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    So that was the powertrain mounting sorted so the subframes and components could go off for powdercoating. But before they could there were a couple of other niggles to sort out for a complete fit. I had to cut some mounts off the chassis rail that had some rotary style AIDs crossmember attached to it. It was in the way of my reliabilities and torques.

    This was in the way of the GM AC compressor which I am planning to use. Note I didnít grind it flush because I didnít have to and may want to know where they were one day possibly who knows. Maybe rotaries will become reliable lol.

    The AC Compressor doesn't have a whole bunch of room against the chassis rail..


      So all the new shit was removed and everything that was raw copped a powdercoat of amazing satin black to be discrete. NFI why there is a UBD in the back of my daily hack.

      And then the AC compressor mount copped some love. Basically I took about 4 trips to the mill to keep removing material and progressively getting the compressor closer to the motor. I had to die grind some meat out too but still happier with this than a custom adaptor at this stage. I think it has enough clearance now because it is not much higher than the engine mounts so shouldnít move sideways a lot under torque loading.


        Oh I test fitted the radiator and OTR too before I took everything out. It fit like shit. The Samberg stuff comes with zero fitting instructions so it takes even longer to figure it out when it doesn't fit perfectly. I don't have a lot of pics but I ended up having to space down the radiator about 6mm and increase the bend angle of one area by about 10 degrees and do some die grinding. Also had to cut the metal reinforcement on the top of the bumper but it's aluminium so no rust woo! Fits pretty good now so to celebrate I got the OTR powder coated in textured black. Looks gooooood.


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          Electric sounds gay until you see vids of almost stock Teslas destroying nitrous V8 drag cars and GTRs on slicks. I love this thing as it is but I know the technology will be there one day where it will be a lighter and faster car in every way with electric power.
          Not gay. I'm 💯% with you

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          The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .




              Very cool and nice life hack with the laser.
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              Originally posted by Monza
              I've never considered myself the type of guy to eat arse but I am currently reviewing that policy


                My new favourite build thread. Awesome mate, love it !
                The older i get, the better i was...


                  My old girl, I miss it. Glad to see your doing such a stellar job with the conversion. Many tears were had when I saw it roll away on the truck, but its gone to a good home.

                  Will be watching this closely!!

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                    Is this still for sale?


                      Already sold to Fatboy sorry


                        This car is a Type RS which as I mentioned earlier is one of the Ďgoodí limited edition FDs. One of the benefits is that it has bigger diameter discs to the normal FD (314mm up from 294mm all around) and the fronts are 10mm thicker at 32mm. I figured I'd give these a go and see if they need upgrading.

                        The OE brake discs had enough meat on them so they got a quick machining.

                        The project Mu pads went back in for now as they looked ok and got a de-glaze on my garage floor. The calipers got a clean and new grease while I was there but looked good otherwise so they went back together

                        I picked up some project mu Teflon braided lines second hand but unused. However during the mod plate inspection they got picked up as non-compliant with the ADRs and although the Project Mu lines looked decent they didnít have the required markings. So I went to HEL performance in Sandgate. I was absolutely stoked to find an Australian business within a very short drive making performance products in Australia. And the price was great too. That made my day.

                        Fitment was a little less straight forward than the Project Mu lines because they either forgot or didnít realise that one of the hex vertexs needs to be rounded to locate in the FD mounts. It didnít take long to rectify but annoying when you are working in a clean environment on new products. Otherwise they fit and bled up well.

                        These are the Project Mu lines you can see the rounded edge

                        Modifying the HEL lines

                        And installed

                        Upon final assembly it dawned on me that the handbrake cables mounted to the stock diff. So I had to make a mount that straddled the Ford diff. I made a prototype by hand and hacked it for a while before drawing up a good version and having it cut and folded. It took a bit of rooting around because itís hard to do blind but it works well


                          Originally posted by lukevl View Post
                          Already sold to Fatboy sorry
                          Not many people are a man of their word. Much love bro...
                          The older i get, the better i was...


                            This is approaching Babs level of OCD, just with less pointy finger
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                              Lol thanks for the uber compliment but I'm nowhere near as OCD as Babs. I just like making shit and thinking about things for too long.

                              But since you got me all excited I took the time to write about the motor. It couldn't stay stock for reasons but the one I choose tonight is that I can't hardly be the dude that turns up in a V8 swapped FD3S and it sounds like a poxy stock commodore with a 3". The idea for the motor is to take advantage of the capacity and keep bulk low down and mid range torque. I figured that if I can shift less often it will be a quicker car and with the low weight and 3.55 gears it should be quick around the track even when lugging out of corners in the mid range. It needs to pull away from standstill without any fuss and not complain if I want to cruise under 2000 rpm. BUT it has to sound kind of tough too because reasons.

                              So the cam is the epicenter of decisions here. I decided on a COMP 228/230 on 112LSA but keep lift low at 0.570". Lift is awesome but pain goes up exponentially with lift and I don't know LSs that well. I want to be able to put kms on this thing without worrying about it. The rest of the valve train consists of Morel tie bar lifters, Manley pushrods, a Comp trunion upgrade kit for the stock rockers (a lot of info says keep the lightweight stock rockers if you can and with the low lift I should be ok), Comp springs, retainers, collets and seals.

                              Pushing out the stock trunnion bearings

                              Ready for assembly. Quite sexy little bits of kit these stock rockers. Happy to keep them

                              New trunnions vs stock

                              And assembled

                              The rectangle port heads are meant to be pretty good for flow stock and looking at them it isn't hard to see why. But I like to fuck with everything so I measured some things to see what would work.

                              A bit of spreadsheet action later and the decision was to shave the heads 0.5mm and use a 1.0mm head gasket to get compression to 11.2:1.

                              But to achieve this (and time the cam where I wanted) I needed to flycut the pistons a little on the inlets. I bought a tool from Lindy Tools in the US ( ) to do this.

                              I taped up the deck real good like and got the offending piston on TDC.

                              Then put the cutter in the head like you would an inlet valve and install the head. Then it's case of holding your tongue correctly and using the collar stopper to only cut the depth required. Once I did 7 of them I really go the hang of it!


                                While the heads were at PLR it got a 5 angle valve job which I felt was an area that couldn't hurt to touch up. When I got it back and did the finger test it looked fantastic. Again I'm no TK but the short turn feels epic now. It also got machine work done in the valve spring seats to get the installed height correct.

                                So now it was time to assemble the heads. I got a Comp valve spring compressor and it worked quite well so no real complaints. I turned up a valve stem seal insertion tool because I'm a knob and like wasting time.

                                And another cc'ing to satisfy my spreadsheet fetish