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    Dirty e30

    Yesterday, I forgot to take my belt off at Sacramento international airport, and after the body scan, I had this big burly security guard feel me up... And I stood there thinking.... The things you do in the pursuit of cars...

    The afternoon before, I am checking out this car I had put a deposit on. I had flown down from Vancouver BC to Sacramento, and had just discovered the engine is seized. I was under the car going wtf am I doing.

    The seller had just parked the car 5 year ago as it had an oil leak.

    We both didn't know the engine was seized. #1 spark plug was rusty. So I punched a hole in a can of wd40, poured it down the spark plug hole and said let's go have a beer.

    Over a beer, we decided to not make any decisions till the next morning. He helped me find a hotel, and we had dinner and few beers, and he came down from the agreed price due to the discovery.

    The next morning, we tried to turn it over. As I clicked the key to start, it just went thunk like it did the day before. But he said he saw the crank pulley move just a millimetre. So as he flicked the key on the starter, I got on the alternator pulley and it moved.

    So it unseized. I built up oil pressure, and eventually after some fiddling we got it running.

    In the end I bought the car. The engine still needs rebuilding, the head gasket is blown, and the whole car needs alot of work.

    But I'm stoked. This is the one. The seller, he has owned it since new in 1988. 230000 miles he drove it. Kept every part he swapped out. Still has the books, and the dealer window sticker. 30 years later...

    No rust, no accidents, clean title Cali car it's whole life. Sun damaged in places, but no rot. I'm keeping this one.

    My wife thinks I'm crazy.

    Lachsilber 1988 M3.

    Gotta get it towed up to Canada.
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      Hell Yeah !! That's the one.

      Fantastic score
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        Jexus. Fuck yesh

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          Nice. Looks like it's got the whole mid/late 1990s classy Euro thing going on with the Hella taillights, Dinan plate frame and are they BBS CH wheels?

          Oh and lol at the opening paragraph of the thread.


            Originally posted by da9jeff View Post

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            This made me laugh


              Nice one


                Thanks guys this is a dream car for me. I had one in Australia for like 10 seconds after spending a year converting it to rhd and then the wife says we are moving to Canada. Had to sell it. Been looking ever since, while the prices were going mental. I can't afford 30-40-50k US for an m3, I've never spent that kind of coin on a car.

                This one is entry level to the m3 crowd, and is a project that needs a good going through. At least I have a fresh motor. Then there's the windscreen, tires, suspension, interior.... By the end it will have cost me 40-50k us to bring back if you include my s14, but I will be paying my way in in stages. And then it still needs paint. Oh well... I'm not selling so doesn't matter.


                  Originally posted by irsa76 View Post
                  Nice. Looks like it's got the whole mid/late 1990s classy Euro thing going on with the Hella taillights, Dinan plate frame and are they BBS CH wheels?

                  Oh and lol at the opening paragraph of the thread.
                  Yeah it has bbs ch and startec taillights. Those tail lights are worth decent coin now. He has the original tail lights in good condition so I will prob swap them out and sell the startecs. But yeah I kinda like the 90s pre fast and furious look it has going.


                    Asking $600 for one side....


                      This will be going in asap

                      Click image for larger version

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                        fuck yeah. Nice one.
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                          California to Canada is going to cost a bomb??? May be cheaper to ship your engine down and then drive it back home????


                            Well I have a spare head.. I could fly down with that, replace the head and drive back... But I think towing will be better. Had one quote for $700 us to Seattle. That's not too bad.


                              Long time no post. What a mission to get this thing home to Canada. Note to self, never buy a USA car again without viewing the title up front.
                              Took the seller almost 2 months to find title. For a bit, he had the car, my money, and the paperwork. I had nothing. Was a uncomfortable feeling.

                              Anyways, got the title and car in Jan.

                              I was just gonna pull the broken 2.3 s14 and fit my shiny new 2.5 s14, but I couldn't resist pulling the 2.3 apart to find out the damage. Found a severely burnt out exhaust valve in #2 cylinder, and corroded head leaking coolant into #1 cylinder. So I rebuilt the head, popped out cyl 1 piston, honed the bore, and fitted new rings and bearings to # 1 only.
                              Head back on now and not far off getting the 2.3 running. Why I just didn't fit the new 2.5 I don't know...