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    The Teutonic Barge

    So, with work this year taking me to exotic locations like Manila, Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Flores and Beenleigh I thought I would reward myself on my last trip home in June with a new toy.....

    Perusing the forum saw that Skiddy was selling his 280,

    And his thread on the car,

    So a deal was done and as per the for sale thread I spent a week or so abusing Skiddy's hospitality drinking beer and wine and eating food while the car was sorted, sort of. The A/C was left not done as a hose has a split that can hopefully cut and joined in the engine bay so no underdash work is needed to be done. The window regulators weren't doen as the replacements Skiddy's mechanic mate found were pretty ordinary and he wasn't sure if they were any better. So a service was done to give it a once over and an oil change and i headed off from Adelaide via Paxton wines to stock up....

    So $500 and a couple of dozen bottles of shiraz it was time to drop Skiddy home and head out of Adelaide late afetrnoon.

    Made it to Mildura and overnighted there, and the first problem of the trip, the driver side regulator really fucked up and the window dropped out of the guide, a quick trip to supercheap for some race tape and the window could be closed and the car secured......

    Day 2 left Mildura and headed off to Canowindra to stay with an old school friend.

    Breakfast of champions leaving Mildura after filling up with fuel....

    The old barge cruised well, but was thirsty as fuck, emptied the tank in the run to Mildura, obviously hasn't been driven hard in a long time.

    Cruising at 120 or so sees the tacho up around 4000rpm, so it is a little busy at speed. Made it to West Wyalong for the next fill and then the easy run into Canowindra, about 800km on a tank and a half, or about 120 litres of 98.

    Day 3 left Canowindra to an easy run to home and to visit mum (nopics) at the bottom of the Blue Mountains, via Bathurst, Oberon, Jenolan Caves and the cliff top drive from Katoomba to Leura.

    Day 4 was a run up to Taree via Boolaroo, where a few beers were had catching up with some friends that I worked with, and still do some work with after I was made redundant.

    Day 5 was the run home from Taree to Brisbane.

    The drive was uneventful except for the amount of fuel it was drinking, but each tank seemed to be doing a good Italian tune, with the range increasing from 400km up to 600 or so km at a constant 100-120km/h on the open road.

    As I hit the M1 at the Gold Coast I felt a vibration through the car, I thought it was the front right tyre was going as it had a slow leak, pulled off intoa servo and check, and all pressures were good so headed off for the last 100km or so home. The vibration got worse as I hit Brisbane and at Springwood the right rear tyre let go, so obviously the constant running had caused failure of the ordinary tyre. Worse bit was, the hubcap also dissappeared from the car never to be seen again.

    As I only had a few days before heading back off for work for a couple of months, I didn't get much done.

    The window regulators I ordered from Pelican Parts had beaten me home so I spent a day or so trying to sort the front windows.

    Whoever the engineer was that designed and/or signed off on those must have been a very bitter and angry man and thought that this would be his revenge for losing the war...... What a cunt of a job to sort them out. Then I found that the driver side retaining pins for the glass were fucked, so another order from Pelican after chasing up suppliers in Brisbane to no avail. Afte a coupleof days these arrived so the door trims were pulled apart again and the windows sorted, sort of. The passenger window works fine, but the driver window still needs a little help to keep it in position as it is raised. The guides look to have been bent as the winder mechanism slowly destroyed itself over the years, so it can stay that way for a while.

    The car was parked up in the garage as I headed off to Indonesia for a couple of months in July.

    So fast forward to today and the car is now Queensland registered and has new tyres plus a new hup cap and four other spares after scrounging ebay.

    A quick rundown on the car as it sits now....

    Paint isn't the best, still has the clear, but the sun has done its work over the years and the bonnet, roof and boot are all crazed, but can't complain for the price.

    I had to degrease the motor for the roadworthy, and that was the worse thing I could have done, it left a nice big puddle of oil under it over night, so the 20 odd years of gunk was doing a better job than the gaskets in sealing it.

    On th eroadworthey check was told that the exhaust manifolds are cracked, so that is a good enough excuse for me to replace the whole system with something loud and obnoxious to annoy the neighbours with.

    The springs have sagged to what i reckon is the right ride height for it, so will be leaving it alone.

    Only plans are to get the blackest tint possible on the windows so the peasants don't see me, the air con sorted, the head unit swapped out for something as cheap that i can plug my Ipod into and also replace the aerial with one that works.

    Only other mod will be a set of gold mesh wheels in 15x7 that performance now do and I can get drilled for 5x112 that are a reasonable price so the car will have that tacky early '80's baller look.

    Oh, and to go with the DSP07 plates a couple of flagstaffs with Mozambique flags and suitable military style hat to leave on the dash.

    It is a great cruiser and way different to most of the cars I have owned over the years.

    Everything abut this thread is awesome. Especially the flagstaffs.
    230SL 'Pagoda' | 911 SC Targa | FC RX-7 Infini


      Awesomeness, and inspiring to make more very poor vehicle choices in my life.

      The only mistake you have made is Dare Iced Coffee. Farmers Union FTW.
      Right now I'm eating scrambled egg. With a comb! Out of a shoe!


        Haha, good start to a thread.


          Win. I like this pic! Cars n coffee

          Ps flagstaffs ftw
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          Originally posted by thebluerx7
          The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


            Will be making a appearance at the next one before I head back to Indo on the 3rd.

            Hopefully Cal doesn't talk me into another bad life decision.

            Oh, and gold mesh wheels in 15x7 and 5x112 for about $1100 for the set can be gotten now too, so they will be bought in December.


              great road trip report


                I just picked up a complete rear subframe for a 450sel with a diff ratio in the low 2's that I pillaged the calipers from that would be perfect bolt in for this to bring cruising rpm down and it's in Brisbane. Good bottle of scotch and it's yours. All alloy trailing arms as well.
                Originally posted by Dimi
                80mm of penetration isn't bad, i wish i had that much.
                Originally posted by schnitzelburger
                My entire working career pretty much consists of suckin dick and takin names.

                Sometimes im too busy to take names.


                  Hmmm, that has me thinking, but then it would be an absolute slug from the lights..... It needs all the help it can get, plus I think that would be overcapitalising, hell even filling the tank is spending too much on this.

                  I don't envisage many long highway trips in this when the work ute is more practical. About the furthest it would go would be up to the Sunshine Coast.

                  Plus I hope your definition of good Scotch is a lot cheaper than mine.....

                  All in all, it was a good buy, the road trip gave me a decent break from work and uni and it is a fun car to cruise around in like a boss, and for the dollars, who cares if it goes bang.


                    I second the Farmers' Union call.

                    Also these might be of interest...
                    230SL 'Pagoda' | 911 SC Targa | FC RX-7 Infini


                      So with a trip to Sydney for Christmas with my mum, I found these on ebay.....

                      Not gold, but should look good on the barge, supposedly brand new in boxes from the 80's and with the boxes plus wheel bolts and 16x7". Made an offer and got them pretty cheap, so happy.

                      Next item on the list is to get the A/C hose with the split replaced, or fixed by putting a joint in where the split is. Hoping that works as it will be cheaper than replacing the hose.

                      And then get the darkest window tint done.

                      And then just cruise around in it.


                        Glad you're enjoying it Matt :D i do miss the big cunt, sounds like you've fixed everything i should have (but didn't).
                        Originally posted by Gussy
                        It's the PF way. "Put a twin turbo LS in it brah, you'll have it converted and running in 2.5 hours and make an eazy 1000rwkw, lulz" All while the same people who suggest this stuff drive around in a corolla and have a fucked VN sitting in the garage for the past 3 years as a "project car."


                          Nice score. Keep up the good work mate!


                            The engineers who designed the window regulators must have been especially bitter about the result of the war to inflict these horrible pieces of engineering on the world........

                            Six months after installing replacement regulators because these fuckers are absolute cunts of things as they break into two pieces that are basically non-repairable the new one decided to go fuck you and drop the glass t the bottom of the door.....

                            That's one of the front regulators that I replaced, both were broken in the same place and they are an absolute bastard of a thing to get out and change.

                            After getting back home from cars and coffee last Saturday the drivers window refused to go up and dropped to the bottom of the door.....

                            First thought was the new regulator had broken in the same place, but after pulling the door apart I found that a pin had dropped out of the slider mechanism...

                            The pin is held into the slider by a knurled press fit. With the frames being bent over near 40 years, the pin hasn't been able to stay in place and was pulled out.

                            Looking at how it all goes together, it doesn't look like it can be sucessfully welded, but after some emails with Pelican Parts it looks like JB Weld or similar may work, so a quick trip to supershit and a tube of permatex cold weld we will see how it goes.

                            So it is put back together and waiting for teh permatex to fully cure and hopefully the window will go up and down again.

                            Hopefully it will work long enough for me to find a donor door or complete regulator and glass frame that isn't bent so I have a more permanent fix.

                            However, if this doesn't work, hopefully a replacement under warranty will be on its way.


                              Yeah fuck these mechanisms, right in the pussy
                              Originally posted by thebluerx7
                              The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .