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    Some of those cars donated parts to my cars. I can see plenty more bits I need in those pictures 😟
    Originally posted by Rdyno
    It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


      Farken hell D, you are an animal.


        *were, I'm a washed-up has-been now.

        2014 was busier than I thought it was, though.


          What a journey.
          Originally posted by brewdles
          In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


            You and Silvias reminds me of myself and commodores, dozens of them over the years, a thorough intricate knowledge of every nut/bolt/trim piece, colour, option and spec, yet moved on to something similar but different and faced with the reality the times have changed, and the 'good old days' are over.
            Feels like there's nothing to move on to anymore and the only option is to keep what you have.


              I just had a flick back through, it looks like a whole bunch of the original posts got chopped up when the forum got haxed. There's no mention of when I picked up the vert anymore, I'll fix that later.

              Anyway, as an example to explain why I bought so many shitters, the vert is a good example. I bought it as a rolling shell, missing everything, including the roof. I was tossing up what engine to buy for it, it had to be something cool and unique. VQ30DET made a lot of sense, VH45DE would be badass. Engine packages or front cuts were in the $1800-2500 mark, would have spent a bit on fitting it, gearbox situation, and exhaust, but maybe could have pulled it off for sub 5k. Then I remembered that I don't spend money, so a free engine would be better. Nopics was getting shitty with me that I was never going to grow up. When I had the first volvo, I sold it saying that I was going to pull my finger out and be a grownup, and the next day bought the vert. Go figure. To save my life, I decided to put a reasonable budget and timeframe on it - I paid 3k or whatever for it, and reckoned I could save another 5? grand I think by the end of the year, so 8k was my total budget for the car, and wanted it done at the end of the year.

              Galaxy brain: buy a car, strip it. Use the driveline, sell everything else, ??? profit.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	XE1EHre.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.35 MB ID:	7270415

              So bought this SR20DET car. Engine was knocking, could have rebuilt. Was a low scoring option, but doable. Made $1500 on that scenario, the dead motor sat around for ages before disappearing.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	kZoJw9t.jpg Views:	0 Size:	87.5 KB ID:	7270416

              Then this RB25DET + big gearbox sat around waiting to go in. In hindsight, this probably would have gotten me the most e-fame of all my choices, and the car would have sold for more. Even the guy who was very pro-RB told me that its a Silvia, an SR belongs in there, and that thought stayed with me. Sold up, $700 ahead.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	7087qlI.jpg Views:	0 Size:	92.1 KB ID:	7270420
              Click image for larger version  Name:	UK9GgNe.jpg Views:	0 Size:	909.2 KB ID:	7270421

              Then I bought the ex-hello kitty car with the screamer non-turbo SR20DE with procams. Decided it was going to be a fun track car, thought of all different ways to to "finish" it, with covering the bare rear interior with BRIDE fabric, with a roll bar / basic half cage. Full steam ahea-

              Then someone on NS messaged me, saying they had a roof (and a whole car's worth of parts) for 2k. This would make the car worth so much more, and maybe even worth registering, as it could be driven somewhere, parked, even if it rained. But the added wait would make it a slug with the NA motor. So sold that to a p-plater friend, which ended up being one of my top 5 favourite Silvias of all time. ~$500 ahead

              Click image for larger version  Name:	2fsHvMr.jpg Views:	0 Size:	28.3 KB ID:	7270418
              Click image for larger version  Name:	8sdt7sy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	70.9 KB ID:	7270423

              To make up for the added weight penalty, I bought this piece of shit for the "forged motor" it contained. I looked at the motor too hard one day, and the crank case breather fell off. When properly installed, its actually under the HEAD, so it cannot come out. Whoever slapped the motor together forgot it, and jammed it in on a 45° angle. This and a few other clues made me really suss about the motor. I sold it with all that in the description for $800. Was about $1100 ahead.

              Then I decided, fuck it. I've got the turbo sil80, I don't need this to be a fast car. Ended up buying a local kids SR20DE for $300, with loom and ECU. Vert was going to run, look good, and be waaaay under budget. Ended up reasoning myself that noone would spend money on an NA S13 that was slower than other NA S13's, so that justified buying that blue S13 to put the motor in and sell for a profit. The P plate laws changed that weekend, so panic sold the shell, sold the motor for $300. (was ~$1100 ahead on blue car)

              Click image for larger version  Name:	coe5vjq.jpg Views:	0 Size:	89.9 KB ID:	7270419

              And thats when I bought this one. SR20DET that "was recently running". Motor actually looked to be brand new, but nothing added up. The exhaust manifold / dump pipe / gaskets had never once been hot, they were literally brand new. Car wasn't wired up to run with an SR. Cam timing was wrong, and the gearbox had no oil in it / shifter was rusted in. This motor stayed in the vert when I sold it, I essentially gave it away "to suit rebuild". $1200 ahead on that car.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	yjkzz76.jpg Views:	0 Size:	125.4 KB ID:	7270422

              In the end, I sold the vert for $3500. It wasn't a great time to sell, and really, I paid way too much for an incomplete rolling shell in the first place. I painted it, found a roof + all the missing unique interior bits for it. I was |<--->| this close to selling back to the previous owner, which I thought was my best scenario, because he knew how much value I added to it. Everyone else just said it was a Silvia rolling shell and $3500 was $3500 too much. He got fucked around by insurance at the critical time, and had time to re-think it, so didn't go ahead.

              It might seem like a huge fuck around to procure 6 engines and then sell a car for the same amount. And yeah, it was. But that was just the start of it.

              CA18DET Silvias came out in 4 stud, with 250mm front brake rotors with single piston calipers. SR20DET cars had 280mm rotors, single piston calipers. Whatever motor was going into the car, the stock brakes were not going to cut it.

              Decided car was going 5 stud, with big wheels.

              Bought R32 GTST rear end for $250. Sold R32 rear LCA, rear shocks, R200 diff and drive shafts for 350, keeping the 5 stud hubs, calipers, drum handbrake assembly etc.
              Bought R33 GTST front brakes/hubs/uprights etc for $250. Uprights went in the bin.
              Bought S15 front brake/knuckle/hub/LCA for $220.

              Sold S13 front brakes to a Datsun guy for $200
              Sold the 4 stud wheels it was on, for $100 to a mate

              Then decided car was going 4 stud, little wheels.

              Sold the R33 front/R32 rear brakes for $400
              Sold the 5 stud gear with S15 front brakes for $500

              S13 SR20DET "big" brakes from a car I stripped

              Then acquired some modified S13 knuckles and extended control arms, for $350, for maximum drift

              Then decided car was going 5 stud again

              Swapped modded 4 stud setup + s13 brakes for 5 stud with S15 brakes

              Then decided it was going 4 stud again

              Sold the swapped 5 stud with S15 brakes for 450

              Car was rolling on some freebie 4 stud gear. Swapped it out for 5 stud from the two tone S13 with the dodgy motor. This included S15 brakes, but I also had another set of R33 calipers from the first white R33 I parted out.

              Decided to simplify things, sold the R33 calipers for 200

              Then when I decided to sell the car, reverted it back to 4 stud, with SR brakes, that came from the bendy red 180 with smashed door. (free)

              Sold the last 5 stud with S15 brakes for 450.

              So the car started as 4 stud with CA18 brakes, and ended up as 4 stud with SR20 brakes.

              This was a common sight every time I changed my mind.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	kU0J2RO.jpg Views:	0 Size:	124.4 KB ID:	7270424

              I'd like to say I'm a genius, and I pocketed bulk cash with every small investment I made, but I actually spent it all on sushi and energy drinks.
              On paper at least, with the 8 grand I was willing to spend on the vert, I ended up with about 15k after all that mind changing.

              None of this is possible now, with absolute shitboxes selling for 30k, and only having 2k partout value (or 10k, if they have an SR20 that looks like it came out of a swamp)


                A silvia rolling shell is now close to 10 for something that is even close to straight. I don't really agree with the part out value though, good parts are getting rare.

                Having said that, there seems to be a lot of hesitancy buying 30k silvias. They are sitting on the market forever. I reckon the only good buy left is the Type X, which seemed to bottom out at around 15k and are now sitting at 35 - if you can find a good one.


                  I can't help but feel there's a movie in this somewhere, you couldn't make this shit up.


                    If I filmed everything, I'd be nigga rich with youtube bux. Shoulda woulda coulda


                      Love this thread. Definitely getting my nervous twitch going again and bringing back some ptsd regarding my old sil80 that went through 7 motors and 6 turbos. Good times! Click image for larger version

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                      Originally posted by FatBoy
                      Trump v Clinton is like cheering for the clap or genital warts. Either way it's gonna be ugly....


                        I always wanted mine on R32 GTR wheels, but the body was too mangled to fit big wheels, for little wheels to look right. Medium sads.


                          Yeah I wanted 34 rims but was always too poor. I loved that car, I miss it daily and am deeply saddened that the horse has bolted price wise on them.
                          Originally posted by FatBoy
                          Trump v Clinton is like cheering for the clap or genital warts. Either way it's gonna be ugly....


                            Nowhere near your level, I think I went through 3 sets of wheels and settled on the Spartan airs. Click image for larger version

Name:	Sil80 - Riverside - 01.jpg
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ID:	7274265Click image for larger version

Name:	[180sx] - park.jpg
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ID:	7274266 shocking chromies with shopping list always makes me chuckle thinking back to it all.
                            Originally posted by FatBoy
                            Trump v Clinton is like cheering for the clap or genital warts. Either way it's gonna be ugly....