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Everyone needs another car, right?

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    Wheels need another clean.....


      Just discovered this.
      WOW BMW ownership is a thing on PF.
      Nice job - continue Sir


        Nice one bruv, although those cooler pipes look a little like what came off Ferdi's cruiser V12 - when in doubt, add more clamps. :D
        Hide yo' wife!!!


          Had some misfortune at the weekend... car started smoking horribly out the exhaust, burning oil. Like James Bond smokescreen. Got underneath it, lots of oil everywhere. Crestfallen, I booked a hire car and resolved to go car shopping as this is my only car and I need wheels. But then something miraculous happened... I unbolted the turbo, rebolted and reclocked it (figuring something got disturbed when I last moved it) and it came good! No smoke, although there's a very minor leak on the compressor housing where oil pools where it shouldn't. I ordered a fresh turbo, which mercifully wasn't in stock so got a refund. Then found a rebuilt kit - ordered that. Cancelled the hire car the day before I was due to pick it up, and all seems well again. For now.

          Weird. I clearly pinched a seal or something when I reclocked it for new intercooler pipes, but it seems to be holding for the time being. Rebuild kit will be here in a week, then I think it will quite straightforward to whip it off and replace this and that inside. Meantime, I'm just driving it gingerly.


            So it's been a while, and it will be a while longer. An update on this jigger...

            It stopped spewing oil out long enough for me to keep driving it and then I got "distracted" by a 350kw AMG, which has taken over daily driving duties since the end of June and is keeping me sufficiently amused to not even think about the poor old E34. So it got driven up to my folks' place 40km north of Brisbane and it sat in the sun for a few months. About two months ago, once I had moved to a house with a double garage again, I went up there to bring her back down. This did not go well. The bastard thing made it down to the servo for a sip of 98 and then promptly sent the temp gauge into the red.

            Thinking it needed a little bleeding of the cooling system, I persevered for about half an hour, and couldn't get the damn thing bled. So once cooled down I ran it back to my folks' place, swore at it, and ignored it.

            Subsequent fiddling a few weeks later revealed that the coolant system not only had some air in it, but was also being pressurised a little earlier than I would like. This means hEaD gAsKiT. Yay! So I left it again, went shopping for ALL OF THE THINGS and decided to wait until I could find a trailer to retrieve it or failing that I'd hire a flatbed to bring it back home.

            A very kind friend suggested I used his trailer and yoot, and so I did:

            Let us never speak of how much fun I didn't have towing an E34 on a 340kg trailer rated to 1,900kg gross behind a 2WD HiLux for 40km.

            But now it's home. And this is good. Plans:

            - replace head gasket, and in doing so finally fit my flipped manifold, ARP head studs, have the exhaust manifold faced, all new hoses everywhere, engine mounts, rebuild turbo, etc. Lots of new parts waiting to go on.
            - refinish the wheels (I only removed the clearcoat on them - after sitting outside caked in brake dust they need polishing now, and will cop a full sand/polish/split the rim apart etc
            - fit my Akebono pads to the front so that said wheels have a hope of staying slightly cleaner in future
            - fix up the broken front bumper

            And when all that's done, let's respray the fucker. Factory colour so I don't have to fart about with door jams and such. Oh, and put my new clutch and single mass flywheel in.

            This could take a while...



              If you do decide to anything in the next couple of weeks let me know, I will be available to point. laugh, drink beer, mock and lend a hand, or just take me for a ride in the AMG goodness.....


                So I was a little quieter with work this week and decided to get stuck into this thing...

                There's not much room where I parked it, and there's a little slope to contend with at the front, so I could only jack it up on one side to get at all the bits underneath:

                Once all the bits from underneath were off, I dropped it back down and started to pull everything off. The rocker cover was looking a bit sorry...

                It all went quite smoothly, really. I was very methodical with everything, and after a while I had the head on the bench. I removed it with the intake, apparently that's the hotness on these things when doing a head gasket change... pro tip - drain the block of its coolant and you won't make a huge mess when you take the head off.

                So I did some cleaning up of the head and the block surface and whipped out my ARP studs and ran them in.

                What I didn't realise is that unlike some other engines, you can't get the head back on the block with the studs in there because the firewall is in the way...! So out they came again. On with the flipped intake:

                And then with a little bit of grunting, the head went back on:

                I took the opportunity while it was in this state to change the spark plugs, change the oil bolts and do a clearance check on the valves. Much easier when the engine is like this. Also had to clearance the baffle inside the rocker cover so it cleared the ARP head studs. But in no time at all, the fuel rail was back in and hooked up, and the electrical stuff all snugged back down and plugged in.

                I also stripped and repainted the rocker cover - won't bother sanding back the raised lettering this time. Have to say, the motor is looking fucking awesome - so much neater with the throttle body on the other side and no massive tubes running everywhere.

                Also because it's easier doing it now than later, it copped all new coolant hoses, and a new radiator... the latter only because the drain plug snapped off when I drained it before I started the major work.

                We also have a new thermostat housing (and thermostat, naturally) and the new ones now come with an extra port, which must be plugged. Leaving me one plug short on bits to swap over. So I bought some natty Aeroflow plugs and they look rather nice:

                And finally, for now, I sorted out my cold side pipes - much neater!

                Things to do before start up:

                - I broke the IAT wire... need to fix and lengthen it anyway
                - TPS wire is too short, also needs to be made longer
                - throttle cable is rigged up to work, but I'm far from happy with the solution. Will ponder that some more
                - get the turbo and exhaust back on, obviously
                - fill with oil and coolant, also obviously

                I hope to have this all squared away next week, barring huge amounts of paying work and children-related emergencies.


                  So you didn't want our help????????

                  Good progress. Will be nice to have it how you want and working properly.


                    Nice, flipped manifold really cleans up the piping. Looks great!


                      I forged on with this over the weekend. Doing the wiring for the two sensors didn't take long, and I neatened them up a lot in the process. Manifold went back on nicely:

                      I've been plagued with leaks at the face of the manifold ever since the first few months I installed it - unfortunately the face isn't flat (heat seems to have warped it ever so slightly) and thus no amount of hi temp copper goop on each port has got it to hold a seal for more than a few weeks at a time. So this time I used the factory gaskets, which are two sets of three port jobs. Of course, they won't fit as factory intended so I trimmed them a bit and jammed them on.

                      Then it was simply a case of whacking everything back together, fill with fluids and kick her in the guts.

                      This I did on Saturday morning, but only for a short time as it seemed I had a massive fuel leak. You know when you've finished something and you realise that you should've done that bit while you were there? Yeah, that was me. Replaced the fuel lines, then got another leak at the rail. Fixed that too. Then we had the fun of bleeding. In case you don't know, BMW M30s are totally fucked for bleeding the cooling system. I don't have time to write up the proper technique, suffice it to say it's rather bothersome. I fought it for four hours on Saturday, then went out drinking.

                      Sunday morning, I had another go. Did the thing, squeezed that, prayed to that thing over there, hit that part with a hammer... and it all sort of seemed to work!


                      Turns out I somehow managed it! Took it out for a trip around the block, and it did all the right things, hurrah! I even made the throttle cable work properly. Most importantly, it hasn't dropped a single speck of oil or coolant. Not one. Unusual.

                      And we're done. On this bit. For now.

                      (apart from sorting out the cold idle as I've deleted the ICV because aesthetic reasons)
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                        ^Phoaarrr links mint!


                          Gimme a yell if you want to run it on my dyno and squeeze out another head gasket . BYO mop


                            Good work old chap! Now go get some video whilst the thing is moving and making vroom pssh pew pew noises.
                            Hide yo' wife!!!


                              I was thinking I might take it out for a blat around the 'burbs tomorrow to see if it's properly bled out and doesn't misbehave. Still makes the whoosh noises, can confirm. Sad fact is it now feels slow after dailying the E55 for four months. I've ruined myself with that thing.

                              Originally posted by uuheels View Post
                              Gimme a yell if you want to run it on my dyno and squeeze out another head gasket . BYO mop
                              That has the makings of a very amusing day! We can dyno all of the things!


                                So last week I had a spare hour or so and decided to clean the wheels up. Didn't take them off, but wanted to confirm that my rough approach would work. So I attacked the lips and barrels with 600 grit, then 800, then 1500 and finally 2000. And finally some polish. All by hand, no powertools for this proof of concept. They all came out alright!

                                I will do them all properly at some point, perhaps over Christmas - bash the centres out and really get to work on them.

                                To celebrate, I drove the car around all day yesterday for about 170km. Other than the temp gauge reading a needle-width higher than it used to, it chugged around perfectly and didn't misbehave one bit, air con blowing icy cold the whole time. It really needs a respray though... that's the next big job on the list.