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The "What the fuck am I doing" Kingswood

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    The "What the fuck am I doing" Kingswood

    I just don't fucking know anymore, you said no more, you have projects ffs... "Nothing but the VL" , you have a 26 van to get on the road for a cruiser, dead set wanker mate!

    Bought this, not sure why, maybe it's a mid life thing and I'm trying to re-live/redo my youth..... came up reasonably cheap (in todays market)

    Seems actually a solid base, honest kinda thing, rough though, fuck me dead....

    These pics are from the sellers ad, has some rust in usual places, tailgate is half rooted, floors seem solid, runs on 5 cyl, was painted with a beaver spray gun about 10 years ago, paint looks/feels like about 80grit sandpaper, it's super dark green, I hate Green, I hate Green cars... seems like a good idea right?

    Original 202, 3spd column shift manual, all the original hubcaps and mudflaps, so cool right? still dunno why I bought it or wtf I'm going to do with it, Lands here this arvo some time...

    That is fucking ugly. I like it!

    Used to have a HJ ute. Never could get used to the speedo design.


      I like spraying beaver.

      I think you might have a problem.
      Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

      My Italian 510



        This gun be good, cant wait to see what ends up under bonnet.

        If thats the original colour itll be Malachite which is actually a pretty fucking nice green/black.

        Originally posted by Guido View Post
        I like spraying beaver.
        1978 Gemini Sedan - Powered by i change my mind every week
        1980 Gemini Sedan
        1992 Land Rover Discovery 200TDI


          PF is all about making good life choices.


            Fuck yeah.

            Lower. Pinstripe. Cruise.

            Then add LS/Barra/whateverthenewengineeveryoneisdoing

            VC Valiant


              Clean it up> sell for profit> Spend it on one of the cars you love more


                i vote skompa. cummins diesel, flapper exhaust, and multi coloured.
                I'M NOT A HOOKER BUT 20 BUCKS IS 20 BUCKS...

                I am junkie for swedish high quality shitboxes. my latest fix is this...

                robslothyoung - follow me on insta.


                  Looks sketchy just add crazy Barra or turbo'd big block chev.
                  an easy fix is get a mate to drive in front of you at 60 then 80 then 100 and mark in on your speedo with some liquid paper.


                    Nah, Think I'll keep it a stocker, lower it and send it, paints farked, cruise it for a while, over doing conversions and shit,

                    I was looking at Toyota 1FZ motors before, might be cool, small turbo like gt42 or so....

                    It arrived, much more Green than I thought, although look black in the shadows through my phoneography

                    Paints rooted...

                    Rust isn't overly fucked, seems pretty decent really, I thought bottoms of doors, 1/4's etc would be gone but they are solid, this is the bad parts, drivers floor pan is good, passenger floor has a spot, rest is not bad in bottoms of guards and rear 1/4's, tailgate is fucked on the inside,

                    Broken tail light even came with a replacement!

                    Extractors, Cain manifold and a Webber carby, pretty serious kind of mods going on, intimidating... power will be off chops once its on all 6 cylinders again....





                        nice stripped triple core house wiring and an asbestos heat sheild

                        nice one bloke, i always enjoy a good kingy project on here


                          I'd love to have the space for something like this to cruise in.


                            Bus turbo + iron 6L LS pls and tenk youse


                              Worst car I ever owned was a hx wagon. I dumped it on its guts and put my old 4.3 stroker V6 in. Spent more time on a tow truck than on the road. Cunt was full of rust and bog and even more rust. Wiring was full of smoke. Flexplate worked loose abouta5 times. Sold it to a P player who fucked it the first day, then tried to sue me. Work of the devil

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                              Originally posted by 50RTD
                              Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?