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Another PF Kent Buys a GTR

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    Thanks guys. I am pretty happy with it now. Lots of fun to drive and looks pretty mint. The engine bay still needs a bit of a tidy up and I could really do with some oil control mods to make it more reliable for track work. One day....


      can confirm, saw this in the flesh this morning and is fucking mint.



        Looks good mate!

        Lucky you purchased the Getrag a year ago.. people are asking insane prices atm


          Yeah I paid a bloody fortune for it a year ago and now the prices are even higher. Insane!


            Those pics look great at the event...the dark clouds above the car in the first few pics are nice and moody.

            Nice work on getting that box to fit...glad to hear the ratios have made such a positive difference too


              Time for a quick update on this one. A couple of months back this happened...

              It just needed these to be finished off. TE37s 18x9.5 +22. Nothing like fresh wheels out of the box

              And in the process of selling these old nuggets, I found out they were not even genuine R33 wheels. Turns out they're supposed to have FORGED and some other info embossed around the centre hole. That knocked more than 50% off my asking price

              Anyway, expenses aside, I'm bloody stoked with the fitment.

              Wheels done, it was time to do get out to cars and coffee more regularly.

              After that I did another Khanacross day with SkidControl at Lakeside. It wasn't a great day for the car. First run, I did a bit launch and half way through the run it wouldn't rev beyond 4000rpm. I plugged the laptop in and had a look at the logs and couldn't figure out what was going on. The problem seemed to have gone away so I did run 2.... Run 2, it was flat our revving beyond 3000rpm and I pulled out early. It got to a point where it would hardly idle and then miraculously cleared. I drove it out to the gate with no issues and then the issue returned. Big time! I couldn't even drive back up a small hill to get back to the track day! Eventually I managed to limp it back to the carpark and it was at a point where the issue would clear for a few seconds, but then come back for like 15s. I had an idea that it might be a kinked MAP hose to the ECU, so I pulled out the ECU and problem gone away! Horray! I shortened the hose and put it all back together and hit the track for the afternoon session.

              Lots more traction now. I was way more consistent and sitting around the middle of the pack. Not quite as much traction as I had hoped actually. It is still quite tail happy. It hasn't really had a good wheel alignment for the track and I'd love to upgrade the ATTESA computer to get the front wheels engaging sooner. Anyway, those issues aside, I was pushing harder each run and the red mist started to settle in. Eventually pushed too hard and cleaned up a traffic cone at well over 100km/h! It left a black mark on the front bar that fortunately cleaned off and then a week later I discovered some small cracks in the paint! No!!! These are the choices you make when you take a freshly painted car to the track.

              I left it for a month or so, but it was pissing me off and I just had to get it fixed. Just in time for the All Jap Day Looking good again!

              I'm now planning to leave this thing for a bit and focus on my old GT40. I'll just keep the GTR maintained and try and do the odd event here and there.

              Now onto the GT40. Update coming soon...