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1979 Valiant CM Regal 'Survivor' Thread

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    Thanks for reminding me, I need to order my foghorn!

    I'm thinking one of the 139dB 300Hz truck versions of a Stebel Nautilius should be appropriate:


      no awooogah horn?
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      CJM 4 Life yo!


        Maybe later. Version 1 of this car is the legal one.

        Stebel also do a nice looking set that plays 'La Cucharacha' if we are to take this to its logical conclusion.


          I have a nib stebel nautilus kicking around the shed. Not sure of the exact details but can dig it out if you are interested.
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            If it's the truck one I'd be keen. Probably the higher pitch one which I already have in the Mini which is still good but inappropriate for the HMAS Chrysler.


              Has come along way since that shitbag rally
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                This thing needs a chrome towbar with one of the gold plated tow balls from supercheap.
                Not to tow anything, just because.


                  I do actually have the original towbar sitting in my shed. If it still fits after the fuel system and exhaust are done I will consider it. Also needs 50 year RACQ membership badge, currently trawling Ebay.

                  Thanks Fatz! Though at the moment it is even slower than it was on the rally.


                    Thanks all. Silver was the best option.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Especially when just limited to the centre panel as he has done - there are no problems with the transition with the guards lacking chrome.

                    All painted now. Just needs a final buff and fitting of the bonnet and bootlid.

                    Should be home very shortly.



                      Now the real work begins.


                        Yep. Getting excited now!

                        It'll be awaiting its spot in the engine conversion queue for a couple of months at least anyway. Hopefully there's enough small tasks to keep me busy. I'd write a list on the windscreen but it won't have one until next year.

                        Can at least bolt the wheels on, fit the bumper supports and replace all the fasteners. Should hopefully be able to get the wiring loom done up at the same time to save the work later, thanks Tim!


                          No exciting updates, but I am promised the car will be back in my garage next week. I think this is about the fifth time I have been promised this, but am hopeful this time because the TA2 season is over and there will be no more unscheduled racecar repairs getting in the way.

                          Charger Flip cap and adaptor ring arrived:

                          Looks mint and arrived quickly, but I am reminded of why I don't deal with the local suppliers when I can avoid it. No instructions or fasteners is one thing, but the holes in the conversion ring and the cap itself don't even remotely line up, plus they're actually different diameters - I was thinking imperial/metric but it's not even that. Either way I guess I'll be drilling some new holes in the $200 part I just ordered, thanks Hemiperformance! Considering a set of decent stainless bolts cost all of $1, you would have thought they could include it too.

                          Also paid way too much to restore a bonnet latch which didn't even come with a spring. Fuckers.


                            Even the suppliers are TAVO's !


                              The same thing happened to me 20 years ago when I replaced the flip cap stolen off my charger. I canít believe they are that lazy to still not have rectified it. Word from the wise, use tamper proof fasteners.


                                The holes on the adaptor seem to line up with the existing ones on the body, they just don't line up at all with the ones on the fuel cap. I'd imagine they worked out the costs of adding the extra holes and decided it wasn't worth it, despite charging $50 for a small metal ring. Pretty amazing they've continued selling them for 20+ years despite them never being fit for purpose.

                                Good call on the tamper proof fasteners, I was thinking the same thing. Very shiny and pretty easy to steal otherwise.