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    So i thought it was time i made a build thread on the project im working on.

    Old owners build thread (no pictures showing, Might need access to view)

    Not so much a a set goal car, just something all round fun, cool and a little different.
    Picked the X3 back in March 2014 from owner Sam

    First thing i did was bolt on chin spoiler and some flairs

    I then removed them and got over the whole scene kid STANCED bolt on flare look.

    During this time i started my project company Ciscokids (Cressida/X Chassis focused parts) bought a bunch of investment properties and shares and really gave up on car's.
    so of course the car's came to a halt. So this bring me to to 2015 and as apart of Ciscokids i bring over Tezuka for QR matsuri and meeting the QLD Guy's and the scene there really
    re-sparked my interest in car's again. So start sorting my Debt's and paying them off and then decided to propose to GF to find out this will put another year delay on me getting to play with car's

    When i got home i went to restore the car to get it back on the road and this happened.

    It took a year and a half to find a new rear windscreen. the goal was to then have the car for the wedding but delays at the painter meant i did not get the car back for 7 month's All inside boot painted, door jam's and behind doors painted in Toyota Black 202 the rest will be painted once i have fitted everything and welded up holes

    Changed my mind on the direction of the car and decided i wanted something presentable and something i would enjoy for the long haul do a bit of everything in. plus something the wife could drive.

    so plan's changed to

    IRS Swap
    Remove Power Steering box

    People that know a lot of my builds follow silly themes's so like my other car's this is going Black with Tan trim with a engine theme.
    The JZX81 i have is the same Colour combo but with a HKS engine, having always wanted a Trust/Greddy engine i went that route.

    So that is when this started

    the current parts list for this engine are below.

    EFI Hardware Billet ITB Set
    EFI Fuel rail
    ATI Balancer
    Leeson engineering Alternator swap kit
    Leeson 2JZ Bolt kit
    Tomei Procam's (256/262 combo i think)
    Greddy Timing belt
    Greddy Cam gear
    Greddy Oil Cap
    Greddy Pullykit
    Greddy Oil filter relocation
    Uniflow sock filters (yellow)

    Still need to get a couple more item's more so service item's and a Custom equal length exhaust manifold made

    Sold off my old Autronic SM4 and purchased a Emtron KV8

    Cross member swap.

    Out with the old

    I have modified a E7 Cross member to fit/work the reason i went this route was i already had AE86 coilovers in the car and wanted to keep the front end as simple as possible, with no power steering box i went with a FLO's quick rack

    to get this to work i had to trim it and make it shorter as well as re align the holes tried to use as much of the stock items as i could to make it look like a genuine item

    LCA lines up dead centre as per the old one, i might need to add MX62 arms for added length but i will have to wait until i get my brakes before i put the front end back in to test/trail
    Stranded internet chat, IRS is a bolt in swap no issues. Well as you can see A6/X7 IRS swap is about 660mm short each side

    Anyway fab work to get this fixed, i went with modding the sub frame vs the body to fit this and made a jig to suit. I want to try and use all the standard IRS points in the car Sub frame was put in place, bolted in flat then welded to the box steel so it would not move, then chopped i combined box steal inside the sub frame, and turned two sub frames into one by chopping one as a shell to cover the new box steal internals.

    I still need to move the trailing arm/IRS mount's back to the original position but awaiting camber adjustment mounts to be back in stock at raptor racing. had engineer go over it and he is happy to pass it.

    Now this car was never built for go fast/drifting so that is why i went this IRS, trying to keep it semi stock looking/feeling.

    Problems i have at the moment is handbrake cable mounting points are in the way of the cross member, so i need to move them to suit and work out what i will do in regards to cable's

    Parts i still need to buy
    RCA's 30mm ish
    Big brake kit
    Maybe swap bars
    New bushes all round
    some cool JDM wheels 14's maybe 13's rebarrled to 14's

    items i have and yet to fit

    TRD style drivers seat,
    Alpine speakers (old school JDM things)
    Old school Greddy gauges
    JDM Gauge Cluster (might mod the digital part of this gauge to have elite gauge fitted internally instead of garages.
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    wow this is awesome man!!! ITB 2J perfect!!
    Originally posted by The Property Guru
    don't haemophrodites generally have tiny wangs?
    Originally posted by oxy
    No, that's asians
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      Oh that's cool as fuck
      Originally posted by thebluerx7
      The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


        Originally posted by I'm DJ! View Post
        Oh that's cool as fuck
        Shit about the windscreen though

        Look forward to updates.
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          My eyes widened and my smile grew upon seeing the ITBs. Porn.
          Originally posted by Rdyno
          It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


            Yeah the plan was to never go ITB, was going to keep it just a nice neat 2JZ NA. but then these ITB's came up for sale at EFIHardware and the NOPIC's wanted to get me a birthday gift. so i put these on the list thinking not much of it, then she said if i put in she will get them so well from there everything snowballed and well it is now her fault the build has snowballed.
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              Cool project! Will sound awesome with a good set of headers.

              For a handbrake check out these guys. My mate has used them on a few hot rods he's built at his shop:



                Super cool!
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                  That's going to sound mint!
                  Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                  My Italian 510


                    Have been thinking something like this was a good idea since seeing this:

                    And this:

                    "Where can we get hold of a Vincent Black Shadow?" "Whats that?" "A fantastic bike," I said. "The new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds."


                      Originally posted by Marv View Post
                      Cool project! Will sound awesome with a good set of headers.

                      For a handbrake check out these guys. My mate has used them on a few hot rods he's built at his shop:

                      Will just use the stock handbrake, bit more eaiser to use for ass drag entry's then pushing a button.

                      As for header's so far looking at someone to fab these up for me, i worked out the sum's and i need close to 860mm length and that is 6 > 3 > 2 and 2 going the whole way back. unsure of size that will be.
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                        Originally posted by Gammaboy View Post
                        Have been thinking something like this was a good idea since seeing this:

                        And this:

                        Fredrik is a good guy a bit hard to get information out of though, he has done the same front end swap as myself but would not give any info in regards to issues he had, wanted me to ship parts there for him to work on and chip it back.

                        none the less i just hope the car handles ok, i went IRS rear end more for the wank factor of having a IRS X3 in Aust then performance and part of me regrets it now that it is not a bolt in swap like i was advised by many people.
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                          Mean as! Looking good so far!

                          You must have seen the green V12 1GZ-FE ITB Cressida that got built in NZ? Think he just sold it recently.

                          IRS swap will be worth it in the end


                            seen the V12 one and i do really like it, not only going for different route just guy in general is nice guy, helpful with sharing information. also herd is sold for decent coin.
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                              Yeah there was a very detailed build thread on the V12 conversion

                              Very cool car.

                              I had a wagon version of one of these years ago. Was good fun