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$800 shit heap EP71

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    $800 shit heap EP71

    On Friday my brother called saying he found a awesome car on gumtree, had haggled the bloke down over the phone, would I like to go half's in it and lets go take a look on Sunday..... Usual story, super awesome car with a blown up turbo, minor rust, no rego, half stripped oh and with a blown up turbo....... price sounds alright so whatever.

    Went and had a look and its not as bad as I expected, aside from the mystery rust under the scuttle (I wonder whats hiding under it) and the fuel filler flap its pretty straight and not that rusty. The paint is blue and not great but whatever. From what the seller was saying his mate spent cubic dollars on it before the turbo let go (fucking hole in the exhaust housing so she went bang), he bought it for $2000 with the intention of fixing it. He pulled the turbo off, connected some hoses in the wrong spots and tarped it up. Its a genuine turbo car although the 2E-TELU has been replaced with a 4E-FTE which is a good. Has a bunch of gauges, boost controllers and a greddy piggyback wired in with all sorts of cool 10yr old performance shit people did. Has a front mount and a alloy rad - someone has invested money (badly) into the cunt.

    No idea if it turns over let alone runs, looks mint under the valve covers so hopefully there has been money spent on it and there are ring lands on the pistons.
    Suspension looks good, king springs and some new-ish looking struts, has front and rear strut braces and fucked tyres.

    Deposit has been paid, collect it this week and see what the fuck we have gotten ourselves into.

    dat external gate tho....

    these stupid things got me into imports "back in the day" saw one hoon down king william rd going zu tu tu tu tu, boxy turbo 80s goodness, what more could a guy want?


      Watercooled gate for sustained high temperature operation


        Yeh should be a bit of fun. Plan is to get it back to the workshop, try and see if it starts and has oil pressure. It came with a Trust ECU, sort of looked like one of those E-mang's but had no writing on it other then 'Trust' (must be very old school).

        Have lined up somebody to repair the rust, won't know how bad it really is until it's stripped. Other then that it's pretty sweet for what it is. Interior is all complete, hopefully the motor is OK and can be driven.


        ECU looked like this:


          greddy emang


            in. love these things.
            I'M NOT A HOOKER BUT 20 BUCKS IS 20 BUCKS...

            I am junkie for swedish high quality shitboxes. my latest fix is this...

            robslothyoung - follow me on insta.


              Tart it up, and flip it.

              Some Toyota tragic will pay overs for it. They had grey import approval back in the day, but there's still fuck-all of them around.

              Cool bit of gear though.
              Originally posted by brewdles
              In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


                hit up harrison for one of his spare TD04s

                also you will cush his soul a little bit for buying an EP71, which is also a reason to mention it to him
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                Originally posted by Walt Kowalski talking like a crazed hobo
                The major arrests will start from 1st January 2019.


                  This looks like fun. Bit of a steal.
                  Originally posted by Babalouie
                  Geez we're a bunch of softcocks...we have a 911 and we're obsessing over non-functional ducts and indicator colours



                    Am i seeing shit or is the wastegate signal line connected to the fucking radiator???
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                      Love ep71s. Should be a fun little jigger if you can get it going cheap
                      Originally posted by Rdyno
                      70ynu has to be the most retarded cunt here. "Help me please" me "you need to remove your head" him "fuck off cunt I'm to lazy fuck off out of my thread you told me to do something I don't want to do so you're a cunt fuck off can some one please tell me an easier way???"
                      Originally posted by Tripper
                      Its a tight battle between you and rogercordia for the most retarded member on here, thou i think you have it by 5 window licks


                        I put a deposit on one of these about 8 years back in white with the 80's turbo lettering but had to walk away when half a day on the phone couldn't source a replacement side window.

                        Still regret it. It was otherwise mint and $1k. I think this was the first car I bought in Gran Turismo 2!


                          So after 7+ hours of driving, managed to get this back and parked up:

                          "Hey yo fam, make my car look like my ecu"
                          "No problem sir"

                          Good to see the last owner was using the 2 mode 30psi "lo boost setting". Dneg pilfered the blown turbo otherwise I would of got a photo of that up for a laugh.


                            bar graph boost gauge ftw

                            please keep this long enough so that we can do a starlet vs starlet race
                            1988 AW11 9A-GTE - project #1 | 1984 MA61 1JZ-GTE - project #2

                            Originally posted by Walt Kowalski talking like a crazed hobo
                            The major arrests will start from 1st January 2019.


                              KP60 vs EP71 sounds like fun, challenge accepted (silvertop vs 4EFTE?)

                              Pulled the plugs, no smashed ends. Cylinder #1 is full of fuel (about 10mm sitting on the top of the piston), other cylinders are fine. Oil in the head has some glitter in it. Could just be from the turbo exploding and sending shit everywhere. Or something more sinister. Good news is the head is fresh, looks like it has sfa km's on it.