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Another PF Kent Buys a GTR

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    Well, this old girl has now got some new plates. I'm not normally one to buy personalised plates, but I think the old one was just asking for trouble from the coppers. The previous owner had hacked them right back to fit in the factory slot. Even The Smart State had been cut off (can't blame him for that one).

    So it turns out the only plates you can get that will fit the factory slot are the US style personalised plates and they must be 3 letters, 2 numbers. Of course, anything with GTR was taken years ago. Most decent things with 32 were also taken. So I settled on SVR32 (silver R32). My OCD got the better of me and I couldn't bring myself to drill holes in the new plates, so I modified the factory bracket by welding some tabs onto the end of it. The welding was shit, but it turned out OK when hidden by a quick coat of paint.

    By the time I got to rear one, I decided I'd already dedicated too much of my life to number plates and therefore knocked up a quick bracket from some aluminium sheet. The end results look good. I'm pretty happy with it. Sorry for crap pics.

    So the next job this week will be to fit the rear brake light in the back window. The previous owner removed it, but I think this is also asking for trouble. There's also a big hole in the rear tint (which is a horrible purple), so that will get re-done soon.

    As you would have seen from my other thread, the Stagea is now gone, so I have some funds (and time) to spend on the GTR and the GT40. For the GTR I'm now looking at options to fix the dash and seats, fix the body work and upgrade the brakes. The standard brakes suck, so I'm thinking of R33 GTR Brembos or might stretch the budget to get EVO Brembos on 350mm discs. Not a cheap exercise though!

    Oh yeah, Jason just gave me an old R32 ECU so I can DIY a loom adapter for a new ECU. That would be bloody nice. I did some Facebook stalking the other day and found posts from 2011 when the previous owner first got the car. He mentioned way back then that it was going to get de-tuned with Matt Spry. This backs up the dyno sheet I posted earlier. No idea why he felt the need to detune it. Why not just turn the boost down? Haha


      There wasnt a factory fitted rear window brake light.. if the car had one, it wouldve been a compliance shop that added it for whatever reason

      Also theres no way 33R wheels will fit over the Evo Brembos using the Alpha Omega setup! They work pretty good though


        Another PF Kent Buys a GTR

        Yeah, the brake light would have been for compliance. I figure that I should refit it to give the cops one less reason to pull me over.

        That's disappointing that the Alpha Omega Evo kit will not fit inside the R33 wheels. I kinda like them. Maybe they'll fit with the spacers that are currently on the car (dons flame suit). They are the bolt on type. Probably 15-20mm. I was gonna remove them.


          I've been doing a bit of shopping lately. Picked up a new (secondhand) set of standard seats in much better nick than mine, a dash that doesn't have cracks or a dash bubble and a new gearstick boot. Now I have to fit it all. Unfortunately I'm going away with work for a few weeks, so it'll have to wait til I get home


            Also, the windscreen cracked the other day after I washed her. Winscreens O'Brien came and fitted a new one and the guy pointed out there is light rust under the top of the windscreen. He gave it a quick wire brushing and priming, but it'll have to come out sometime in the future to be done properly. Damn Datsuns.


              cunt on getting good seats....

              how much did the screen set you back did you replace the rubber ($$$) or reuse?


                The seats are not fantastic, but should clean up well. The dash arrived today. Pretty stoked. The seller wrapped it up for shipping in about 10 layers too!




                    Windscreen was free under insurance. They used a new universal mould. They said they can't get the stock ones anymore. It looks pretty good. The car used to get wind noise on the highway, but that's now gone


                      This happened last night...


                      It wasn't too hard of a job. I was taking my time to not break anything and to label on the screws so that they call go back in where they came from. I also fixed one of the gauge backlights. Tonight I'll clean out all the dust and remove the old hidden radar detector and turbo timer. I might also give the aircon evaporator a clean out. In recent times I've also purchased a brand new OEM gear knob and leather boot that's in pretty much brand new condition. So once the seats are in, she'll be pretty much like new

                      I found this how-to guide by the way. It's pretty simple, but it's nice to have something to follow and will be handy when it all goes back in.


                        I've had a busy couple of nights. First up, I decided to clean under the dash. This involved removing a pile of leaves from the AC. It should work better next summer I also took the opportunity to fix some dead bulbs, remove the turbo timer, as well as the hidden radar detector that I had not been game to use. I'm pretty sure the cops use Laser these days anyway, so it's not worth risking the fine.

                        I've been noticing for a while that there is a slight gearbox oil leak from the top of the gearbox. I think I found the problem. A torn boot... $16 and 5 minute fix (when the new boot arrives)

                        90s JDM yo

                        New dash ready to go. It's got a couple of minor bubbles, but it's a million times better than the old one. I bought a new vent for the passenger's side

                        After a bit of cleaning

                        And the end result. I also fitted a brand new OEM gearknob and a gear stick boot which I picked up off the Facebook GTR group.

                        This is how it looked before...



                          Amazing how much difference small things like new shifter and boot make to the feeling of the interior.
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                            Definitely. It feels like mine now. It was a bit ratty before. Seats go in next week


                              Wtf.. someone pulled a radar detector out of its case and stitched it into the visor? Thats pretty awesome


                                Originally posted by yohoes View Post
                                Wtf.. someone pulled a radar detector out of its case and stitched it into the visor? Thats pretty awesome
                                This. I almost would have left that bad boy in there!
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                                The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .