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    Meanwhile stock Z is still mostly stock, it's actually not bad to drive as is. I have adjusted to how much less powerful it is, and don't hate it even after buying a more powerful, practical and comfortable family car. Still want to do the SR swap, but have another kidlet due in a few weeks, so probably won't touch it for 6 months. As is, its quite comfortable to drive around in collecting parts, in the comfort of aircon.

    Also I can be that smug jerk who tells other people to paint their car or fix their aircon.

    I'll probably throw up another thread when I start tinkering beyond minor servicing.


      Originally posted by nopistons View Post
      I should have just stripped it bare for maximum profitz, and maybe that way Panda would have had a working car by now
      Oh no you didn't


        I should have just bought his shell.

        I should have just bought a working one.

        I should have just bought a bicycle.


          I think this is the right thread to update with this kind of shenanigan:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	neVo6jG.jpg
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ID:	7143248


            Aaaaaaaay!! Now we're talking!!


              Left field post is left field!


                A week or two ago, that car came into the car park. Boss shouts out, "Oi, your dream car is here"

                I snapped the above photo and sent it to Matty, who just replied with <3. Customer came in store, tried to get service, I asked him how much he wanted for the car. He said he's not selling, not selling it or the spare parts car. Sad.

                Fast forward to Wednesday. Customer calls asking for me, and says he heard through the grapevine that I'm after a 360. He is mates with the guy, and he wants to sell up. Car has some work done to it, comes with extras, etc. Not listed anywhere, but he's thinking of $x. I tell him I'll get back to him soon

                I tell Matty the Volvo is for sale. He asks if its THAT car? I say yes, it has some work done to it, comes with extras, etc. Guy is after $X but its not listed anywhere"

                Matty sends me receipt of transfer for $X, telling me to pick it up.

                And so Matty is now again the owner of a sweet Volvo 360 GLT. With a mad secret under the hood. This is no normal Volvo 360 GLT, for this has received a mighty transplant.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	O60ACch.jpg
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ID:	7144189

                For instead of a humble Volvo redblock, the engine bay is inhabited by a mighty Volvo redblock. Gone is the puny, asthmatic 2.0 SOHC engine it was built with, but rather, a much fiercer 2.3 SOHC variant, equipped with a ridiculous cam from Volvos catalogue. It may look like standard 80s mess, but it has the capacity to convert even more fuel and clean air into noise. And exhaust gas.

                And because of previous sins committed, I am now the recipient of the extra spare parts car, which is a complete car with some rear end damage and a dead fuel pump. If only I knew a guy who sold fuel pumps...


                  Time for a grave rob

                  Matty decided to impulse buy that Volvo, knowing that he had no room to store it, with the intention that he will be moving out of Sydney shortly. So I was the temporary caretaker of said fine vehicle. The car got an EPIC service, it apparently had a new water pump, timing belt, clutch and wheel bearings. It got everything else replaced.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	giMeFSL.jpg
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ID:	7269776

                  This was when the Z was halfway through an engine swap, so it was quite useful for me. Unfortunately for Matt, a hilarious comedy of errors delayed him from moving by several months. Standard useless real estate agent fucks type shenanigans. Anyway, I did some minor jobs tidying up the car (unmodifying) but largely left it as it was.

                  What a blast it was! I've always hated slow, underpowered cars, but driving a slow, underpowered car with no refinement is something else entirely. Being a 2.3L and lightweight, it was easy to putt around in, but thanks to the big cam, it loved reving out and making noise. The untrustworthy transaxle was one of the nicest gearbags I've driven with, rowing through gears was a treat, not a chore. The 165 wide tires were easy to spin up, and weighed nothing, helping the engine response. The hard suspension gave it a very direct feeling (something something gokart, and just as uncomfortable). Being such a small, low car, you really felt like you were just inches away from the road whizzing past everything.

                  And whizzing past everything, you could! Mostly because everyone else is dead inside during their daily commute, the driver of the Volvo dream machine was the road driving re-embodiment of Ayrton Senna. You WERE the racing driver, because you WENT for that gap, that exists. What this means in the real world is that you became the rudest driver on the road. You made every orange light before it turned red, you smoked up every corner when teenagers leaned on their uninspired p-plate chariots. You learned to embrace the smell of exhaust fumes and petrol vapours. Every time you got behind the wheel, turned the key and heard that 400,000km old Volvo redblock reliably roar into life. And so did all of the neighbours. Matt had finally moved out of Sydney, but refused to take the car, as I hadn't finished the Z yet, and he's just that nice of a guy.

                  After several months of motoring nirvana, a right hand corner was attempted leaving work, in the usual fashion. Accelerate to the corner, brake at the last moment and feel the weight shift forwards. Begin turning into the corner and release the brake, as the weight shifts off the inside rear wheel. Then before it makes any sense, jump on the throttle. The ancient de Dion tube arrangement kept the car predictable and steady, coasting out of the corner while the inside wheel blazed hard for Gondor. Except this time, the beacons were not lit, instead of the comfortable sound of a frying 13" tire, there was only a catastrophic knocking noise and complete lack of any drive.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	JbG16MW.jpg
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ID:	7269777

                  I coasted to almost a good spot to stop, and then pushed it around the corner. A short, polite phonecall to the boss saw the car getting flat towed back to the shop in peak hour traffic. Being that I had not yet finished the Z, and that I did not want to own this car, a dastardly plot developed. Part of the deal with purchasing this car was that it came with a "complete" parts car, that I never bothered picking up. Matty was going to keep the good car, and the spare car would be mine, to do what I wanted with it. As I had my hands full with Z stuff and another baby, it was super low priority. This changed suddenly.

                  A desperate check with the previous owner revealed that he was sick of it sitting there and I had two days before he scrapped it.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	exZ9HuB.jpg
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ID:	7269778

                  The "mostly" complete parts car was far from complete, and was mostly full of garbage. Not refuse, but used/damaged Volvo parts, and spiders. The engine was missing its head, so there was no hope in completing the car. All I wanted at this point was the gearbag. Which I removed on a 40° day on someones lawn.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Yx0McT1.jpg
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ID:	7269779

                  Jesu Cristo, the spiders.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	aDi4C54.jpg
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ID:	7269780

                  For those who are too smart to deal with such things, the car is a transaxle. Meaning the Engine is at the front, the gearbox is at the back, part of the diff assembly (think "transmission" and "axle" combined, hurr). On povo spec Volvo 340's, these are connected by a driveshaft, but apparently are incredibly unreliable, as the driveshaft is always spinning faster, leading to accelerated wear. Also the driveshaft angles apparently weren't ideal, any wear to engine mounts would soon destroy the center bearings etc.

                  (Think, if you're reving to 7000 rpm, in a very normal, conventional setup, the 4th gear ratio will be 1:1, so the input speed on the gearbox will match the output speed, so the tailshaft will hit 7000rpm only then, and faster in 5th gear. Normal people won't be redlining in 4th, so it will never see this sort of speed. With the transaxle, you'd be hitting that every single gear, because you are a legendary race car Volvo driver. Having a heavier/thicker/larger diameter driveshaft will incur a considerable weight penalty, draining power and also being harder on the bearings involved)

                  So the 360 uses a Torque Tube setup. A rigid, hollow tube connecting the engine to the transaxle. Inside that, is a surprisingly narrow driveshaft, without uni joints, CV joints, center bearings, anything. It's a single long axle connecting the motor and box. And it's seriously like 19mm thick. Holy shit.

                  There are three bearings that support the long shaft over its total length, and it ends in a male spline. The transmission meets this also with a male spline, so primitive coupling us used. This consists of two squares of steel welded to a slit tube, with bolts that provide the clamping force. This might seem like a simple setup, but it works.


                  The bolts must be torqued PRECISELY, as under torquing will not give full meshing of teeth between the male and female splines, so will eventually strip splines. Over torquing will distort the shape of the coupling plates, and usually strips one spline and then breaks the coupling completely.

                  So this car, which recently had a new clutch installed before Matty handed over cash, probably went with option #1. I never kicked the clutch or dropped it, just heavy right footed it, but it was still too much for this abysmally small coupling. Anyway, getting the box out of the donor car was hard enough, but mostly due to never having worked on this primitive design, which meant even the guides of how to dismantle them are full of broken pictures.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	6f784gT.jpg
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ID:	7269781

                  So, using my galaxy sized brain, I attempted to swap the boxes in the work car park after hours, again in high 30°s, unassisted. Compared to the parts car, which was barely held together, this one was held together with brute force and YOLO. Under the car is a substantial shield, protecting the fuel tank from the exhaust. This was held on with rounded off tek screws, and supported with the fuel pump wiring. The exhaust, which from the cat backwards, was a single piece, was unremovable, as it wrapped around the subframe, driveshafts, etc. Lots of scary things under there, made me a bit nervous for how I had been driving it for those months.

                  After much swearing and violence, the box came out, but putting the replacement box in was impossible. Since the torque tube is rigid to the motor, the motor has to be lowered / pushed back somehow, otherwise the torque tube angles up to the floor. This is a serious complication as the male splines of the gearbox must go into the coupling perfectly straight. After 5 or so hours of this, the box was mostly in, but the coupling wasn't connected properly, and I packed up and went home, disgusted.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	aW4KDjl.jpg
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ID:	7269782

                  Someone, who had used to buy parts off me 10 years ago, has now grown up and owns a workshop around the corner. He let me borrow a hoist before hours, so I pushed the car around the block (lots of fun) and had another crack at it at 5.30 AM before work. Ended up removing the gearbox again and starting over, this time disconnecting the de Dion tube from the suspension and moving the whole assembly back, allowing the gearbox to go in. Very unpleasant job to do during Summer, before going to work for 9 hours. When it was finally back together, it seemed to work perfectly from then on, but I had a lot of trouble trusting it.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	vHYNGvF.jpg
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ID:	7269783

                  Matty finally picked the car up, and it developed several alarming oil leaks on the drive home. He called me in a panic, I felt like the worlds biggest cunt, it had not dropped a single drip of oil in the months I had it. I thought he was going to firesale it, but he rolled up his sleeves and got to work sorting issues.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	3cGrjGE.jpg
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Size:	449.8 KB
ID:	7269784

                  The worst leak appeared to be the new rocker cover gasket, so he tidied up a few things at this point and painted the rocker cover. He sorted out some dodgy wiring, got the optimistic brake lights working all the time, and fixed some rust. I thought the month he spent tinkering would see him fall in love with the car, and my spirit began to recover.

                  Then he told me he was listing the car for sale, he typed up the ad and priced it for what it owed him. He pressed enter. The phone rang, and a voice said "I'm coming". Oldmate drove 3 hours and handed over $askingprice, and left. Thus ends the Volvo chapter.

                  This probably makes me sound like a cunt who flogs other peoples cars. I normally don't, I have a lot of trouble mistreating machinery. But something about this horrible car spoke to you. Nopics flat out doesn't understand me, asks how I can call a car a thorough piece of shit, while grinning, and turning down all the refined turbocharged vehicles in the stable.


                  Volvo Redblock master race is the best race. The 360 was originally designed by DAF, developed by Volvo. I think Peugeot was involved somehow, but the transaxle may be Renault and the povo versions used Renault engines. All the electrics run on glass fuses that pop out when you hit a pebble, both headlights would only work when the passenger door was open. Solid engine mounts. When people say "you're not a true petrol head until you've owned an Alfa", they probably mean this car.

                  If I had time and space, I'd track down another one for sure.


                    You have away with words.
                    had an old Volvo once by sheer circumstance, also wasn't mine but was my responsibility. I To too fell in love with the reliably unreliable sack of charming shit that it was. They make a strangely appealing sounding motor too.


                      The other week/month I scrolled back through some very, very old facebook chats and managed to find some pictures I had no record of. So I now have a picture of every RWD Nissan I've owned, even from the period of time when I only had smashed cameras. So I don't have to remember them any more, I think it'd make a good tombstone for this thread. And considering how insane prices are atm, for schnitzengiggles I've included purchase price on every one. In chronological order:

                      2009. 180SX #1
                      $5900 - 1989 180SX KH2 Gunmetal grey with metalic flake AKA Mr Sparkles

                      Just had a ~100k km Type X SR20DET from a front cut installed, fresh paint job and 12 months rego. I think the guy gave up and sold it because CAS timing was very retarded, it made no power unless the boost T was cranked to 15+ PSI. Was stock turbo, was way faster on 10 PSI with the CAS moved back to standard marks.

                      Good car, crashed it 11 months later. Very sad. Stripped it and sold most of it off. Painful process, had no idea what I was doing.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	kBfHZq1.jpg
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Size:	1.10 MB
ID:	7269832

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	igymzqh.jpg
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ID:	7269833

                      2010. 180SX #2
                      $4300 - 1994 180SX KH3 Super black black.

                      Bought before I got my head screwed back on properly again. just needed "a gearbox and rego". Turbo was blown, coilovers were fucked. Had HKS F-con ECU and other odd mods. I started taking things off to fix and spiralled out of control. Silvia front conversion, tubbed front arches, S15 dash/interior. Eventually sold it when 180SX #3 fell apart and decided to stick to one project.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	oahIRUP.jpg
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Size:	2.09 MB
ID:	7269834
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	GuaUgqA.jpg
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Size:	993.2 KB
ID:	7269835

                      2011. S15 #1
                      $1250 - 2001 200SX KR4 Silver.

                      Thoroughly crashed, bought it... just because? No engine or box, but kept almost all interior for 180SX #2. Still had no idea about stripping cars, very unorganised. Wrecker took shell for free.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	rUpLhkj.jpg
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Size:	544.4 KB
ID:	7269836

                      2012. 180SX #3
                      $4000 - 1992 TH1 Velvet Blue Pearl

                      Came with blown motor, had 4k worth of brand new parts in boxes with it. Bought it to strip, then decided to keep. Threw in the motor from 180SX #2, month later flywheel came lose. Lesson learned. Eventually stripped the black car, put all of the good/new parts I hoarded into the blue car. Body was rough, too rough to re-paint, so was never happy with it. Few bad choices, such as mid mount intercooler over aircon, meant it'd never be a very nice car. Lots of memories, was sad to led it go. Stripped it in 2018, kept engine + other goodies for Z32 swap.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Qf9b7c2.jpg
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Size:	3.16 MB
ID:	7269837
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	oJKybvL.jpg
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ID:	7269838
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	30NF8YC.jpg
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Size:	462.6 KB
ID:	7269839

                      2013. 180SX #4
                      $1800 - 1994 KG4 Yellow Silver Metallic (aka champagne)

                      Complete car missing front guards. Unregistered, automatic SR20DET. Exterior was pristine, except for one bird shit stain on bonnet. Interior was mint, all black plastics still glossy and all buttons very clicky. Body had holes rusted through everywhere. Stripped it, was pricing things at what I would expect to pay, so everyone sold for too cheap. Only thing that didn't sell cheap was the perfect condition dash with factory heads up display. Wrecker took shell for $100

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	rpfwYkH.jpg
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Size:	59.1 KB
ID:	7269840

                      2013. S13 #1
                      $1000 - 19?? KG5 White Onevia rolling shell with dicks painted on it.

                      Popped up cheap, I organised to pick it up. Guy stuffed me around on the day, wasted many hours, when I finally got to the car I just pushed it on a trailer without checking anything. Whole day was a clusterfuck, very angery. Car was total trash, several things on the car were lied about. Won't buy a car with painted dicks ever again. Wrecker took shell for $150.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	H7OuF5S.jpg
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Size:	1.12 MB
ID:	7269841

                      2013. S13 #2
                      $3000 - TH1 Velvet Blue Pearl Autech Silvia Convertible

                      Bought it as bare rolling shell in primer. Missing roof, missing a few important things, no driveline. Painted in KH2 Gunmetal grey, went through many engine and driveline setups before selling the car in 2015.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	BfzaS5E.jpg
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Size:	80.1 KB
ID:	7269842

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	e5eamY8.jpg
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ID:	7269843

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Z8KF08l.jpg
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Size:	164.9 KB
ID:	7269844

                      2014. 180SX #5
                      $2900 - 19?? custom coloured 180SX with sunroof.

                      Bought with blown motor. Was going to re-shell the blue car into it, decided too much work to do before rego expired (and didn't want to deal with blueslip situation again). Acquired SR20DE, friends brother wanted to buy it so helped put the engine in.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	XE1EHre.jpg
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Size:	3.35 MB
ID:	7269845

                      2014. GTST #1
                      $3950 - 1997 QM1 White Series 2 GTST 40th anniversary model

                      Bought not-quite running. Was missing headlight(s), needed intercooler plumbing. Had an Adaptronic computer and a half done forward facing plenum install. Took me MONTHS to sell the gearbox for $750, whereas last year people were fighting over being able to offer me $2k for a disassembled, mystery condition gearbox I advertised. I hated this car, dealing with skyline owners was painful. I couldn't understand why they were so different to Silvia owners. Think the shell got scrapped, can't remember.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	nfpgglo.jpg
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Size:	103.6 KB
ID:	7269846

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	kZoJw9t.jpg
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Size:	87.5 KB
ID:	7269847

                      2014. GTR #1
                      1994? KL0 Spark Silver Metallic R32 GTR

                      50,000km's, couldn't be complied due to month of build. Sat in someones backyard for 6 years. Anthony bought it, took engine and other good bits and bullied me into buying the shell. He let me back out of the deal because I was in over my head with the vert, buying LMGT1's, BBS LM's, etc. I kept the BBS wheels off it (by that I mean paid him market price). He eventually sold it for some money, he got called many nasty things. Hate to think what this low km rolling shell would be worth now.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	eXWzyCG.jpg
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Size:	120.7 KB
ID:	7269848

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	nlSxyvx.jpg
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Size:	98.9 KB
ID:	7269849

                      2014. 180SX #6
                      $3050 Piece of shit sil80 "track car".

                      Shit panels, shit paint, home made cage, wrong AFM, didn't run. "Built motor". Bought it to use the driveline in the convertible, got cold feet over it and sold the engine cheap. Sold car easily, nice change vs. scrapping shells.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	TecHAHC.jpg
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Size:	30.3 KB
ID:	7269850

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	2fsHvMr.jpg
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Size:	28.3 KB
ID:	7269851


                        2014. S14 #1
                        $4000 Piece of shit multicoloured S14.

                        I was writing an email to Jesse Streeter to buy some Defi gauges, and this car popped up full of Defi gauges. So bought this instead. Had lots of cool stuff, but everything was damaged or undesireable in some way. Everything S14 specific was an absolute chore to sell, I hated it. It came with Lockys old body kit from his chai latte coloured S14 days lol. Stripped it and gave the bare shell away to two fat kids from Campbelltown.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	0vAPCJi.jpg
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Size:	143.2 KB
ID:	7269867

                        2014. S13 #3
                        $3200 - 19?? 6G0 Silver/grey two tone

                        Another Anthony forced purchase. Red-labelled P plater special, too low, too loud, and EPA'd. Anthony bought it for the engine, to be a track car. Why would you bother with an NA P-plater machine track car? The engine was originally in Dumhed/Andrews Hello Kitty budget race car in 2007. S14 SR20DE with Tomei 270°/12.50mm Procams, S15 6 speed box, 4.3 diff. I picked it up to donate the driveline to the vert, I swapped the completely bare, non-rolling shell for a set of wheels that I sold for money. Win win.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DVSZi8v.jpg
Views:	134
Size:	139.1 KB
ID:	7269868

                        2014. GTST #2
                        $3200 - KH2 Gun grey metallic ENR33 sedan

                        Badass car I'd seen when a friend owned it, it went through a few owners and turned up absolutely trashed. Rust holes everywhere, blown gaskets, oil leaks, knocking this and blown that. Clutch disc was perfectly smooth, had one kick away from giving up completely. Motor had 80-110psi on each cylinder. Poor form. Back in Japan, was a D1 drivers daily, before being exported to Aus. Had GTR seats, full rack of Greddy gauges, Autech or Impul or something body kit that was removed before I got it. Stripped bare-ish, rolling shell went to a guy in central coast who restored it. Cool.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	GApJkmM.jpg
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Size:	2.44 MB
ID:	7269869

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	MTLCrj5.jpg
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Size:	161.9 KB
ID:	7269870

                        2014. S13 #4
                        $1560 - 1990 TH1 Velvet Blue Pearl Silvia

                        My first and only CA18 car. Had a hole in a piston or worse. 100% stock car except for coilovers and a boost tee (no boost gauge lol). Freshly resprayed, but had run up the back of someone. I bought it to put an SR20DE in and flip, but that was the exact weekend that p-plate laws changed, so they could now buy turbo cars. I panic sold the shell to someone who just binned their red car at Wakefield the night before. I swapped the front end panels with my car. 100% should have kept this shell, but at the time didn't want to deal with wiring an SR20 into a CA18 car. Regret this from time to time.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	j7tXkG9.jpg
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Size:	67.1 KB
ID:	7269871

                        2014. S13 #5
                        $3700 - 1989 5H6 Ivory/Gold two tone.

                        Literally bought it the night before flying to Japan. CA car converted to SR20. Bought it for the engine (again), became apparent the car was a bit of a basket case. Previous owner seemed to have lied about some shit, and double down / got defensive when I asked about some shit. This annoyed me because I'm a very straight forward buyer - if I need an engine or whatever, I buy a car for it. I dont care if the brakes squeak, I just need to know if x, y, z are fine and I can make do with the rest. Ended up selling the engine when 2+2 stopped adding up. Sold the rolling shell to a guy who had a crashed S13.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	coe5vjq.jpg
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Size:	89.9 KB
ID:	7269872

                        2014. S13 #6
                        $4000 - custom pearl white thing.

                        Was in Japan and a friend asked if I'd buy this off him, he couldn't stand lowballers. I knew a few previous owners. Car came from Tamworth with an S14 engine swap, S14 interior, S14 5 stud conversion etc., and was fully engineered. went through two owners before my mate, he did a whole bunch of mods and decided to sell up. Was alarmed at how half-assed the "s14 conversion" parts were, car looked outright dangerous. The full respray was done over rust. I tried to give the shell away, got screwed around by 3 people before someone took it. I copped a lot of flack for this one, noone believed me how rusty and how much of a shitbox the car was. I found out I had a reputation as a butcher, but noone noticed all the rusty, crashed shitboxes I bought? Hmm.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	THtsEbW.jpg
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Size:	84.8 KB
ID:	7269873

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Eqy7eaa.jpg
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Size:	112.4 KB
ID:	7269874

                        2014. 180SX #7
                        $2800 - Every red colour 180SX

                        Sad/tired 180SX whose drivers door was opened into traffic. Stripped mostly bare, but left rolling to try and sell the shell, because giving them away was too hard. Even selling it rolling for peanuts was a hassle. After this, my friend mentioned he has a guy who will collect scrap shell for free. I fucking hated him at that moment

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	nP1y0oE.jpg
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Size:	146.6 KB
ID:	7269875

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	VJgid1e.jpg
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Size:	123.0 KB
ID:	7269876

                        2014. 300ZX #1
                        $1000 - 1989 KH2 Gun Grey Metallic

                        Possibly the car with the highest amount of previous owners that I could track down. Car was thoroughly trashed, abused. Fantastic chassis, made Silvias feel so cheap and flimsy, even considering how fucked this thing was. Kept gearbox for Sil80, probably the beginning of the end for Silvias for me.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	TVPseUJ.jpg
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Size:	170.8 KB
ID:	7269877

                        2015. 180SX #8
                        $2700 - 19?? ??? Red 180SX.

                        Ex-track car, owned by workshop owner. Car wasn't registerable (I think), very easy to strip as nothing on the car was munted. scrapped shell, stripped for spare parts/pocket money.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	zWRExhr.jpg
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Size:	1,005.6 KB
ID:	7269878

                        2015. S13 #5 & S13 #7

                        Combo deal, bought back the suss two tone car along with the donor car it was meant to replace. This was just after I sold the vert, so garage was empty. Was very excited to strip a crashed car inside the garage, but the truckload of spiders introduced soured the experience for me. Donor car was one of those cars that was just sour. Previous previous owner lied about everything in the ad, heaps of dodgy shit. 4 stud hubs were redrilled to 5 stud as scarily as possible, listed as "S14 5 stud conversion". Everything was nicely powdercoated and presentable, but deep down was a proper piece of shit. Scrapped, and the two tone got re-sold again.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	N4dldhb.jpg
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Size:	140.6 KB
ID:	7269879

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	NVx7nRs.jpg
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Size:	141.2 KB
ID:	7269880

                        2015. S13 #8

                        Another CA converted to SR car. Very, veeeery presentable exterior, Flintstone holes rusted through the floor. Stripped it bare. I thought it was mostly junk, but every single component off the car sold eventually. Like everyone needed a switch, a bracket, a clip, a bolt, etc. Every single part of the car was spoken for. Kept the new KAAZ 2 way diff and it changed my life.

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                        2016. 180SX #9


                        old friends long time project. He owned the car forever ago, went through a few motors. In 2010 he started down the LS swap path. At some point, a drunk kicked his quarters in at 2AM, so he bought big widebody and big size VS-XX wheels. Never finished it, graduated from uni, got well paying jobs elsewhere, etc. I helped him sell off his accumulated parts, he sold me the shell and the leftovers cheap. I tidied it up heaps, considered just holding onto it. Listed for a high (at the time price) for a rolling shell, some kid bid against himself to buy it, he was going to restore it at his dads shop. Then sold it a week later, good base for a drift hack project.

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                        2016. 300ZX #2


                        What a garbage car. Didnt bother stripping it, just kept the gearbox and the brake calipers. Scrappu

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                        2016. GTST #3


                        Buying cars from drug users in a downward spiral. Just as bad as the other Skylines I sold parts from, but now matte black. Did donate a GTR diff to the cause, which was nice.

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                          holy shit i thought I had a problem


                            pics arent working on last post for me

                            and jesus christ what an adventure haha


                              I fucked up. Did it one post, after uploading 45 pictures it error'd and gave me a 20 picture max. So cut/paste to a second post and it still showed up with pics on my end


                              2018, 300ZX #3

                              1989 AG2 Aztek red 300ZX

                              Went to look at this car on a whim. Photos in the ad looked TOO good, like it was clearly an instagram filter. So I bought it. Strongly felt like I overspent on it, but quickly realised that if you had to fix all the broken crap on the previous Z's I bought, it would be a $20k car. This one has actually been maintained over its life, only 3 owners before me I think. Australian delivered, manual. Now SR20 converted, maybe I ruined it, maybe its better. Try to do minimal mods, just maintenance and keep the purity of it. Ahem.

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                              2020. 300ZX #4

                              Crashed JDM 2+0 thing.

                              Bought it for the front bar. Not joking. Could not find a good condition front bar at a decent price, all the smashed bars that needed repairs AND paint were asking for not much less than buying a brand new front bar. So I bought this one. It had a working clock, which I haven't seen in another Z. Score. Locky stored it for me briefly (and let me strip it at his house), just so happened to get flooded when it lived there and was then filled with mosquitos. What a sad demise. I haven't seen a Z this cheap since, so I think I got the last cheap one. Phew.

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                              Now, given the price of shitboxes lately, I think I'm done there. I (few months ago) just stripped a CANBUS car, and I don't think I need that in my life yet. The Red Zed will probably stay forever, or stay until I get a ridiculous offer, then I have no idea what could replace this chapter in my life. Some of the cars I threw away were in better condition than the 20-30k shitboxes for sale at the moment. Maybe thats a contributing factor, but scrapping rusty shitboxes helped keep other nuggets on the road. That's my defence and I need that to sleep at night.

                              I do miss the simplicity of Silvias, and it feels like a waste that I know where every single bolt goes on the car. Sometimes I wish that I used my powers for good.


                                now i mean this in the nicest possible way... but holy fuck you're cooked!

                                also i miss the days when this shit was cheap and plentiful
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