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    That looks way better mate.
    Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

    My Italian 510


      +1 big improvement!! Still sort of makes me OCD shudder being off centre but I get why!
      Hide yo' wife!!!


        Last week I decided to get the thermofan in with all of the associated wiring.

        I was going to actually pull the radiator out and put my other one in complete with the electric fan and shroud attached, but I didn't fancy getting coolant everywhere (and having to bleed the entire system as well - Google "M30 coolant bleed" if you want to know how involved it is...) so I elected to see if I could attach the assembly to the rad in the car. This wasn't actually too hard - had to drill a couple of holes in the rad at strategic points, but with that done it was pretty easy to get it in:

        Then the wiring. Oh, the wiring.

        I've installed thermofans on two old cars, very successfully, but clearly it's been a while I had a terrible time trying to sort it out. First, there wasn't any room in the little relay box so I decided for now to mount the relay right at the front of the car using a factory hole with a nut and bolt.

        Then the wiring itself...

        Of course, there was much Googling to try and remind me what I should be doing. I found this, and many others like it, and got to work...

        I found a constant 12v source in the electronics box, ran some terminals from it to a 40A auto-resetting circuit breaker (I prefer these to fuses for thermofans), then out to the relay terminal 30. Easy. Next, I found a switched 12v source and ran that to 86. Then the fan positive to 87, and ran a test ground wire to 85. No switch yet. And boom, it worked when I banged the ground wire to the chassis.

        Where I managed to fuck it all up was the switch. Per the diagram above, the switch is part of the ground circuit, so I wired it up, ran the car around the block... didn't work. Much head scratching ensued until I figured out what I was doing wrong. To explain...

        This is a BMW two-way temp switch:

        They come in a few different versions - factory one on my car sets the aux fan on slow at 91 and high at 99 (with factory wiring etc). The one I have installed here is 81/88. Running an 82 thermostat, I decided to use the 81/88, and only use the 88 circuit as this fan is going to be high speed only. Reason for this is that when you hit the low temp (81) on these things it completes one circuit, but above that it closes that circuit and moves to the other (88 and above). Using the 91/99 version would mean if I used the 91 circuit and the temp got to 99 or above, I'd be fucked and the fan wouldn't run. So, the solution is to use the higher temp circuit and you're good. At least I got that bit right! What I didn't realise is that these switches are set up to switch to power when it hits those temps, not ground.

        A full day passed before I realised why my fan wasn't coming on when the car was hot. Then I figured it out - ground the relay normally, run the 12v switched power to one terminal on the switch, then another wire from the 88 setting to the relay. I tested this using my spare temp switch wired in this way and a butane torch. Didn't take long to heat the thing up, and the fan switched on... and then off as it cooled down. Win!

        I haven't had the chance to get the car out and do some laps of the block to make sure it's working as intended, but I might do that today. It SHOULD work. And then, I'll tidy up the wiring a bit and try to hide the relay better so it's all hidden from view.

        And I still have the aux fan in front of the AC condenser... it runs another circuit so when the AC is on it'll still work as a pusher. so it'll still do it's thing; it just won't switch to high speed anymore, which will be fine because that's what the thermofan's for.


          Spurred on by my post above, I took her around the block to get her warm and make sure this thing works... got to 3/4 on the gauge, and no fan coming on. Bollocks.

          Fortunately, because I had planned for such things, I also bought a Tridon TFS106 which is a 2-pin temp switch that comes on at 95C and goes off at 90C. Which should work well with my 82C thermostat. It's also just about the only M14x1.5 thread temp switch I can find that isn't one of the BMW dual circuit ones.

          After letting the car cool down a tad, I wound out the old one, sprayed myself with warm sticky coolant, then ran the Tridon unit in with a new washer. Made a little wiring loom for it too - so much easier with the spade terminals and therefore no need to fuck around with the BMW specific plug the other units need.

          Went for another spin, and wouldn't you know it? It works. Gauge says one needle width past middle, fan comes on for about 45 seconds, switches off for 60 seconds and brings the needle to bang on the middle of the gauge, then comes on again for another 45, etc. Rinse and repeat. Very good!

          Next job will be to tidy the wiring up a bit. If only they made black spade terminal thingies... *sigh*


            Recently a few of the E34 guys have bought a front lip out of the Ukraine and have been having fun making it fit. Seeing as my lower bumper trim is held on with 4 screws, 2 plates and the hopes and dreams of many, I took a punt and bought one.

            For about $250 AUD landed, I ordered one of these:

            How bad could it be? Well, about three weeks later, it arrived, beautifully packaged and looking really fucking good actually. Here it is on the ground in front of the car:

            Some reported some minor bodging to make it fit. In the picture above, you will note that my stock lip is actually quite crooked - this is because it's being jammed forward by an intercooler, and aforementioned screws/plates. Which made it a bit easier to fit my bumper, as it turns out - I just pulled the centre section of the old lip out!

            Also, because of the modifications I've had to make to jam a reasonably sized intercooler back there, I have a bit more leeway to line things up. So I jammed the lip on over the sides of the stock bumper and was amazed that it kinda fitted!

            Making it stay in place are two nuts and bolts than previously held the centre section on. Nothing like repurposing old hardware! Note, while drilling these two holes for mounting, I only ran the drillbit into my thumb once. Score!

            A test fit ensued, where I discovered the the bottom of the lip fouls the intercooler. No problem - I'll just remove some spacers from my intercooler mounts and jam it up another 15mm or so. Once that was done, another fit confirmed that while the driver's side of the intercooler is hard up against the bottom of the lip, it fits, with little to no distortion:

            Nice! I'll take it off again at the weekend and paint it flat black to match the rest of the bumper. I thought about cutting out the old lip so that the ducts actually "duct", but I honestly can't be bothered. Very pleased with the whole thing. Well done, gents from Ukraine!


              Yes that's great, I wonder if they do anything for the E60?


                Originally posted by richzx View Post
                Yes that's great, I wonder if they do anything for the E60?
                They do - but nothing for the front it would seem. Rear lip, or diffuser, or boot spoiler. Here’s their diffuser:


                You could always ask them if they do any other E60 bits. If the quality of their products matches what I got in the mail, then that’s a very good thing, IMO!


                  That looks great! Also good work on no thumb damage!!
                  Originally posted by thebluerx7
                  The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .