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    Hell yes! This will be so cool


      Noice.... Subscribed!!!
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        Well that was unexpected, looking forward to the results
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          Did you find that 20B at the bottom of a lake?

          Should look nice in the engine bay after you've spent a month cleaning it up.


            Should be a good thing. Hopefully this one gets finished.


              nice, what trans? hopefully you have a couple more 20b's on order if you want more than 500whp.


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                This is obviously assuming all your AUX outputs are doing something. Ie idle control, and the other does water spray, and the other updates your Instagram automatically etc.


                  Originally posted by Norbie View Post
                  Did you find that 20B at the bottom of a lake?

                  Should look nice in the engine bay after you've spent a month cleaning it up.
                  Originally posted by psi999 View Post
                  Should be a good thing. Hopefully this one gets finished.
                  Originally posted by tim510 View Post
                  nice, what trans? hopefully you have a couple more 20b's on order if you want more than 500whp.
                  One thing I've learnt over the years of buying motors from Japan is that you cannot be too picky when it comes to finding something rare like a 20b, if you wait too long it sells within an hour or so of it being listed. This one popped up with a buy it now price so I just bought it. It didn't look too great and the auction description was pretty vague, 90,00kms, unsure if it will run, suit rebuild, junk ect ect but it nearly had everything I needed on it to be a good donor engine for a swap with the intention of it possibly being rebuilt. So aesthetically it may not look too crash hot it's near perfect for what I need it for and I think the intake manifold will clean up nicely with a media blast. Just remember that his engine is from 1990 - 28 years old. Nearly older than me! I have seen others sell in excess of 600,000 yen which is pretty crazy.

                  I drained the coolant out of it yesterday and it seemed quite clean with no rusty water which was nice and it still turns over. Nearly all of the exhaust studs had half of the threads stripped on the turbo side but they came out easily enough. One got stuck and I had to tig a nut on it to get enough force to turn it out. Ended up breaking 3 nuts in the process and the thread kept getting shorter and shorter so I was relieved when I got a good weld on it and was able to turn it out.

                  I am so determined to get this thing finished and there is no reason why I can't. The engine bay is big, the car is legal for the conversion, parts are easily enough to come by, it's something different to the usual 1j / 2j conversions and it will be a good sleeper. I think it should retain a bit of value because of the 20b.

                  Transmission will more than likely be a Turbo 400. A company overseas makes a nice conversion kit with adaptor plate, flexplate and tilton starter motor so it'll all bolt on. I might need to massage the tunnel a little but that will depend on how low I can mount the motor which will be the hardest part of this conversion. I have 3 brand new irons, I still need to buy 3 rotor housings and will probably use a billet thick iron a good e-shaft and have the motor studded so I don't think 500hp with bother the motor too much.

                  One other thing I noticed with the car yesterday, while I have been working on the motor in the workshop I've had the car outside in the rain over the last week. When I put the car back in yesterday I decided to have a look in the boot at the low points near where the jack lives and in the spare wheel well. There was about 2 fucking inches of standing water in these areas so I pulled the rubber drain plugs from under the car and all the water came rushing out. I mopped up the rest of the water from inside and gave it a good spray of wd40 then went over it again with a rag. I am so glad I checked it out because that would have made a mess if left standing. It's easy to see how these areas rust up.


                    Dis gon b gud! :fap:

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                      i also endorse this product &/or service.

                      Been a long time between drinks for a 3rotor build. Keep it coming!

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                        Do you know how the water got in the boot?
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                          I can only assume it was a bad boot seal but I will have to have a closer look when I get some more time.

                          I also managed to track down a few other missing bits like alternator, a/c compressor and engine mount so when I get back from overseas I will be able to get stuck in to it.

                          Still cannot decide on a damn transmission.



                            Totally hear you.

                            Wont be popular but I think a glide would be a good choice for something like that. Relativity light car, not a lot of tyre and heaps of torque (for a rotary). I think it would be a good match with a fairly tight converter.


                              Its an easy decision.

                              Do you want to go fast at the track or roll racing? (Automatic)


                              Do you want to go slow at the track with big MPH and get smoked by cars with 50% the power? (Manual)


                                The problem with automatic is that everything is custom made to suit. I have managed to track down one kit overseas which includes everything but I need to check the starter motor position as it might hit the engine mount. Pretty nice kit too, accepts any th400 converter so no custom one needed.

                                I really want auto but the above is making things a little challenging.