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    Yeah 30 years, plus Japanese salty roads. It's all the backend of my car that's the worst. The front isn't too bad.

    In other news, I had another big night in the garage last night. Engine bay is back together, Gearbox cross member reinstalled (I forgot it was still sitting on a jack from when I removed the fuel lines) and the car is now back on its wheels ready to go to Garvice tomorrow


      A big weekend on the GTR. Saturday morning she was off on a tow truck to Gasfab.

      Here's her new place. Right under the infamous Gas 1600.

      Brad (Garvice) has quite a nice setup. Insulated shed, with toilet, beer fridge and kick arse fabrication bay. He let me borrow his tools and even supplied lunch. Total champion! Thanks Brad.

      I then spent most of the day dropping the rear subframe and pulling the diff out.

      This ATTESA pump looks like it's been living at the bottom of the ocean.

      Pulled the diff out so I could lift it all into the car.

      Thankfully the body above the subframe seems to be in pretty good shape. I removed a few lines that were also rusty and will sort them out before it all goes back together.

      This is the rust spot that started it all. Not too bad.

      Managed to squeeze it all into the back of the WRX

      Here it all is at home

      Infamous ATTESA pump. It surprises me it still works fine.

      I gave it a quick blast with the gurny to clean off 30 years of crud. Looks better already.

      Even the pump looks better now.

      Started disassembly and that's as much as I could squeeze in today.

      So that's it for now. The plan is that Brad will start working on the rust. He's also attacking a few spots on the body (like passenger side door). He works part time, so it will take a while. This works fine for me as it gives me time to reco the subframe. I plan on getting it powdercoated and a few parts zinc plated. Then I have new Nismo control arms, bushes, etc, etc. Also R34 GTR brakes that may get installed depending on time (I want to reco the calipers first).

      The biggest concern for me at the moment is the ATTESA pump. It seems you can't reco these. Nissan don't sell any parts for other than a replacement accumulator. I'm tempted to open it up and give it a light freshen up, but I'm concerned that may be a can of worms. We will see...


        Have a chat with Fatz about the Attesa pump, he is a professor with parts for these cars, and if there's something he doesn't know, he will know someone who has the answer.
        The World's Best Pest Control in Brisbane, at PF mates rates, PM me.

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          Just spent the last hour reading this thread in its entirety, and love what you have done to it so far.

          Its going to be so rewarding when you put in the restored rear end, brakes, and getrag.

          Looking forward to seeing it go back together


            Thanks mate. Yeah I’m very much looking forward to it. More disassembly to do tonight.


              Well, lots has happened since my last update. I need to upload pics soon (when I have a night where I'm not working on the car). Here's a summary:
              • Garvice has fixed the worst patch of rust chassis rail already. It's come up really good.
              • I purchased a shop press and have pressed out most of the bushes from knuckles and diff.
              • Disassembled the diff for repaint and fitment of new Nismo LSD plates (on order).
              • Stripped most of the ATTESA pump last night. So far, it seems to be in good nick internally.
              Interestingly, the accumulator has instructions that it should be drilled on the "X" to relieve nitrogen before disposal. I did this and nothing came out except a dribble of oil. My guess is that the diaphragm had already broken. Lucky I have a new one on order.

              So what's left before I can drop the parts off for powder coating etc?
              • Remove the bushes from the subframe (not looking forward to that) and a couple others left in the knuckles.
              • Finish disassembling the ATTESA pump
              The hydraulic press has been way harder than I expected. This is my first time using one. I spend half my time, trying to rig up the piece so I can safely press out the bush at a square angle. It's bitten me once already.

              Pics coming once I upload them to Flickr, which is a right pain in the arse.


                Just leaving the underside as is? Or painting it?
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                  Originally posted by itsnotagsr View Post
                  Just leaving the underside as is? Or painting it?
                  I will definitely paint it for corrosion protection. Just not sure how far I'll go with it.


                    Well it's been several weeks and I owe you guys some pics. First of all, rust repairs... Garvice has been busy and is doing a great job. Here are pics of the the driver's side chassis rail repair.

                    This is how it looked to start with

                    This is how it looks underneath..

                    After a tidy-up

                    New piece




                      The next thing I asked of Brad was to "look at the minor rust above the exhaust".


                      And then..

                      Well that escalated quickly

                      Quick tidy-up




                        Next Brad turned his attention to the "minor" driver's side wheel arch rust. Just a couple of rust bubbles that have been there since I got the car...

                        OK, let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes..

                        Oh crap

                        Years worth of shit that's fallen down the side of the boot

                        So this part is the most concerning for Brad as it has curves in all directions. He's decided to think about it for a while and tackle some other parts.

                        Brad also had his suspicions about what was lurking behind the side pods

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                          So after opening the rabbit hole that is the passenger's side wheel arch, Brad decided to attack the passenger's side door while he had some spare time.
                          It had bubbles beneath the mirror...

                          Easy fix when you have the skills

                          Job done


                            OK, so today Brad turned his focus back to the wheel arch. There are three bad patches, plus the lower rear part which is really nasty.
                            The first:

                            Once he cut back the outer skin, he discovered the inner skin was also in bad shape

                            And subsequently made a new bit

                            Welded back in

                            The second patch:

                            And again, a new inside piece had to be made


                            And the 3rd section

                            A massive amont of work by Brad aka Garvice. I really appreciate your work mate.

                            In the mean time, I've managed to disassemble everything and get it powder coated, bead blasted or zinc plated. Pics coming...


                              This bloke does some pretty decent rust work!

                              i hope you’re paying in 50c pieces
                              Originally posted by Keith Duckworth
                              "I think that in a racing engine, the closer it is to disintegrating, in general the better its performance will be "


                                That’s some neat panel repairs. I need his help too.....
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