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    Reverse and safety neutral you have to complete the loop.

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    Originally posted by 50RTD
    Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?


      So I haven't really had much of a chance or time to slip underneath. It's been too hot and doing the smaller things inside has been easier. Or going over to elkins and working on the coupe.

      So I guess this would be irrelevant post number 137...

      Couple of things to finish on the interior. It's taking forever and it's not even that fancy. Just all the little shit no one cares about.
      I need tunes and really want to be able to have my bluetooth working but I still want to retain the factory head unit. Seems retarded but I do what I want.

      So we went through 34785624ty possibilities and endless over the top expensive options. There are some cool options but fuck just over the top expensive...
      So the options were limited and I decided to buy a aftermarket unit from autobarns.
      The woman tends to load up the glove box with shit so I didn't want to put it in there centre console never has anything useful.
      So I yolo'd a headunit and figured we'd make it fit.
      Of course it wasn't even fucking remotely close to fitting. Like massively over too big.

      Oh well.

      So over a few beers my mate says, give it to me I'll make it fit. I give him my ideas and options and he takes it away.
      This thing came back fucking sweet!
      We've got a few things to finalise with it but it's all sweet now. Only down side is the vents in console are just for show now. I don't think I've ever been in a VN-VS where they've been fantastic anyway.

      I got that all in and bought two 6 inch speakers for the rear shelf. Wired them all up for and off it went.
      Sorta... Slight mishap with the front wires but all fixed.

      Click image for larger version

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      I've gotta tidy up the wiring where the loom pops out but that's a later job. Nothing is completed till that plate goes over the shifter to be completed anyway.

      I am now chasing the factory speaker frames or casings whatever you want to call them for the rear. The sony ones do the job but look a little tacky.

      Onto the shifter drama. Matt and Willsy came down and up and we spent a day on it.

      So the good news is we think we've got the switches working the way it should.
      The most frustrating part is there seems to be an extra click between Park and Reverse...
      So we've got two reverses now after finding out that for some retarded reason I'd set the shifter back to 3 speed? I dunno what I was thinking. Will play with it some more then try and get it Park Park Reverse Netural D 321.

      After that's worked setup the dakota digital box and one of them build ninja light up things.
      Another thing I am after is a factory VN shift pattern plastic.

      Get that wired up and should all be legal.

      We didn't get to the brakes so will starting them this week. I need to buy rear rotors and pads and they'll all be sweet.
      I think this time next month it'll be ready for a road worthy.
      1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


        Oh and thanks guys for the help with the shifter so far.
        1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


          Started on the fronts tonight then took the dog for a walk.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	145954218_257117075818609_715014958251309534_n.jpg
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          Probably a good idea to get the done and dusted tbh. Pads are low and there wouldn't be much left in it.
          So I've gotten the calipers off and the rotors are just sitting there. I need to give them a whack to smack them off.

          So you can see there the hubs are ready to go but I should do the wheel bearings.
          Here's my first question. VT or VN bearings? My searchings seem to indicate VT bearings but there's so much conflicting info on the internetz I fucking don't if I am up or down.

          The next question and I double checked what Faux Forg wrote before. I've got his old booster and master cylinder.
          I am right to completely swap that out for the standard one with no modifications? From his post that should be the case?

          Next question. The internet suggest hub rings? Do I really need them?

          Help ob wan PF. You're my only hope.

          1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


            Use hub rings if you need to. It won't be a nice ride without them.


              Use VN style bearings. VT are a sealed unit hub assembly and won't even look like fitting.
              The booster/master I sold you ought to fit straight on in place of your old one. It came off my VS, and AFAIK the VN and VS firewall and pedals are the same. It's a VT/VZ booster with modified brackets to suit earlier cars.
              Whether or not to use hub rings depends on your hubs; VT hubs have a step up in diameter where the disks rest while earlier hubs don't. Your conversion hubs could be either type. Easiest way to tell would be to put the disks on the hubs and see how they fit - they should be snug on the center of the hub. There were hub-to-disk rings in the kit that fit between the disk and the hub, but not the wheel and the hub.
              Wheel-to-hub spacers may be required depending on your choice of wheels, but that's another story...
              Originally posted by Marlin
              Chickens will slip under water in the cover of darkness like a seal team and FUCK YOU UP.


                vb-vp,kingies & torries supposedly all run same front wheel bearings.

                If booster bracket was for vs it will fit vb to vs....only thing need to really check is brake lines some models double flared others single flared hence adaptors or not although will look better without adaptors.

                Hub rings depend on wheels used afaik.
                an easy fix is get a mate to drive in front of you at 60 then 80 then 100 and mark in on your speedo with some liquid paper.