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    Originally posted by PXL265 View Post
    That labour bill must be extortionate to find a shop to fix it all before Christmas. I hope you get reimbursed for that.....
    Not exactly in the Christmas spirit though, is it... $100 for the grille piece, another $200 for the new clips, insert and chrome kidneys from FCP. That'll do. She's lucky she didn't back into the Merc... that would've been $2,500 for a new bumper (bare), let alone anything else that would've got crunched... It'll cost her far more to repair her car, so a $300 bill from me is punishment enough.


      Well, it would help her learn quicker......

      Isn't a good education usually expensive????


        Some say the school of hard knocks is best, so perhaps you can tell her there is no monetary charge.....then open hand slap that bitch in to 2021 (which isn’t far away so not too hard really) 🤣
        Hide yo' wife!!!


          Is she hot? If she is id be hinting at a blow job instead

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            Finally got around to doing something about those aftermarkets fogs... they are clearly a higher rated bulb that factory because they kept blowing the 15A fuse, but I've not touched them in ages because we don't have much fog around here. Smashed the driver's side a few years ago and these have been on the car ever since as they came with the bumper I bought (which I also smashed - at a skidpan day):

            So I bought a pair of factory ones. And they look much better, even if the photo is crap because Queensland sun...

            Also replaced the blown bulbs in my OBC, which takes only a few minutes and I have loads of spares as they go out all the time. Ready for a thrashing through the hills tomorrow so I can really test these new tyres out (which so far have impressed me mightily).


              So a small amount of investigative work has happened, with the new turbocharger. I whipped the old one off:

              And I was going to just test fit the new one, but figured why not clock it properly and hook everything up in the hope that the V band flange on the new turbo is the same as the old one. Wishful thinking on my part... they're a different size and it's a bit of wrestling to get the dump pipe connected and the hot side bolted to the manifold. But I got it on:

              Turbine housing is way smaller, which is good. This new one is also an open flange, which matches my manifold - the Mamba turbo is a divided housing.

              And once that was done, I took it back off and put the old one back on. Need to investigate V band clamp sizes because being a cheap eBay turbo, it doesn't have a supplied flange to weld onto your downpipe. So I have to get one separately. The first turbo I used was similar - no flange supplied, and it was an odd size that required a 3" to be turned down to fit. Rather than leave the car at an exhaust place for two weeks while they source a flange and have it turned down, better to sort that piece of the puzzle first. I did measure the flanges, though...

              Old Mamba turbo has an OD of 85mm, ID of 65.5mm. It's also got a step in it where the two flanges seal, which the new turbo does not - it's just a flat face on that. New turbo is 91 OD and 74.5 ID, which means my current dump pipe flange (matching the Mamba turbo) is quite a bit smaller than what I will need to mate to the new turbo.

              So I'll take the new turbo to an exhaust place and we'll offer a few V band flanges up to see what'll work... then book it in to have the dump modified. I'm also going to get them to re-do a few things, namely cut off the two-bolt flange on the back of the downpipe and V-band that because the current bolts are an absolutely fucking nightmare to get to. Same with the wastegate pipe. And add a flexi joint aft of both before it hits the cat. And get them to check my cat and make sure it's not clogged. Kind of "while you're in there" tasks. Rest of the exhaust should be just fine, but I'll see if they can hoik it up a few mm to avoid scraping on speed bumps and my driveway.


                The other week I did as I said I would do and went and had a chat to a guy who runs a fabrication shop locally. His work looked good, seemed like a nice bloke. We spent a fair while searching through his V bands to see if any would fit my turbo. Of course, nothing would fit. So I said I'd do more research and find some parts and come back to him.

                So from my measurements, the downpipe flange I needed was to be 3 5/8" OD, which so happens to be the same size that Precision do for their T4 frame turbos. Coupled to that, the V band mating surface on the turbo is flat, unlike most V bands which have a male and a female part with a little step in them to help seal them together. Much like this 3" kit I bought, which is destined to be welded to the other end of the dump pipe so we can finally piss that horrible and shiftul 2-bolt connector off.

                So getting a suitable downpipe flange to mate with the turbine on the exhaust housing was going to be easy if I lived in the US, but a smidge harder if I wanted to buy locally. But I found one. Believe it or not, this terrible looking thing is actually a proper Precision mild-steel downpipe flange..! Considering how nice their turbos are, I was disappointed. Oh, and I bought a proper 3 5/8" clamp for it too.

                Here are the two parts together:

                Much buttock clenching was involved as I offered this flange to the turbo. Would it fit? Well, the OD is bloody close:

                And the ID is similarly close:

                So I clamped it all up, and one thing's for sure, it ain't moving..! Will it seal, though? I don't know the answer to that, and short of having something machined up, this is about the best I can hope for...

                Time will tell. I also bought myself some new braided -10 and some fittings (of course, the cheap variety..!) so that I could re-do the turbo oil drain. My current one has a kink in it as it was slightly too long when I originally made it, hence the re-visiting.

                This was my third go getting the bastard fitting on. And yes, I did stab myself with small bits of braid. But I now have my method sorted for getting it on, and will get that done when I'm ready to take the car in and fit up the new turbo and drain. But first, a trip back to old mate to show him the turbo, flange and clamp to see if he thinks it'll be a goer.


                  So with ongoing dramas with the E55 preventing me from doing anything major to the BMW (I need it as my primary car atm), I have been busy with some small items that don't knock it out of action for long.

                  First was to fit the fire extinguisher. Ages ago I used to keep one in the boot, which wasn't ideal. I really want one under the seat. You can get factory E34 brackets, but they're hard to come by and expensive, so I whipped out the factory first aid kit from the passenger seat and went and had a look. After some measuring of the existing seat bolt holes available and the actual extinguisher bracket, I made up a small adapter plate out of some thin alloy bar I had, and:

                  Good! Now I have half a hope of saving the car when it inevitably catches fire.

                  So while the E55 was mobile, I turned my attention to fitting the new turbo, finally. Figuring that it would cost X to have my dump pipe modified to suit, I thought I'd try and learn a new skill. So I went out and bought this thing:

                  My First Welder (tm). It does stick, MIG and TIG (if you buy a TIG torch), but for now I just set it up for flux core MIG and with a few other items bought:

                  ... I began my deep dive into a skill that looks easy on the Interwebs.

                  It's not easy.

                  Reasonable penetration for my first go, though!

                  But so many things wrong here. This is why were learn. Wire speed too slow, not enough volts, helmet too dark, didn't clean the practice pipe (aluminised mild steel), didn't wear a jacket and got sunburn on my arm... all the fun things you get as a novice welder.

                  Suffice it to say, I did loads more practising and started to muck about lap joints (which is what I will need to do to connect the new turbo flange to my dump, and the V bands on the other end. Getting better, but still not great.

                  Good news is that my shitty welds will be covered up with header wrap, but I still need to practice more. Lots more. But it's fun sticking bits of metal together with electricity.

                  Then the E55 broke again, so I turned my attention to things that were quick. The driver's seat back has a hole in the leather where it's worn away, and also some stitching has come apart just above it:

                  Good news is that on BMW seats without armrests the seatbacks are totally interchangeable, and the passenger seat is in much better condition. In order to save spending more money on some retrimming work, and given the fact that most of the time I drive this it's just me in the car, I decided to swap the backs over.

                  Removing the seats it's easy on these - there are three bolts to undo (two on the floor, one holding the seatbelt in) and then a small cable which does the seatbelt height adjustment on the B pillar. The front of the seat hooks into a bracket on the floorpan. So with some fernangling, they come out easy:

                  Run the vacuum around the carpet, then grab the seats and with some nutfuckers you can twang a lever down, and the backs come right off:

                  Do the swappy swappy, and then:

                  Much better.

                  I'll do some more practice on my welding in the interim and once the E55 is back to daily duties and I feel confident enough, I'll get the new turbo in, cut off the old V band for the old turbo, and then weld on the new flange to suit the new turbo. Suspect I'll leave the V bands on the other end to fight another day as that means dropping the whole exhaust, but baby steps. And yay for learning new skills.


                    Cool shirt

                    IMHO - Stop stressing about your welds. Your a flap disk away from being the worlds greatest welder. If the penetration is good, there is no distortion and the weld is non porous, hit it with a flap disk move on with your life. It's what 90% of us do.
                    "That which does not kill you, will make you very, very sick"


                      Well, Easter weekend - time to fucking do this.

                      We begin by removing the turbo, dump pipe, oil feed/drains and so on. Pain in the arse. No pics. One ray of sunlight in all this is that I've FINALLY figured out the trick to the 2-bolt flange on the dump pipe - rather than trying to get impossibly small spanners in there, I used a small 13mm socket on the end of about 200mm of 1/4" extensions. This made everything relatively easy under the car.

                      Anyway, here's my dump pipe, unwrapped:

                      You will note my terrible practice welds behind on the bench.

                      This is actually the first time I've seen the dump pipe in the raw, so to speak. You can see where it goes from 3" to 2.5" here. This is required to clear the steering gear, firewall, and all the other shit in the way:

                      First job was to very carefully grind off the old V band:

                      Success! Here it is next to the old too-big turbo:

                      (I will be selling this Mamba unit soon - hit me up if you're interested)

                      Next, clean up the end of the dump and make sure the new V band flange will fit. It does!

                      Head back to the car and reinstall dump pipe, and new turbo. Position. Clamp up. Mark the dump and the new flange with red permanent marker.

                      Some will suggest at this point to tack them together on the car. I figured this was unnecessary, and room is tight in that part of the garage. So once I'd tripled checked everything was OK, whipped it all out and tacked it in the vice:

                      Did six tacks in total, everything looked good and the flange was in the right spot. So over the course of the next 15 minutes, I (as carefully as I could!) ran beads of about an inch in length alternating around the pipe to minimise distortion from heat:

                      Yeah, I'm not the greatest welder. But with fluxcore wire and a small amount of clean up, I'm happy with it. Good penetration too!

                      Next, I painted the dump pipe in high temp cast iron (all I had to hand!):

                      Then re-wrapped it with some "titanium" stuff I bought on eBay. Tricky, took me two goes, and not the best job in the world but it'll do!

                      And also re-do the oil drain. My old one was too long, had a kink in it, and was generally shite. This one is better, and has a 45 fitting on it as well, which allows a smoother transition for the hose to the sump:

                      Shove everything back in, new gaskets and bolts and stuff, make sure it's all tight:

                      And then... well, kick her in the guts, Barry?


                      The smoke you see is from the new T4 gasket and the header wrap. The leaks that you can kind of hear are actually the injectors, which on an M30 are really noisy. I have zero exhaust leaks on this now. Great success!!

                      Got everything up to temp, no leaks anywhere, now letting it all cool down again and I'll make sure every nut and bolt is tight, probably tomorrow. Then time to take it out and re-tune the timing and fuel maps. Going from a 1.00 exhaust housing to a 0.68, so it should wake up a fair bit earlier than before. Finger's crossed!!


                        Good to see someone had a productive day....

                        Looking forward to hearing more pigeons trying to get away....


                          Will be interesting to see how much sooner this spools.


                            Originally posted by uuheels View Post
                            Will be interesting to see how much sooner this spools.
                            Old one didn’t do much until 3,500rpm, so I’m hoping it should now pick up maybe 1,000rpm sooner? Will find out next week once it dries out a bit.


                              If E36 seats are anything like E34 seats, I have a black leather passenger seat in awesome condition if you want to swap that leather over too!


                                Originally posted by FioriGuy View Post
                                If E36 seats are anything like E34 seats, I have a black leather passenger seat in awesome condition if you want to swap that leather over too!
                                Totally different to E36 seats. I'll just bite the bullet when the time comes. Meanwhile, some news. I refitted the idle control valve! Had to extend wires, get new hoses and lots of other crap to get it hooked up again, but it works a treat. No more stumbly idle. Very good. No pics, because boring.

                                But better than that, seeing as I'd just had a minor win with the ICV and the car was up to temp, I backed it out for a squirt up and down the road. Holy fuck. Hits wastegate boost by about 3,500psi (only 10psi of springs in there from memory?), starts spooling up just after 2,000rpm, saw about 7.5psi and rising VERY quickly at 3,000rpm. Wasn't even giving it a hard time.

                                Fuck. Yes. Hooray for correctly sized turbos!