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    Originally posted by Rdyno
    It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


      Brad did say it was a two person job and is happy to help. So I might take him up on that.
      1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon



        I need to fix some cracks in the front apron on the 300C so I was checking out some ways of repairing plastic panels on youtube.
        Might be an option if your are cracked or broken?

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          There's a fella in Brisbane does a I dunno what you'd call it reproduction front bar for $300 delivered.
          The front lip is white so I'll just get the whole lot painted at the same time.

          I didn't completely fuck it but for the fucking around I might just throw it in the bin and start new.
          1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


            Well after a however many month hiatus with this I decided after Summernats it was time to do something with it.

            My wifes been pretty sick in between so that's been the priority. All the cars got shunted and did basically fuck with them.
            The good news is shes on the mend now and rust free!

            In that time I’ve done little bits but nothing to drastic. I have accumulated bits for it which is something.
            Managed to sort out the lower body kit which it half had. Now I’ve got a full Atlas kit which I’d like to fit at some stage.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	received_2323749964536872.png Views:	0 Size:	526.8 KB ID:	7112821

            I had my autoelec come over and do all the wiring for the SV Dash. Man I was stoked when that turned on. Seems dumb but little things here and there keep it relevant lol.
            It’s got no LCD bleed or anything! It reads 280XXX ks which is a bit of a bummer. Dash fella can sort that out but I cbf wasting money on it.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Snapchat-1862320564.jpg Views:	0 Size:	121.2 KB ID:	7112820Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20191014_194055_965.jpg Views:	0 Size:	98.0 KB ID:	7112819

            I started pulling the interior to pieces to get the factory radio in and eventually rip the carpet out. I tell you what. I forgot how gross 30 year old carpet is. More so it’s just got all sorts of yuk on it. Pulling the centre console out had like $3 in change, a couple of crimp terminals and some grime.
            I’m like yeah nah fuck all this off. So that’ll all go in the bin and new carpet thrown down, I’ve just got to go and buy some then I can do the rest of the interior.
            I want to get the factory stereo working as well but have some sort of blue tooth player or something that runs parallel to it. Seems retarded but would be cool if the factory radio worked rather than it just sitting there for aesthetics? I need to get a plug for it to start with. They’ve chopped the stereo out and the wires a bit of a mess. Then I can go full 90s VN and chuck some ridic stereo in it bro so all the chicks can hear my hectic beats.

            Anyway after the front bar fell off I’ve been sorta searching for one. Rarespares have started doing VN stuff so I got a bar for from them for $100 over Summernats (they had a special on).
            I don’t know if it’s worth getting it painted or wrapped. I thought maybe wrapping it might be the go until I get the whole thing actually painted.
            Just save on doubling up or having the car look good and the bar look dated? I dunno.

            With all that said no real progress happened. I did start pulling things apart to start replacing everything. A mate of my came over to help pull it out but in the process we discovered this thing (connects the column intermediate shaft to the rack) was fucked...

            Click image for larger version  Name:	received_2398955873711403.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	65.3 KB ID:	7112824
            No where in the country stocks them. There's no longer a part number and Holden took me no where.
            I asked on some random VN faceeook page and this dudes like yeah I got heaps of them $50 and I'll mail it to you.

            Anyway I think the guys got sick of me whinging because everyone rolled over (Jim Rowdy Elkin Matt Dennis Aaron Paul and even Marco came to inspect) on Saturday in typical PF fashion talked shit did not much but eventually Jim and I got the rack and power steering done and we didn’t even get hassled by howznats!
            I’ve got one o ring to buy and plumb the pump in and bleed it all up or whatever you do for these things.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20191011-122013_Gallery.jpg Views:	0 Size:	110.1 KB ID:	7112822Click image for larger version  Name:	85074396_226414685067627_2062794593799241728_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	223.6 KB ID:	7112823

            Fuck yeah! Seems lame to get excited but this means it's basically a few things short of rego.

            First thing will be the brake upgrade. The pads on the thing currently are done.
            Chuck all the bits and pieces on it and done. I don’t really think it needs much other than that. Maybe rear shocks cause the superlows fall out at full droop…

            I’ll update the coolant hoses on the thing while I am at it. They look like they’re the ones from the factory, so new ones are in order.
            I need to find a V8 fan shroud as well. I’ll retro fit the HSV intake thingo and actually piss off the fan for some AU thermos or something.
            Get a wheel alignment done and some new tyres for the 15s or something. I still haven’t gotten the 19s painted. I’ll probably just do that and put them on. I don’t particularly love the 15s… Inner effniickk pulls towards big wheels.

            I went up home and dug the Statemans interior outta the shed yesterday so I can get a start on the insides.
            It pissed rain and there's a Monaro in the way so I'll get it another time. I've got some plans for the interior anyway.

            Then we can Insert 304wheezeandskidnoisehere :D

            Aim is to have this at the 22nd Aug skid pan for shenanigans then ACT Holden Day. Basically on a solo salary at the moment with Amy’s pay fucked up so it’ll take some time but should pay off.
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            1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


              Seeing as PF went off about my latest update I did some more stuff...

              So weirdly after weeks of extreme heat, fires and other weather related crazy it's been raining all week. It eased off last night and I plumbed up the last line in the powersteering pump so it's all ready to be bled (I couldn't fluid...) and assembled the front bar.

              I've gotta go up to my parents and find the drives side mount point for the car. Seems its missing...

              I still dummy fitted it up with the letterbox grill which i need to find the screws for it now as well lol.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	image_112676.jpg Views:	3 Size:	495.8 KB ID:	7113383

              Also on the hunt for a drivers side electric mirror. Mines a bit busted

              I plan on doing everything else this evening and putting it back on the ground. Fingers crossed over the weekend it actually moves out of the carport or at least starts! It's been a while.
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              1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                Good news about car progress and even better news about Nopics :-)

                I think I've got a VP electric mirror somewhere. Are they the same?
                Originally posted by Marlin
                Chickens will slip under water in the cover of darkness like a seal team and FUCK YOU UP.


                  Yeah thanks. She has her ups and downs, Sometimes she's sometimes she's not but definitely in the right direction

                  I wouldn't think they're different? Jim accidentally snapped it off getting up on the weekend. It's just cracked the locking things in the inside of the base plate. I'd say it was just about ready to come off cause it didn't take much.
                  1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                    Sorry mate I suffer hereditary oafism

                    just fill the screw holes with araldite. It’ll last another 30 years.
                    Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons

                    Originally posted by seedyrom
                    my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn


                      I wasn't angry at all :D.

                      Yeah that's what I was thinking. It'll probably blow off anyway when doing the mach 1 speed it's capable of. /i
                      1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                        I fitted vs v6 thermofan on my vp...looks neater also handles the fucked up Sydney traffic & heat with ease.

                        Just a standard plastic tank vs series 3 radiator with 2nd hand vs v6 thermofan with big chunk vs harness so it was easier to wire up.

                        Had au fans + vs radiator on lc torrie...rather fg single for neatness if vs v6 fan couldn't handle it.
                        an easy fix is get a mate to drive in front of you at 60 then 80 then 100 and mark in on your speedo with some liquid paper.



                          Do it cunt!

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                            Originally posted by gtrboyy View Post
                            I fitted vs v6 thermofan on my vp...looks neater also handles the fucked up Sydney traffic & heat with ease.

                            Just a standard plastic tank vs series 3 radiator with 2nd hand vs v6 thermofan with big chunk vs harness so it was easier to wire up.

                            Had au fans + vs radiator on lc torrie...rather fg single for neatness if vs v6 fan couldn't handle it.
                            Oh yeah? I might have a look into that. I haven't done much looking for fans anyway. Yeah thinking about it. One large single would keep it way neater. I'll investigate.

                            Originally posted by ChrisS View Post
                            lol. I'll need cam plus all the machining work crank heads done something for the intake. I honestly dunno if It's worth it. Unless all the other bits landed in my lap for not much/almost free I'll leave it standardish till it blows up.

                            And even then I have a Barra sitting around doing nothing

                            Edit. No progress on it either. I bought fluid and stuff to get it going on the weekend but need a hand to get the bonnet open and I've lost my jerry can cap! Fffffffffucks sake. I did pull some more of the interior to bits and started to retro fit a CD player Jim gave me. It's a bluetooth unit so I'm hoping to wire it in the centre console so the factory one can sit in place but I can still have good tunes :D

                            Any recommendations on carpet as well? I'm. Pretty keen on moving the thing outta the carport this week and pulling it all out.
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                            1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                              Meaningless Corona Virus update.
                              With Geminats Canned I've stop wasting my life in the garage wiring up shit in the Gemini so I transitioned out to work on the double S.
                              After seeing mad_cows Rx7 interior update I've started on mine.

                              I pulled it some what half to pieces a while back and left it. Now everythings out bar the dash and front seats (cause I like to sit while working)

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	92236031_827186644468901_5454678276318429184_n.jpg
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Size:	275.1 KB
ID:	7131218

                              So ages back I've mentioned I got a factory radio to throw in it so messing around with ideas with that. I need the fucking loom plug but. Seems easy enough to get but I can't be fucked waiting for it to get here... Anyway.
                              This things had a sick m8 sick stezza in it at some stage in it's life. I've chopped some 'interesting' wiring out thrown that in the bin. I'm left with what would be just the normal wires to speakers and what I think is an AMP trigger wire.
                              I'm trying to work out a way to run a independant bluetooth module some how. Aarons sent me some cool options so we will play with that.

                              I just want to listen to my Taylor Swift playlist with max bass people. Pout.

                              I'm tempted to recover the centre console as well. Bit like the VR/VS Senators and GTS'. It's a bit mangy under neath so what ever that'll get tidied up with a new handbrake boot. Has probable aids on it.

                              Man. The more I dig the worse things get on this poor thing. The bit where the shifter sits next to that tells you if you're in R for Race or D for Drift has been sticky taped in it... I naturally assumed this isn't a standard thing... There's a nice young fella wrecking a base model VN so I might see if I can pinch the things outta it. They've snapped at some stage to. Then I can put the drop box and ratchet shifter (why the fuck you moron would you want that in there. Well I think they're cool and it's my fucking car hey).

                              Once that's done new carpet can go in. Which I'll order after Easter. (If you know a good place to get carpet from let me know) Prefer plush cause I am a fancy bogan cunt.

                              I need to try and find the wiring for the horn as well as it doesn't seem to exist.

                              Anyway after all that nothingness I decided the thing needed to fire. Had a long deep and meaningful with it. Put some new fuel in it. And the cunt fired straight up.
                              These things have some hectic induction noises without the filter on as well! Daaayyuummm

                              So yeah it works again. Power steering seems to be working normally although I haven't put it on the ground and stuff. I think it's bled up nicely?

                              The car cover blew off in a storm a while back so it's covered in the filth still. I gave a few things in the engine bay a quick wipe while thinking about ideas.

                              I'm tempted to get these covers sand blastered and coated. Just gotta work out what colour. The shitty red paint is flaking off the bananas as well so I might get a stiff bristle brush and fuck it all off. Or a victor jnr manifold and things to go with it :D

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	92667327_538407043758331_8156339080620146688_n.jpg
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ID:	7131219

                              I think they're the right way around now StupidFlanders ?

                              G'd up a bar mount as well so I'll get that on. Then get the front bar and lower skirt wrapped up as well.
                              I need to steal some Commodore wheels with not fucked tyres on it and slap them on. Bit of transfluid in it and it should be right for rego.

                              When I mean rego I mean skids lol

                              That's all for now.

                              Thank you kindly for reading my meaningless update.
                              1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                                I still really want one of these. Waiting for beer virus to affect values and maybe pick up a tidy example...

                                Keep making with the updates !
                                The older i get, the better i was...