction bars, spring clamps etc problem is most of have an adverse effect about going around corners ...


                              Got this out for a bit of a maiden voyage. As with anything some teething issues arose all fairly minor but will address.
                              So first run fueled this up as only had a bit of fuel out of my bikes jerry can ~15litres in it.
                              When i put some new gaskets in the carb i put the jetting back to what it was shipped with as soon as i got on the road it was nearly pegging the afr gauge to 9.5 at cruise so way too rich again.
                              From home to town is like 15min each way with a few smallish hills so able to load motor up a bit and again rich condition.
                              Can certainly tell cam is a bit larger not just by the bit of lope just doesn't seem to have the just off idle torque but also think i had the mixture screws set a little lean so hard to make a direct comparison just yet.
                              Gave it a few little hits not really revving it right out no tach hooked up but would seem the boost comes on at a very similar rpm as old motor but very light spring and therefore low boost pressure for now might chuck the tach in made it on a plug so very easy to fit for a bit.

                              Need to get oil cooler setup sorted as was only showing 15psi on the gauge at idle after around 40 mins driving.
                              Block is semi grout filled not really surprised and had envisioned it would need it.

                              Oil leak at back of motor...

                              So pulled 4 jet sizes from primary and installed smaller pvcr (power valve cavity restriction)
                              Old motor was 6 sizes down and same small pvcr
                              Being i had just used the fuel from my bike Jerry not long after i got back the neighbor sms ride?:knock:
                              So as shitbox was out side and had fuel even nopics said take the ute.
                              Yep jet change has certainly helped with the cruise situation afr were like 14-14.5 sweet.
                              Gave it a bit of a hit and 10.5-11 afr so pretty much where i want it for the moment.
                              On the light spring it was making 4-5psi on the gate it feels alot like old motor did maybe a little less when it was on the 11psi gate spring but certainly more then when on the 7.5psi spring but have not let it rev out too much yet it seems to be still pulling as i let out of it.

                              Said oil leak

                              Which resulted into this

                              Most probably my shitty goop application...there was air bubble and had not sealed properly by the look of it.


                                Got this back together for now can report fixed the intake leak...
                                Rocker covers are a different story used the paper gaskets from the gasket kit I even said to myself they won't seal shit banged them in anyway as had nuffin else.
                                Neoprene type gaskets ordered .

                                Being I made the bypass pressure on oil pump adjustable I dialed in another turn and now reading ~20 psi on the gauge at hot idle.
                                Some oil cooler shit is ordered yet to raid speedflow catalogue for fittings and hose...

                                In a half arse effort to make more traction along with less spring wrap up I put a 4 degree spring wedges in I had laying around has helped but now vibrates on deccel and cruising so will make them into 3 degree versions.

                                Ever since going longer upper ball joints it's been darty so gave the tierods a 1/4 turn in much betterer.

                                Revisited timing on this it likes initial timing so much so it may as well be locked in at total timing.
                                So it is now 26intial and 28 total pulling 1degree per psi of boost sound about right?.

                                Before had it at 20 initial and 26 total pulling 1.5 degree / psi.

                                Still same boost level of 4-5 psi it has made quite a difference and dare say it now feels stronger now then old motor did on ~11psi.
                                Maybe not as much torque and outright surge it gave when coming up on boost.

                                It is gonna be moving when it sees 15psi +.

                                Its got me thinking about boost controllers or more precisely boost by gear been looking into these as incorporating meth injection is appealing. As trying to drive off the line with much more power is gonna start getting difficult fast


                                Was hoping phenolic spacer under carb was going to work at mitigating boiling the fuel out when shut off was a bit of a fail not total as it takes a lot longer now to do so....

                                Making going to efi to control boost etc even more tempting...would go along way into paying for it anyway

                                Have come 4bbl manifold drilled for injectors got to workout low profile throttle body arrangement to clear the bonnet.
                                Dare say it would flow a far bit better then my shitty ported hiwinder.