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    Originally posted by psi999 View Post
    Yeah sell all that shit and just copy my setup. It's just about perfect in every way for a stocker engine.
    Whats your setup?
    I'm going mid/rear mount turbo on this.

    Looking for $1600 for the blower, injectors and rails, its absolutely perfect for a LS engine if you can make a manifold. Should cover fixing the turbo I had for this and get a oil pump.
    Plan is to probably make some sort of open box that will bolt in the back just behind the cabin, will contain the turbo, little sump and the oil scavenge pump.
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      Its been a while but things have been happening.
      Ute has been good, only thing to go wrong with it was the submersible fuel hose on the pump which disintegrated but there is nothing I could of done about that.

      Still planning to fit a turbo, mid mounted.
      Got rid of the factory ECU and idle speed control. Fitted a Link G4X Monsoon, engine runs fairly well. Needs a tune but drives pretty good on the Kiwi supplied base map.
      Managed to get a set of Toyota Tundra extractors for cheap off gumtree, plan is to fit those with the exhaust I have. Book a few hours on the dyno, get the NA tune sorted then add the boost.
      Going to use a BorgWanner 200SX, small but its free. Should come on good and tick the box. Run it through a W2A intercooler and run the piping up through the wheel well.


        So because life has gone to shit in every way, shape and form this is getting bumped up.

        Blew the dust off the turbo; The factory waste-gate actuator was 24psi which was unusable. Foamy here had a older Mamba adjustable actuator, machined up a new rod for the gate and got a 7psi spring for it.
        That all fits fine, the turbo is a bit of an oddball size wise. Its to suit a common rail 7L Deutz engine.
        Compressor is 54.61/78.61
        Turbine is 55.9 / 69

        Not a fucking clue how it will go but it looks like a size that would do the job
        No compressor maps available for this one.

        For the turbo oiling, went with a Marco pump. The Turbowerx ones get a mixture of good and terrible reviews and they are fucking expensive.
        The pump I have is a Marco UP3/Oil, tested it, its not overly loud and it seems to pump oil rather well. Looks well built. Plan is to have the turbo draining to a small sump with a breather and pumping the oil back to the engine sump.

        Foamy has gifted me a water to air intercooler, pump and heat exchanger. Going to run the heat exchanger under the tray somewhere, will have a fan and a temp switch on it. Should be fine.

        Fuel wise, have fitted a set of Toyota 7MGE injectors, 315cc units, 2500cc of fuel available. Its not a huge amount but they will do more than the clutch will handle. They should be good for 250-280rwkw.
        Fitted a Sard FPR off my 2JZ which has been in a box for years.

        Interesting part will be how I run the intake, found out Volvo Penta have a twin charged marine engine that runs a check valve in the intake.
        Essentially it allows you to run the engine NA off boost without having it breathing through several meters of piping and a turbo.
        Its a basic looking plastic housing with a flap and a rubber seal.
        Unfortunately,Volvo Penta parts are fucking expensive and probably on par with Ferarri parts. I called in a favor and bought the last one in the country, still wasn't cheap.

        From here, basically get it to where we can do the rest.
        Got all the piping and shit ready to go, its just welding and plumbing from here.
        Plan is to run it as is and see what happens, the LS400 headers on it will be a choke but they will be addressed if and when the clutch goes.
        I have some Tundra extractors that will fit and work nicely but its a motor out job to fit them (aka, when the clutch fails)

        That aside, its been a good thing.
        I killed the LSD in it, which, is unsurprising but I wasnt super thrilled with the 3.4 gears in it.
        Managed to get a 3.7 LSD center for it after a bit of effort and money, pretty rare diff unfortunately.
        Had to swap the flanges which turned into a cluster fuck, I bought a new crush tube, fitted it, did it up to the starting torque and the pinion was tight -
        Ended up making a solid pinion spacer on the lathe and facing it to size after fitting and removing the pinion two dozen times. Least it will never go bad, fuck those crush tubes.
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          Good to see progress on the turbo setup. That will be rather rapid.

          Saw this parked up at the shops a month or so ago, made me smile. Quite unassuming if you don’t know what’s going on out of sight.
          Originally posted by Rdyno
          It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


            I do drive it quite a bit; aside from that fucking bit of submersible fuel hose and a Chinese thermo fan (replaced with a Spal) its been dead reliable.

            Engine bay is finished, $110 worth of hose and some bits later.
            Now its just pipe work and some fabrication.


              Good rear mount turbo info is pretty sparse; Guessing most of them are done by workshops.
              Getting along, figured out where to mount the turbo, intercooler and heat exchanger. Not anticipating a large heat load so going to try running brake ducting to the cooler.
              The weight of the turbo is something to seriously consider, Foamy made the bracket, its good for about 5t. Welded it to the frame, will see how it goes.
              Running 6AN oil feed to the turbo from a 1/8 fitting from the engine, have a 1.5psi check valve to fit inline. Running 5/8 return hose for the oil from the turbo. Will have the turbo draining into a small sump with a breather.


                6AN feed? is that to account for pressure drop across that length of hose or something?
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                  What a stitch up. Had some 10mm plate here left from a random job, so proceeded to cut the required flanges for the turbo. Turns out it was fuckin Hardox, didn't realise until drill bits dying left right and centre

                  Next up is to mount the W2A cooler, then we can start plumbing everything up.


                    Originally posted by trdee View Post
                    6AN feed? is that to account for pressure drop across that length of hose or something?
                    Yeah, just to reduce pressure drop.
                    Turbo has what looks to be a 2mm hole going into the cartridge for the bearing so it shouldn't consume that much oil.


                      I'm watching your turbo oil feed setup with great interest. A friend has a badly underpowered ute and we're thinking of going the rear mount turbo route but lubrication is the one thing holding me back and like you I've struggled to find any good info online.


                        Its all cloak and dagger shit, all the cars that actually work well are done by workshops and they take their hard earned secrets to the grave.

                        The basics, as far as I can tell:

                        Run small diameter for engine size exhaust upto the turbo and run small for size charge piping; Your trying to maximize exhaust velocity and minimise the volume of the charge piping.
                        The oil system is best run off the engine and returning it back there, the biggest unknown of the equation is how to return the oil;

                        Really only a few options;
                        VDO Porsche gearbox pump
                        Turbowerx pump
                        Marco pump

                        The VDO and Turbowerx pumps seem a bit hit and miss and with the turbowerx, fucking raping expensive.
                        I went with the Marco UP3/Oil pump; Its another thing people kinda keep to themselves. Its actually rated to pump hot (rated for 120c) engine oil continuously, its not silent but its fairly quiet (I tested it, its quieter than a lot of fuel pumps), it has bronze helical gears and is well made.
                        You have to run some sort of sump with a breather off the turbo.
                        Large oil feed to the turbo to limit pressure drop and its recommended to run a check valve close to the turbo.

                        I'm running a diverter valve from a Volvo Penta engine, probably wont make much difference but the high RPM downshifts should be crisp and it should run better down low off boost.
                        As for the lag, whatever it might be with this turbo - Its irrelevant, its a 4L V8 in a alloy tray ute. It's never going to a turd off boost.
                        Intercooling will be W2A, will work fine, wont be on boost for long periods of time and if I go to a water cooled turbo its easily accommodated.
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                          Might give one of those oil pumps a go, I want to mount turbo at the base of the firewall in the rx7 if I can.


                            Turbo in this should be sweet but!
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                              Originally posted by Norbie View Post
                              I'm watching your turbo oil feed setup with great interest. A friend has a badly underpowered ute and we're thinking of going the rear mount turbo route but lubrication is the one thing holding me back and like you I've struggled to find any good info online.
                              Given that 930 turbos are mounted low and have a scavenger pump etc is it worth looking at their setup and emulating it?
                              Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
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                                Originally posted by clutch-monkey View Post

                                Given that 930 turbos are mounted low and have a scavenger pump etc is it worth looking at their setup and emulating it?
                                Porsche did the same thing as some Suburu WRX;
                                They run a mechanical scavenge pump off a camshaft

                                The Marco pump I have is nearly identical except the gears are helical and its 12v so its a sound idea to do it.
                                The TurboWrex EXA is also a helical gear pump, similar deal to the Marco (I dont think its as well made) but its fucking $650 which is a bit of a fucking scam tbh

                                Marco UP3/Oil
                                Its actually rated for what I want to use it for, the max CST of 350 is the only thing I'll exceed on a freezing cold morning but I'm sure the freezing cold motor wont overheat in the 30 seconds it takes for the oil to hit at-least 15c.
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