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    Originally posted by gmx View Post
    So it's fixed.
    Lacks traction. Apologies for weak pic:
    Pic is very "weak".


      Originally posted by Shonky View Post
      Pic is too "weak".
      Fixed, vids will come like at Salim's wedding.


        Originally posted by Shonky View Post
        Pic is non existent.
        Fixed properly.


          Had dramas at Artarmon service shop too. Now I take it to Parramatta. Better service, but less convenient.
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            Have a go with Brookvale especially if it's slightly more convenient for you.

            The A4 is still slightly faster, this needs to change.


              Vid pics?
              Originally posted by thebluerx7
              The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


                Yeah I think the best way I'm going to get vids is from a gopro. No cunt want's to hold my camera unless it's shallow faggots that snapchat (not welcome).

                Anyway, cleaned it today after a thick layer of dust, debris from WTAC parking.

                Agreed to a deal for used Turbotits Kompact DVs. K must be for Kraut. Plus an ER aluminium charge pipe. This will allow reliable fasts and of course, skids.


                  We (well I) still can't see your latest pics.


                    Ha, thought you were taking the piss. Fixed permissions.
                    Skid Pic is fixed, however unworthy. Would like to get some PPF before burning more rubber.
                    Any recommendations in Sydney? Is it pointless getting some paint protection product if you go with a film? Film is really only for the impact areas and front end.


                      Ceramic Pro


                        Small update:

                        The only feasible way to acquire fasts is clear out the OEM junk I have laying around from the previous project.
                        Wisely decided to part this shitbox out on a got & humid Sunday:
                        Large Garrett IC, External oil cooler and S4 bumper gone:

                        Can confirm it now pulls timing up top on this hot & humid night.

                        Acquired the following for reliability:

                        Will be made more reliable using proper clamps and not shitty T-Bolts. Don't get the American love affair with tapered threads, imperial sizes n shit, and of course, shit clamps like T bolts especially on Aluminium pipe.


                          Originally posted by thebluerx7
                          The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


                            Don't usually care too much about cosmetics but it looks okay, I think:

                            Since the broken throttle body pipe last August, the new OEM one has slipped off 3 times despite adjustment. Unfortunately the dude I bought the aftermarket alloy pipe from has left remnants of stripped screw where the MAP sensor goes. Got most of it out, however I'm not 100% sure if this American contraption replaces OEM metric stuff with their imperial shit (that fucking aftermarket trend needs to die, stop replacing metric with your own imperial bullshit Murican cunts). Why do it for?

                            Anyway picked this up for a decent deal:

                            It's a heavy fucker, about 6kg heavier than the OEM tube/fin. Overall, it's a bit meh if I had to be honest. They weld on the quick connect couplers to the cast end tank. I don't see a reason why they couldn't make a tube/fin version with the quick disconnect fittings rather than beaded tube. Irks me a bit, but whatever. Should be good enough for time being.

                            Further pondering, leads me other water/methanol injection for IAT suppression especially seeing this in the M4 GTS. Bosch claims it'd be ready for mass-market around 2019. Anyway, I give no fucks and am just interested in the pump.
                            Local guy had a 5L 5055-H34 tank installed next to the battery. Is this shit going to explode with methanol in it?

                            Exhaust requires more noise. Most of it is wank and overpriced, the exception being downpipes because we all know they provide best fasts and response.
                            OEM TD03-10TK3 is about 22lb/min I think with a 35.1mm turbine exducer. I would think a pair of 3" downpipes necked down to 2.5" dual exhaust is overkill for this turbine. But this leads me back to B5 S4s and 2.5" vs 3" downpipes debate on K04-025/6s (about 25lb/min each, 42mm exducer IIRC), you gained a tiny bit up top with the 3" downpipes however the plumbing and layout of the turbos on either side of the V pretty ends up being much straighter piping without as many bends unlike this engine:

                            PF input?


                              Why not just add a tune and downpipes from someone like BMS like everyone else with a N54/55 does? If you want to add water/meth they do kits for them that integrate with the JB4.


                                There's only a select few downpipes that fit RHD and BMS isn't in that list. I don't even think BMS make their own. If they resell or package VRSF, then yes, those are one set of downpipes considered. They're the cheapest for good reason as well and I'll avoid them if I can. Doesn't answer my question on sizing relative to turbine size plus unavoidable bends.

                                BMS make a nice plastic battery bay tank for some of the F series cars. Unfortunately trying to stick that tank in an E series is like attempting to fit a square into a triangle void. The only way is custom and the guy uses 5055-H34, hence my question. There is no generic tank that will fit in this location, it will be easier and a much better way to run and attach the pump as well with bulkhead fittings.