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    Slowly progressing, still waiting on a 10% off ebay sale so I can buy a th400.

    I've rotated the engine bay fuse box 90 degrees to give a bit more room and make it a bit neater.

    Also put the Haltech fuse / relay box next to it, unsure how this will go in the engine bay with humidity and the box isn't exactly 'environmentally' sealed. I guess I will just have to keep an eye on it and try seal it as best as I can so the terminals don't corrode.

    Also bought a power steering reservoir from a Commodore and mounted it against the strut tower.

    Re did the cooler pipe to the intake so the clamp is a lot higher and away from the hole in the inner guard. I will open that hole up tomorrow and weld some tube in there then the engine bay will just about be ready for some paint.


      10% off eBay till 3/9

      Code PHENOM

      Edit, max discount only $100. Not so good.


        Max discount, $100...

        Box is $4200.


          Yeah just realized that, as you can see ive edited my post. Close but no cigar.


            I need to fix up the pictures in the thread.

            Engine bay painted.


              Putting everything back in.

              Had to re-do the first half of the charge pipe from the compressor housing outlet to intercooler. First one didn't want to fit - I can only assume torquing everything down shifted a few things here and there. Also bought a pro series Plazmaman cooler so maybe that's slightly different to their cheap generic one.

              Anyway, I got to use the horizontal band saw for the first time, seems to work nice, real straight cuts - perfect.

              Covers will be off to be powder coated soon.

              Next job will be fuel line from the tank to the front, transmission shifter cable then time to wire the ecu.


                That's looking ace!


                  Very Purdy. Well done. Nice colour choice too.
                  Originally posted by thebluerx7
                  The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


                    Thanks for the comments. I am pretty happy with how it's coming along.

                    I am planning some wiring now, most of the ecu stuff is done, I still need to branch off for some 5V for sensors but mostly all good. I am considering buying another Bosch temp / pressure sensor and sticking it in the oil filter union where the standard oil pressure switch lives but I am unsure if it will flow oil to the sensor for it to get a temperature reading. The wires wrapped in a circle near the ECU connectors are going to the boot (battery, fuel pump SSRs) and others are staying inside the cabin for trans brake, bump box, dash stuff ect. Still need to find a good momentary switch that's good for a few amps for the bump box!

                    I am also looking at buying a dash to make life a lot easier than stuffing around with the cable driven speedo. I know I can buy a converter box but it's quite bulky and I don't have a great deal of space to put one. I don't mind the Haltech dash but it's a bit ugly looking so I am considering the smaller 5" ECU Masters ADU race dash as it seems to be compatible with the Haltech Elite.

                    I also need to figure out how I can get a speedo reading from the TH400 as the standard area where the speed sensor usually lives is bunged off so I don't know if there is any gearing on the output shaft of the transmission - I will have to unbolt the tail housing and take a look. I think I can wire an optical sensor via the haltech but need to find someone that makes one to bolt into the trans.

                    Also caved in and bought the R35 GTR coil stuff.

                    Spent a solid 5 minutes organising the stuff for a picture

                    Also finished the fuel line feed from the front to the back. I ended up using some heat shield to stop the braided line from scratching against everything where it hit against the chassis. The tail shaft is being made, powder coating being done to valve covers and a standard Toyota radiator recovery tank from a Hilux is on order too so I am hoping I can fit that part to the fan shroud I made with some 4mm alloy.

                    Getting to the pointy end of the project.

                    Time to abandon and move on to something else


                      I've had good success with the AIM MXS Strada dash's, the only thing that could be improved on them is if they were a bit thinner, they support Haltech CAN.

                      You'd be able to fit one in place of the speedo and tach in an MX73 cluster and even leave the standard coolant temp and fuel level stuff in place if you want. That's what I did with my last couple of installs in AE82 clusters. I do like the look of their new MXP cluster and will likely upgrade to one in the future
                      Click image for larger version

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                        Vote 1 AEM CD-5. Mine is excellent.


                          Little update, picked up the front half of the drive shaft today.

                          All bolted in perfectly which is good, one less thing to worry about.

                          Also collected the powder coated engine covers, came up nicely, would have liked a slightly darker colour but overall very happy for the price.

                          Bolted the stock baffles back in with some blue loctite

                          Time to install with the new cross vent hoses

                          But before doing that I bolted in the new R35 coil holders

                          Covers on,

                          New bolts,

                          Finger tight bolts for now,

                          Stupidly large vent for air / oil separator torqued down on exhaust cover with a sealing washer - probably pointless using one but anyway, it's there now.

                          How the engine bay is looking now, also put the drive belt on too.

                          Real happy with it, I will plumb the air / oil separator next which is mounted on the drivers side strut tower, bought the fittings and hose for it. Decided to retain the stock intake PCV so will buy a new one. Will also run the power steering return line through the radiator to help keep it cool.


                            Don't those cross vent hoses need to be removed with the r35 coils? I removed mine and welded up the holes.

                            '90 2jz-gte 929
                            '02 twin-locked TD42 GU Patrol


                              Engine bay looking fantastic, top effort


                                Awesome, that's looking really nice! If I can get mine looking half as good as that I'll be pretty stoked.

                                Originally posted by [RX3] View Post
                                Stupidly large vent for air / oil separator torqued down on exhaust cover with a sealing washer - probably pointless using one but anyway, it's there now.
                                Details on sealing washer? That's something I haven't looked at on mine yet, and it sounds like a thing I should be doing.