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    So drilled and retapped or rivnuts?
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      Drilled and retapped one, rivnut on the other one


        Photos of subframe and diff installed not loading. :D


          OK, as D-Z said, pics not loading... Let's do something about this and update you guys on progress for the past week. I've been in the garage working til past 10pm most nights. Jason Broadhurst said the deadline of 31st of May for the PF cruise. It's a very tight goal, but it's good to have a deadline otherwise it'll sit her for months.

          She looks mint!

          First up, the steering wheel got removed and sent to a mob in SA who repair leather. They claim they can fix the wheel without having to retrim it. They do heaps of Skyline wheels. Let's see how it turns out...

          This steering wheel has annoyed me for years. Time to get it fixed.

          Next was time to tackle this damn heat shield and get the last of the "dirty work" out of the way. The studs snapped on this thing and it had a few rust holes. I decided to weld it with the stick welder and just blew holes straight through it (it's 0.6mm). I managed to repair it, but it still looked a bit shit, so I gave it another crack with the TIG this time. Same story again, more holes. Then I got this shits and did a shout out for a second hand one. None showed up, so I gave it another crack with the TIG. Made it worse and then called Brad (Garvice) to fix it. He took one look at it and asked to rebuild half of it.

          The welding abortion...

          Brad showing me how it's done. Thanks for turning this around so quickly Brad!

          Next up, I finished the cable brackets and ATTESSA pump on the diff.

          I even remade the earth straps. They were gone.

          Next up, fuel lines and brake lines. These took a few nights of messing around to get them in the right spot and to also remember where the brackets went. I didn't take enough pics, so I spent a lot of time Googling, looking at the manual etc.

          Finally, on Thursday night Tai came around and helped me with the diff. Turns out the ATTESSA pump had to come off to get it up into the cradle. Soooo happy with how it's turned out. It really looks fantastic. Working on this car is a dream now.

          So that's pretty much where it's at now. I think I'm just about ready to put the fuel tank back in. Then I need to put the Brembos back together, swap the master cylinder, prime all the fluids and start her up. Getting there. Not sure when I'll get the steering wheel back. Damn Aus Post took a week to get it to SA!


            Damn that looks good! Nothing better than a tidy undercarriage.
            Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

            My Italian 510


              I want to eat off that underside....Stunning!!!


                That just looks so so so good!


                  Please post up steering wheel pics when ready and approximate cost. Thanks!
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                    Originally posted by itsnotagsr View Post
                    Please post up steering wheel pics when ready and approximate cost. Thanks!
                    Yeah will do. It hasn't come back yet.


                      I just realised I haven’t update this in a while, so here goes:
                      - I replaced the fuel pump with an AEM 50-1200. Should be good for 340lph
                      - fuel tank is now in
                      - exhaust is on, heat shield was ceramic coated and looks amazing
                      - ATTESSA fluid filled and bled, thankfully no leaks
                      - and IT RUNS! 2 injectors were a bit sticky, but they came good with a bit of a tap. I think I’ll get them all cleaned and tested. So stoked to hear it running again!
                      - I’ve finally finished rebuilding the Brembo calipers. They just need decals and then can be bolted on.
                      - Steering wheel is finally finished and should be back home this week coming.

                      So all that’s left now is to get those brake calipers on and fit the new master cylinder.

                      Pics coming soon.


                        Paintjob and undercarriage are looking mint, just needs some proper wheels to finish it off.


                          Originally posted by Willy View Post

                          Pics coming soon.
                          Pls sir, can we have some more


                            Alrighty, time for updates with pics as promised... Sorry, I've been busy working on the car (for once).

                            OK, let's catch up

                            Finished off the ATTESSA lines and bled the system. I was very happy to see no leaks, considering I'd stripped the pump.

                            Next, I turned my attention to fuel tank. I opened it up to check the fuel pump and was expecting an upgraded pump since it has 700cc injectors that a past owner fitted. Surprisingly, it was stock. I figured a 28 year old pump that will be pushing 400+HP at the wheels is pushing the relationship, so it had to go. AEM 50-1200 entered the scene. Rated for 340l/m which should definitely be sufficient.

                            I managed to mate it up to the stock strainer.

                            I initially solder joined it to the stock wiring, but wasn't super happy with the joint, so I ordered new connectors at both ends and made a new cable from PTFE heavy duty cable thanks to Tai

                            The fuel tank turned out pretty good for a clean.

                            Fuel tank done and I also fitted a Whiteline swaybar I picked up many moons ago.


                              Next up, the heat shield came back from being ceramic coated. It looks amazing!!

                              The muffler copped a bit more polishing and then it was in..

                              I'm not super happy with how this exhaust fits and it will probably get fixed up in the future.

                              At this point, I put fuel in it and tried to start her up. I completely forgot that the spark plugs were fouled up from trying to move it 9 months ago when it had low fuel pressure due to the leaking fuel line. I ended up cleaning the plugs. That helped a bit, but it was still missing a few cylinders. Jason Broadhurst ended up coming over and helping to diagnose two injectors that were gummed up. Giving them a bit of a tap caused them to come good. I think I will get the whole set cleaned and tested.


                                After that the steering wheel finally came back!! To say I am blown away is an understatement. This is not a retrim. Just a refurbishment of the old wheel.



                                It looks amazing. To knit pick, if you look really closely you can tell it's been painted, but it is 100% better than before and I'm really happy. The guy was in South Australia (PM me for details). He took about a month, but in his defence, I gave him no time frame.

                                Next the attention turned to the brakes. You may remember that these were R34 Brembos I picked up months ago. I've finally finished reassembling them after powder coating. They also copped some new stickers.

                                A coat of high temp clear


                                For the fronts, I needed to drill out the knuckles from 12mm to 14mm. I spent quite a bit of time looking into this and it appears the front knuckle uses the same cast as the R34, but the R34 is just drilled out further. I picked up at 14mm drill bit (for $51!!!) and then set up the drill press with a jig to hole the knuckle off to the side.

                                I spent many hours trying to set this up, but just couldn't get it to line up reliably on my little drill press. In the end, I gave up and dropped it into a machine shop in Banyo. Just 2km from home. They did the job on the same day for $50. Bargain! I got a refund on the 14mm drill bit. Sorted.

                                For the front calipers, I was able to bend the OEM R32 brake lines to line up with the back of the caliper. For the rear, I drilled holes in the R32 brake line brackets to fit. They also got a coat of paint.

                                Next, I swapped out the master cylinder for a BM57. Unfortunately it uses a different connector, so I'll have to track one down.

                                My mate Alex, leant me a one-man bleeding kit. I hooked it up and discovered this..

                                I was worried this might happen. I think the stock R32 brake line was not seated hard inside the caliper, but the fitting could not screw in any further. The R34 actually uses a Banjo fitting, so I think I'll need a new brake hose. I tried to make the R34 brake hose fit, but it was just too short and was very tight at full droop.

                                And so that takes us up to today. All I need now are the brakes hoses....