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    The idle can be setup to be almost ok, it only take about 2 hours and an initialisation and relearn.
    Jason Broadhurst

    Someone once asked me if they could use my mower. I said "sure, so long as it doesn't leave my yard"


      Originally posted by burn is weird View Post
      Emtron KV8 is a very strong recommendation from me. I'm loving it.
      Also keen on one of these.

      And updates.

      Willy, pm me next time you head out, need to bring the a70 for a comparison run
      Originally posted by thebluerx7
      The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


        No worries!


          Well, it's definitely time I update this thread. A lot has happened with this car in the past 6 months or so. I'll try and bring you up to date over a few posts.

          So the first thing that happened in mid 2019 was this:

          With the help of Jason Broadhurst we installed a plugin Adaptronic with fuel pressure, oil pressure and an Innovate wideband.

          We got as far as giving it a few street tunes and it already shits all over the old Power FC. It started first go after plugging in the ECU. There is noticeably more power down low and through the mid-range and I can hear the turbos are spooling earlier. They really came on late before (like 5000rpm). General driveability is so much better.
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            OK, so while I was under the car installing the oil pressure sensor, I noticed a split CV boot which I replaced. It was a prick to get the CV out of the splined shaft. Ghetto CV puller required...

            While I was doing the CV, I discovered the ball joints and tie rod end boots were also torn, so I replaced these with OEM items.

            Somewhere around this time I ran into Robbie Goddard who has started up For the Drivers. All they do are GTR recos and parts. He did his own reco which is documented on SAU. He sourced the ball joints etc for me.

            So while I was on a trail of fixing shit, I thought I'd check over the rest of the car. This has led to a bit of a spiral....


              The first thing I noticed is that the rear subframe is looking pretty second hand with surface rust, worn bushes, etc. I also noticed the fuel hoses were weeping and the lines are looking a bit corroded..

              So I replaced the hoses and started it up only to discover the fuel was noticeably dripping now. This was the first oh shit moment.. I soon found the lines themselves had cracked (probably caused by me wriggling them to change the hoses) and so I realised I would need to replace the lines for the whole length of the car. I've also decided to replace the brake lines and remove the power steering lines since a HICAS lock bar was installed by the previous owner.

              I also decided to do a bit of a stocktake of any surface rust so I can get on top of it. The worst I found was this on the rear chassis rail near the fuel tank.

              And here are a few other pics of what I found. I dropped the fuel tank to investigate further and thankfully it's not too bad above the tank.

              So this is where the spiral begins. I've decided to engage Brad (Garvice on PF) from Gasfab to fix the rust. The car will be going to him soon.


                So in the mean time, I've already made new lines and made some new mounting brackets. Pics below.

                I've also pulled out all power steering lines back to the pump. So much shit involved for RWS.

                Cooler and pressure regulator (I think)

                As you all know, RB26s are a shit to work on...

                In the process of removing the power steering pump, I discovered the aircon hose is gone. It's covered in green AC oil

                Thankfully, Robbie Goddard came through with the gold with a brand OEM hose (yet to be installed).

                I also stripped down the power steering pump, put new seals through it, new bearing and removed the vanes for the rear section.

                I managed to damage the bearing because I thought it was a seal I was prying out. Thankfully, the bearing is a standard size that I ordered off RS Components.



                  So now for the fun part. I've decided to recondition the rear subframe while the rust is repaired by Garvice. Robbie helped out again sourcing new ball joints, Nismo bushes and Nismo control arms

                  Then I decided to splurge on some new brakes (R34 GTR standard calipers and rotors). The standard brakes have always been pretty average and the rotors needed replacing anyway.

                  Then one thing led to another and I decided to lock in a R34 Getrag 6 speed box before the pricing gets (even more) ridiculous. I found one in Sydney complete with all the shafts and a Direct Clutches twin plate. A massive thanks to Jason Broadhurst who happened to be down in Sydney to pick up a BMW wagon off another PFer and chucked the gearbox in the boot for me.

                  I've always thought that the standard gearbox is too tall to have any sort of fun on the street without losing your license. Many moons ago, I watched this video when Andrew Hawkins swapped a Getrag into an R32, but kept the R32 diff gears. I was sold once I saw the test drive section. Exactly what I want! My other two cars (2011 STI and 2011 Alfa MiTo QV) both have 6 speeds with nice short ratios and this is what I want out of the GTR.

                  So all in all, I have a fair shit load of parts waiting for me. The biggest dilemma I'm throwing around in my head now is what order will I do things. The long-term plan is to respray the whole car. Once the rust has been fixed, it's really going to be at a point where it should be stripped back and repainted. I'm getting Brad to also fix a bit of body rust (like under the passenger side mirror). I'm reluctant to do this as it will mean I don't get to enjoy the car for potentially a year. So I'm thinking I might prime and pressure paint the fixed areas so I can enjoy the car for a bit before it's taken off the road for the respray.


                    Top effort Simon.

                    Some light at the end of the rabbit hole

                    Good to see a GTR restoration / update instead of a 1000whp drag drip monster.


                      why can't we have both?
                      The World's Best Pest Control in Brisbane, at PF mates rates, PM me.

                      when all else fails, hit it harder.


                        Agreed, I really like the restoration + approach.
                        Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                        My Italian 510


                          What is it with GTRs and rust?
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                            They're datsun shitboxes

                            Re: Getrag with stock diff ratios - Ive heard other people say it makes the car feel like an Evo, so youre bound to like the result! Funnily enough its what made me dislike the Evo9 i was thinking about buying years ago lol
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                              Reinstalled the power steering pump, replaced the weeping AC hose and reinstalled half the intake piping last night. Hopefully I'll have the engine bay back together tonight so it'll be ready to go off for rust repair this weekend


                                Originally posted by itsnotagsr View Post
                                What is it with GTRs and rust?
                                Close to 30 years would do that to any car?
                                RIP Simon - Ghost ride that whip in the clouds forever..