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    I haven't got the money to be a dictator......


      Pity about the heater valve, y'know it would likely have not leaked if you hadn't changed the coolant to a greater coolant concentration. Coolant finds/makes leaks, lowering the coolant concentration at least for a while would likely have seen the leak seal up. For most Australian applications coolant is worthless, yes one wants corrosion inhibition, but most often don't need the anti freeze protection. and any anti boil is dealt with by the pressure in the cooling system.
      " Racing cars don't have doors. Toilets have doors" : Keke Rosberg


        I suspect it has been leaking for a long time. Before I parked it up it would lose water and start to get a little too warm for my liking in slow traffic.

        As I had to fill the cooling system anyways, it was better to be found now rather than be stranded somewhere.

        Today's run the temp was great and no more coolant leaks.....


          Originally posted by PXL265 View Post
          . The insulation under the bonnet has rotted, so I might try to find a replacement, or not.
          Try genuine. Was just talking to one of my customers this week and he said he got new under bonnet insulation from the dealer for a couple of hundred. Same car.


            Thanks for the tip.....

            ​​​​​​See how I go without it for a little while. I feel I have overcapitalised on this in the last few days.....


              Yeah I broke the heater tap on my 107 when pulling the motor recently

              they’re probably the shittiest designed bit on old mercs


                I would say second shittiest design, the front window mechanism in the W116 is the shittiest.

                I am working myself up to delve into the passenger front door to sort out what's broken as it decided to stop working this morning......


                  Fuckity fuck fuck......

                  On the way to cars and coffee this morning tried to put the front passenger window down, it got halfway..... Wouldn't go up, wouldn't go down, not happy, but look at it later.....

                  Once back home and after watching the support races, wandered out to the barge and found the problem with the window.... Regulator cried enough..... It's bent and a guide pin has fallen out. It's not repairable.

                  Drinking beer for me for the rest of the day watching Bathurst.

                  So onto pelican parts and a new regulator plus trim removal kit. $300 or so delivered, about $100 for FedEx delivery, should be here late next week.....

                  I fucking hate doing these..... The engineer that designed these was very bitter about the war..... I will spend the week psyching myself up to replace the regulator mechanism. It is an absolute cunt of a job, but hopefully will only take a few hours of swearing to get the regulator out and swapped over.

                  But other than that it was a great morning.


                    I fully admit to dropping my MR2 off to the mechanic when the regulator failed.

                    His response was 'don't ever do that to me again'. It seems to be a universally shit job.


                      Done so many window regulators on mkIV Golfs it's not funny. Was always amusing when you pull the door card off and spied the screws instead of the factory rivets holding everything together.
                      Being a 116 there's probably half a fucking bridge inside the door,


                        Originally posted by PXL265 View Post

                        Photos are from when I did the driver's side for the second time.....

                        This is the type of shit I need to deal with.

                        The only saving grace is that being German it was built by normal sized people, not by sacrificial Japanese serfs, so you can almost get your hands and tools in where you need to.....

                        Have to pull all the guts out of the door, and still need to try to get the motor off the mechanism before it all comes out.

                        So when the bit turns up, there is a day of swearing to be had. The actual swapping the broken bit for the new bit will be five minutes, it's the getting it all out of the door that will take hours.....
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                          Ànd 9 days after ordering the new mechanism from pelican parts it turned up. I was surprised that it was delivered as per the tracking schedule. Probably as I chose FedEx over the USPS/auspost option which was more expensive.

                          And I got the mechanisms switched over and everything out back together and working in just over an hour or so. For whatever reason, something is bent in there, but as the window is now up, no fucks are given, and I just need to remember not to use that window.

                          And the kids next door learnt how to say a sentence made up of fuck, cunt and fuck that went on for near a minute that is still grammatically correct when seperating the broken mechanism and motor my finger got caught in the gears as the tension released, gouging a bit if my finger out with lots of blood to be seen.

                          So now the barge is weatherproof it can live outside. 1970's German steel is not scared of a bit of ice falling from the sky.....


                            And the time has come......

                            The Barge is up on marketplace. I don't drive it enough and it's starting to need more work than I can be arsed doing.

                            And having it out in the weather all the time isn't doing it any favours either.

                            For someone who is really into these barges, it would be a good thing to tidy up and cruise.

                            If you give no fucks for purity, a Barra or LS would fit in the engine bay,.or keep some purity and throw in an AMG V8 from a C63 crashed by your local swede meth dealer.....

                            Here is the ad....




                              It still does look good for a 20 foot car though.....

                              Click image for larger version

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                                crap matt! let me speak to the boss, always had a soft spot for these.
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