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    How did the Greenies at your work likeylike showing up in yet another modified petrol car?
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      It’s handling great now everything is sorted. Is quite firm, but gives lots of feedback. Brakes are so much better than before.

      Greenies at work didn’t care too much. I ride my pushy 25km to work most of the time, so it almost cancels out. Haha.


        Originally posted by Babalouie View Post
        This thing is off the chain
        Well this is high praise. Ordained by the OCD Pope himself.



          Yeah, don’t look at the engine bay....


            Originally posted by Willy View Post
            Yeah, don’t look at the engine bay....
            bays on GTR's are hard work to get OCD levels of clean & tidy.
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            having done my fair share of snorting white powder, made by a bikie in a garage, off a dirty cistern in a night club, means I find the argument about not knowing whats in the vaccine slightly perplexing.


              Not many R chassis in the world given that sort of attention to the undercarriage, would be a different type of joy being able to drive the end result knowing the work gone into it.
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                Well it’s booked in for a dyno tune with Scotty in mid August. I was planning to get the injectors cleaned and tested, but decided to upgrade to some E85 compatible Bosch 1000cc units. I changed the injector selection on the Adaptronic and it started first time.

                Jason gave it a quick road tune and it’s driving really nicely. Jason was concerned because he needed reduce the VE numbers at light loads quite substantially. After quite a lot of digging, we suspect that the Adaptronic does not have short pulse width adder function in the injector model. Normally this would linearise the non-linear flow region at short durations. It doesn’t overly matter. The AFRs are spot on and it’s driving well. It would only cause me some minor grief at light loads if I ever changed injectors down the track. Still, it was a bit surprising that the Adaptronic didn’t have this.

                Oh and one other minor annoyance.... we were driving the other night with 3 of us in the car and hit a bump in the road. The damn Whiteline swaybar bottomed out on the tail shaft again. I’m pretty sure I’ve adjusted it as far out as I can. Will need to investigate further.


                  Originally posted by Willy View Post

                  Oh and one other minor annoyance.... we were driving the other night with 3 of us in the car and hit a bump in the road. The damn Whiteline swaybar bottomed out on the tail shaft again. I’m pretty sure I’ve adjusted it as far out as I can. Will need to investigate further.

                  A quick, cheap and easy solution is to remove the rear seats and replace with a half cage and a motor that has double the horsepower.

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                  when all else fails, hit it harder.


                    Hey, we're back! Finally got her on Scotty's dyno a few weeks back. It made 403HP at 1.3bar, but fuel pressure was dropping off, so the tune was called off short. Thankfully we installed a fuel pressure sensor and the Adaptronic compensates for it. I tracked the issue down to low fuel pump voltage. I think it was about 10V. I've now rewired the pump and I get about 12V at the pump when there's 13.5V at the battery. I have kept the FPCM inline for now and OEM wire from the relay in the boot to the top of the tank. There's about 0.7V drop across the FPCM, but I want to keep it in since it gives lower fuel pressure at idle (still on stock FPR). We are right in the knee region of these injectors at idle, so it's better to keep the pressure down and keep the injectors in the more linear region. So now I need to get it back to the dyno so Scotty can finish tuning the timing and boost control. It certainly hauls arse now. It's never had this much power since I bought it. Oh yeah, pretty sure it has -5 turbos. Makes 1bar of boost at about 4800rpm and full boost 5200rpm.

                    The other issue I have is that the diff has a whine between 70 and 90km/h. I took the diff guy for a drive and he thinks it's crown and pinion noise, but is surprised because it had a good contact pattern. I think it will have to go back and get removed. Quite annoying.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Nice, that would be quite a bit of fun indeed and maybe a little more to come!

                      Feel your pain on diff noises, I am enjoying chasing this sort of thing on my old shitbox. From my internet studies that sort of noise is worn ring/pinion or not set up properly. Is it all new gears (I can't recall?)

                      Hide yo' wife!!!


                        I just realised the other day that I've been slack in updating this. A few things have happened since the last update, so I'll bring you guys up to date.

                        The diff is fixed(ish). The diff guy pulled the diff out and increased the backlash. He didn't think it would do anything, but it seems to have reduced the whine and moved it to slightly higher speed. It still clunks a bit on transient throttle. Not ideal, but I can live with it. For any diff guys on here, here's the contact patch before be increased backlash.

                        GTR Update - 2
                        GTR Update - 3

                        The other job that was fixed last year was the swaybar. I fitted a Whiteline sway bar that was still brand new. It rubbed badly on the diff pinion flange and I had wound it to full length, but it would still rub on bumps. I contacted Whiteline and they actually sent me a new one. Champions! Thanks Whiteline.

                        GTR Update - 4
                        GTR Update - 14
                        GTR Update - 13

                        And the next annoying think fixed was the dash lights. It had blue LEDs before and I never liked it. Now it has nice white LEDs. So much better.

                        GTR Update - 5

                        More to come...


                          With those jobs done, it was time to get the big one done in time for Christmas. Yep, I've actually had a 6-speed Getrag sitting here for over a year. It came withe a Direct Clutches twin plate, all the shafts, etc. I've wanted one of these for as long as I've had the car. I always felt that the gearing in the stock 5 speed was too tall for street use. Here it is some time after I bought it.

                          GTR Update - 1 (1)
                          GTR Update - 1

                          So I finally pulled my finger out and gave a shout out to mates to see who would help tackle this job. It was a shit job, especially in the December heat. Thankfully a few guys came to help. In particular, a shout out to Justin (DattoZed) who was here for 2 days, Tai who 3D printed me a clutch alignment tool and my Father in law who showed up right at the end as DZ and I were pulling our hair out trying to get it in the last 20mm or so. My Father in law just used a bit of brute force and it went in.

                          Out with the old. Don't laugh at the ghetto trolley setup. Needless to say it didn't get re-used.
                          GTR Update - 6
                          GTR Update - 7

                          I was very surpised to see someone had put a Nismo Coppermix twin plate in! Everyone says these are amazing clutches and I have to agree. It drove like stock.
                          GTR Update - 8

                          Gave the trans tunnel a good clean
                          GTR Update - 9
                          GTR Update - 11

                          In with the new. To say this was a bitch of a job would be an understatement. The trick is to rotate the box about 90 degrees clockwise, then slide it in so that the starter motor hump clears and then rotate it back. It is very very tight in the R32. We needed to a bit of trans tunnel massaging to make it fit.
                          GTR Update - 12

                          The ratios are great! Just what I wanted. The acceleration is much better and when changing up gears, it drops straight into boost RPMs for the next gear. It came with a Direct Clutches twin plate, which is way overkill for the power I'm running. Probably a bit too grabby on the street and noisy, but I'm used to it now.

                          After that I had it ceramic coated by Rahul at Sapphire Detailing. He did a top job. Highly rated. Pics before hitting Mt Nebo with some mates.

                          GTR Update - 15

                          I noticed it was breaking traction in the the rear a bit more than I expected. I assumed it was due to the shorter ratios and my 8 year old Pilot Sport 3s on the rear that are just about due for replacement. Then one day I noticed someone posted on Facebook "hey you guys who swapped in a Getrag, what did you do about the ATTESA actuator rod". I'm like "what rod?". The new box came without the ATTESA actuator, so I swapped it from the old box. I failed to noticed that the actuator rod is captive on the R32 box, but not on the R34 box and I left it behind. Thankfully I still had the old box and swapping the rod across was easy. It made a massive difference to have AWD working again

                          GTR Update - 16


                            Then finally a few weeks, my brother Tim mentioned he was doing Khanacross. I thought this would be a good event to put the car through its paces. The first session, I went pretty slow to learn the track. Then on the second session, it was hitting an RPM limit around 4000rpm. When I came back in, I plugged the laptop in and found the temp was well over 100 and the ECU was rev limiting. Eventually I discovered the cause of this was the aircon. I was sitting in line with the aircon running and the temp was creeping up. Once I stopped using the aircon it was fine. Performance wise, it wasn't as a quick as I would have liked. There are two main reasons for this:
                            1. The driver. I haven't done any form of motorsport in years and was over-driving the car a lot.
                            2. The tyres. I still have old Pilot Sport 3s on the back. I just could not get power down early out of the corners. Time for new tyres!

                            Anyway, here are some pics. I had an absolute ball and am happy to have finally got her on a track. I'll be honest, it was slightly nerve wrecking at first taking out a car that I've put so much time and money into, but it was a safe event and I can't wait to do it again. Bloody stoked with the pics too. Thanks to Cal for one of the unbranded pics and photographer at the event (

                            On the weekend I investigated the over-heating issue a bit further. It turns out the secondary thermofan was not turning on at all. After analysing the wiring diagram, I found that it's setup as an over-heating fan that is triggered by a thermostat in the radiator. On an RB26, one side of the thermostat needs to be pulled low by the ECU. I soon discovered that the Adaptronic had this output defined, but it was not connected to the thermofan function. So an easy fix in the end. I tested it on the weekend. The fan kicks in at 92 and turns off at 89. It pulled it down to 89 in a few minutes. So I think we're good to go now. Happy days.


                              Huge credit to you mate! You've put a huge effort into doing things right on this car and the result is just awesome!
                              Definitely a car anyone would be very proud of.


                                Car looks mint! I’d love a six speed for the same reasons haha, running about the same power so the five speed is a bit long
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                                Memes are only detectable by NSA.