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01 Pearl IS300 2JZ-GTE you get the idea

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    I'm a big fan of the black look. That's looking great!


      Loving the OCD'ness of this mate.
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        Updates please?


          Not much has happened. Work got super busy with a big controversial mine, life got busy with pregnant nopics, buying and moving house (thanks Morgs)

          I have started collecting tools and materials for wiring, can do a short update on that when I take some photos. Seriously considering getting the Nexus R5.

          When we left with the Lexus to the new home, a suicidal wallaby thought it would be a good time to say goodbye to this cruel world.

          I've yet to asses the damage...
          The Slowly IS300


            The good news is that the damage from the wallaby is minimal!

            Other than the bumper and washer cap which you can see above, the actual washer itself broke leaving it a bit floppy;

            Floppy washer

            And the headlight support bracket thing is a bit bent (you’ll have to take my word for it);

            Bent headlight support

            The bad news is that the car had front end damage at some point in its life, and the repairs that are not visible from the outside is a bit meh… Other than missing/broken/wrong clips, nuts and bolts everywhere and a couple stripped threads, the hood latch support is a bit mangled;

            Broked latch support

            The crash bar brackets, headlight brackets and a few other brackets on both sides have been adjusted with hammers and such;

            crusty bracket
            Another crusty bracket

            And then I figured out why my radiator fluid slowly disappeared…

            Leaky rad
            All the leaks

            The leak was slow enough, and I drove the car infrequent enough that the foam on the plastic underpan would absorb all the water and not leave any drips or marks anywhere.

            At this stage I ordered a whole bunch of parts from Partsouq, Amayama and Golebey’s Parts to fix everything.
            The Slowly IS300


              Goleby’s ordered the Mishimoto (MMRAD-IS300-01) radiator for me, and it took a few weeks to come from the states.

              With the old radiator out, you can see it took a hit at some point, probably with the other stuff above, which lead it its eventual death;

              Bent rad

              I was asked to check if it fits in the IS300 (we know it does, it’s not the first one here), and well, it does, but… “no cutting or modification is required” flirts with that “bolt on” stigma of aftermarket parts. Here was my feedback.
              1. The fan shroud has to be trimmed around the lower hose outlet for two reasons;
                • The shroud hits the outlet pipe preventing the mounting bolts to line up.
                • The outlet hose is shorter than OEM, which requires the hose and clamp to sit closer to the radiator requiring further clearance around the shroud.
              2. The temp sensor seals with an O-ring on the OEM radiator, however it requires some thread tape or sealant to seal on the Mishimoto radiator. The O-ring included with the cap for that hole is too large to seal between the sensor and rad.
              3. The top mounting brackets need to be adjusted (bent) down to meet and hold the radiator. The height of the Mishimoto radiator (from lower to top mounts) is a bit shorter than OEM by about 10mm. Easily fixed with a wack in the vise.
              4. Top radiator hose needs to be trimmed a bit shorter to allow for the thicker radiator, otherwise it pushes the radiator too far forward into the support bar. Easy.
              5. The gearbox cooling lines on our IS300's go to a heat exchanger on the block, not through the radiator. So auto/manual does not matter unlike in the states. Win.

              All in all, it’s a great piece of kit and really took no time to install, and no more leaks!

              The Slowly IS300


                Updates delivered! - nice one mate, I know that feel of removing the front bar and going hmmm this was in a hit, albeit small but still (seller cunt fooled me, farkin) - but wouldn't lose sleep over it and glad to see the roo damage wasn't too serious.

                More please!


                  More updates! Although not so exciting, just yet.

                  With the new radiator in and the car ’drivable’ it got a wash and I marked up all the little things I wanted to get fixed alongside the bumper repair. The majority of the repairs other than the bumper will be a PDR (paintless dent repair) job.

                  My Partsouq order with all the nuts, bolts, clips and screws came within a week, my Amayama order with the brackets and washer cover took just over two months to get here...

                  With the new parts in, the bumper went on with some zip ties and off to the painter! After wasting my time with a number of other shops, I ended up going with Un-Dint-It. Mark was super awesome to deal with and did an amazing job. They obviously do PDR but also bumpers and other small repairs and touch ups. I literally can’t tell where most of the dents around the car was, and the ones I can tell was because it had a paint chip which was filled but the panels are 100% straight.

                  I got the car back last Friday and slapped most of the parts back on that afternoon except for the bumper accessories as I was planning on doing a covid run on the next morning (NSW border cross). Keep in mind that I haven’t driven the car since we moved and hit the wallaby. Everything went well, got back into QLD, and 500m before our exit the car started misfiring, dash lights yelling at me. I pulled over and car stalled. Wtf. Started it back up and idles fine, managed to limp it to mates house not far from there at a max speed of about 60kph.

                  As it turns out, the wallaby was not the only going away present from the old place. The rats in the shed made this contribution;

                  It was holding on by 3 or 4 strands of copper. How the car even ran is beyond me. Thankfully an easy fix with some twist and tape action just to get me home. Intake has to come off to fix wiring properly, replace that one coil lead and clean out all the rat shit and chewed up rubber and insulation... thankfully the damage looks localised to this area.

                  Bumper is all back together looking mint. If weather permits, I will take some outside photos of the car this weekend. With the front bumper on lol.

                  The Slowly IS300


                    Fucken rats!!

                    Rest of it looks tops though.


                      The next piece of the puzzle arrived today, a box filled with ALL of the gears!

                      After much deliberation, I settled on the ZF 8HP. The other options were a BMW 7 speed DCT or a built A340. In reality the A340 fell of the list when the 8HP or DCT came on. The BMW boxes are modern fast shifting units that hold significant power/torque in stock form.

                      I chose the 8HP over the DCT for a few reasons, it holds more torque than the DCT with stock clutches, its cheaper and a bit more common than the DCT and apparently cheaper to build/rebuild. The 8HP is a bit more suited to my overall goal for the car which is a bit of roll racing, drag racing, powercruise etc. and just cruising. If the car were more circuit or drift orientated, I would use a DCT. Furthermore, it has 1 more gear than the DCT and more is better right? It shifts almost as quick as the DCT, it doesn’t have to shift sequentially, and it locks the TC most of the time for better fuel efficiency and I assume a bit more responsive driveline.

                      Both the 8HP and the DCT get their TCU unceremoniously ripped out and an aftermarket ‘GCU’ from HTG gets wired in for full control over every aspect of the gearbox.

                      The box I got is an 8HP70 from a 2011 BMW 535D with the I6 N57 diesel engine. The 70 refers to the torque rating, which is 700Nm (stock TCU and pressures)

                      Couple of pics comparing it to the A340. Its got some girth to it. The 8HP is a bit shorter, 665mm vs 700mm, and sits a bit higher (measuring output shaft height) 180mm vs 155mm. The adapter plate will take up the difference in overall length I suspect.

                      The adapter kit will be a few weeks away, but some more goodies should be here soon.

                      Gear ratios for the gearboxes for those that are interested;

                      ZF 8HP DCT A650 A340
                      1st 4.7143 1st 4.806 1st 3.357 1st 2.804
                      2nd 3.1429 2nd 2.593 2nd 2.18 2nd 1.531
                      3rd 2.1064 3rd 1.701 3rd 1.424 3rd 1
                      4th 1.6667 4th 1.277 4th 1 4th 0.705
                      5th 1.2847 5th 1 5th 0.753
                      6th 1 6th 0.844
                      7th 0.8392 7th 0.671
                      8th 0.6667
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                      The Slowly IS300


                        Gee you have some seriously short 1st and 2nd gears in that 8hp, what diff ratio are you going to use? How will you go matching the converter to the JZ engine?


                          IS300 has 3.91 final drive ratio if I'm not mistaken, I will use that for now and see how it goes. First will be great to creep around slowly in traffic? Not opposed to changing that if required, and while I'm there put some sort of LSD in there too.

                          With my rear tire size of 255/35/18, final drive of 3.91 and shifting at 7k RPM I get the following speeds;

                          The 535D has a tire size of 245/45/18, final drive ratio of 2.65 and 4600 RPM redline. With those values I get very similar speeds.

                          Regarding the converter, there are a few adapter kits on the market. The PMC Motorsports kit uses the stock 2JZ flexplate with a ring adapter to match the 8HP converter. I'm going with the Garage Whifbitz (not listed on their website yet) kit which replaces the 2JZ flexplate with a flywheel (the 8HP converter has a sort of flex plate built into by the looks of it).

                          The Slowly IS300


                            Good shit, interested how it goes. I chose the darker path lol


                              It would be interesting to see how thy compare at roll racing. You definitely have the more fap worthy box
                              The Slowly IS300


                                Very nice man! PDR looks good too - please share who you used?

                                Also, let's get some ceramic coating on this!?