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    Good job. I look forward to seeing this thing run before you rebuild the engine again.


      Hahaha. Looking decent man!

      I've started planning interior clean ups after seeing this stuff done on the VN.
      1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


        I got overnight parts from Wollongong! Complete with the good bloke discount!

        Fuel rail!


          So yesterday I decided to swap the doors. S5 onto to S4. The S4 doors had bog in them, the door bumper strips have been removed, and started to get surface rust. Easier to swap them out than to fix. Plus the S5 interior door trim is 1000x nicer in age, colour, shape etc.

          Should be a unbolt and rebolt right? Sadly no.

          They bolt on yes, but different series had different door looms! Also seems like the top bracket is slightly different?

          Had to take the loom out of the S4 door and feed it into the S5 door. Good times, hopefully it all works and the pins on the power window and stuff didn't change. I thought of cutting and rejoining. but the wires look different colour. Hope this gamble pays off. Only 1 pic of the shitty job. Still have the other side to do.


            Epic commitment to the project, just fully swap all the s5 wiring into the s4 and problem solved.


              Finished up the drivers side door.

              Got the loom run through to the cabin. Got the vac/boost line going to the gauge. It has an old school greddy white face boost gauge, looks like it was fitted in Japan. Left it in there for the old school 90s look. This trim has holes for a door speaker and still has a small pocket. 10000x better than the S4 trims.

              Colours are pretty different, I suspect this car got a quick paint job just before hitting the auction block, and i wouldnt be suprised if the colour changed from the series change. I have not checked the code. Not really going to matter, the car is getting a wrap anyway.

              I also swapped out the exterior trip, See pic above for what it looked like. Gave this one a good clean to get the dirt out of it before fitted. Just another little thing to keep the car looking good. Not sure if these are available from Mazda anymore.

              Next stop is to do the other side. Not looking forward to it.


                Passenger side is all done now. No pics, nothing new to see, same as the other side but mirrored.

                I am not up to the part where I have made a start on everything, now I don't know what to do. I pulled the fuel pump to check the tank. Surprisingly it looks clean. WIN! Gonna just drain the very old fuel out.

                Had another go at refilling the old repair bits. I gave it a sand was not really happy with it, so now waiting for filler to dry, it is taking ages in the cold weather.


                  That filler above in the body is still not dry. Gonna scrap it up and try again. It isn't going to be a fun job, but I have given it enough time to dry.

                  In other news started to fill the cracks in the spoiler. Filled them with bog sanded it all down. Now filler primer.

                  give it all light stand and see how it turns out. Seems reasonable flat.

                  Also working on the front bar. It's in alot worse shape than the spoiler, gonna need alot of work.


                    Did some smoothing work on the front 1/4s and bonnets after not touching it for weeks.

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                      Not much has happened on the body front since the lockdown, but the engine is almost ready to come home. I have been mostly working on the Z50 and RX8. Since they are mostly done this will pickup pace.

                      Here is what has happened.

                      All the port work done.

                      plates and housing painted!

                      The build.

                      All assembled, with light flywheel, auto counterweight and all balanced. should be good for 9krpm.



                        Started to do some more work on the 7. Took the front reo off, cleaned up all the rust, put rust converter on and painted it all up.

                        Did the same for the fog light brackets and refitted them up with the brake duct.

                        Not sure on fitment with the front bar tho, Looks a little outta place.


                          Yesterday wasn't too hot here spent the whole day doing the jobs I have been putting off.

                          First step was cleaning the car. This has not had clean for a long time of sitting around, the barn dust was thick. I should have sold it for a huge price. I was also hoping the high pressure would be enough to lift the peeling clear coat. It didn't work (of course) but did get rid of the edges which were a bit flakey.

                          This is what I was dealing with.

                          Sunroof isn't get much attention. I have a CF replacement item to go on.

                          Engine bay got a bit of attention too. Not going to spend too much time cleaning this. Going wait until the engine is out in an upcoming edition.

                          A small selection of the crap that came out of it.

                          But seems I missed the biggest chunk of it.

                          By now it is is all wet and cant be blown out, so I waited until it was dried and pulled out most of it, then got the blower in there to get the rest of it. Was lucky there was no rust under there from the wet leaves sitting there.

                          Now for the smoothing of the clear coat. This is the worst spot, I need to smooth it over so when the car gets the wrap, there isn't steps all over it where the clear was peeling. I am no way a body expert, just a backyard hack.

                          I started by using going around on the high sections with what I can guess was about 120 git, the idea here I was thinking to start to reduce the step. I didn't get any pics of the process. Once I had gone around the shiny bit to a point where I think the step has been mostly taken out, but not all the way. I got the orbital sander with a 240 grit and gave it a pass slightly further out from where I hit it with the 120. Basically applied no pressure to the sander here. just let it do its thing.

                          I ran my hand over the line to see if i could still feel the step, if there was a give it another very light sand until it was gone. Then gave it a hose down, and tidied it all up with 800 wet and dry.

                          This is the result - should look good.

                          Since I had the lower window grill thing off and paint and stuff on hand I thought it would need a new coat. Came out awesome. I have a feeling it wont look good for long tho. Also pulled the wipers off and gave the a fresh coat of black.

                          While I was cleaning I found this - Not impressed.
                          Seems the brake master cylinder had been leaking and eaten the paint and caused rust. Initial inspecting suggests its not bad, the metal is still solid. gave it a hit with the rest converter to stop it for now. Will get a closer look and repair once the motor is out.

                          Hopefully soon the motor will go in. I am considering a V mount setup for the rad/intercooler/oil cooler


                            You're either some Jedi level mechanic or a masochist in the extreme with a 300zx and a rotary engined rx7! Good progress anyway, are you going to wrap it yourself?


                              I missed all the motor build posts. Should go pretty sweet when it's back together!

                              I'll come visit again soon
                              1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                                Originally posted by richzx View Post
                                You're either some Jedi level mechanic or a masochist in the extreme with a 300zx and a rotary engined rx7! Good progress anyway, are you going to wrap it yourself?
                                Lets go with Jedi mechanic. I have thought about doing it myself, but I might send it off to Signlime to get done. I dont quite trust myself enough, I would want to get some guided experience before doing it on my own.