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    Or if that doesn’t end up working, stick that in the dash and hide a modern head unit elsewhere?


      I think very early series 1 cars didn't need pin number but everything else after did...need vin number off car the radio came with or a hacker to crack it.

      Might be able to try 1111 to put in test mode to see if it works temporarily.

      Got one here with a vin number but never bothered to wire it up or test it in vp ute.

      ps If do underlay etc probably worth doing front half of cabin as floor gets hot from extractors/exhaust.
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      an easy fix is get a mate to drive in front of you at 60 then 80 then 100 and mark in on your speedo with some liquid paper.


        This was basically the plan. And from memory it's only the up spec ones that need a code. My mums VQ used to throw this up once or twice a year then jam the CD stacker.
        Between that and cracking the back boot valance thingy they were the most common things to go in it.

        I went onto the 5L page and got nowhere other than a recommendation to put it in the freezer than try my own code. A mate suggested this was dumb so left it for the evening.

        Messing around with it in the day time (earlier) I've discovered that the accessory wire is dead. No power no nothing. Amazing what I can achieve with a test light!

        Bit of tracing and some other stuff later.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	6.jpg
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        I ghetto'd the wiring up to test it all. I've wasted enough gas and solder. There's a shit connect on the constant power as well so I'll rewire all that.. Again...

        The cool thing is once that's all done I'll mount it for hopefully the last time and rig it up. I'm going to run this on the two baby speakers i found in it. I'll leave the new ones for a bluetooth unit in the glovebox/centre console. It'll have all fresh wires for that so there shouldn't be a big issue.
        I can use the factory head unit for the radio.

        Reading the manual the MC6615 (which this is) and the MC6630 which is the one the SS and up come with have a fader and bass level. I thought it was just the fader adjust.
        1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


          Can you get the code from Holden?
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            Originally posted by itsnotagsr View Post
            Can you get the code from Holden?
            i don't need to bro. It works!
            1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


              Useless update #111

              Nothing extravagant has actually happened in the last few months. I've been busy with work shit so I haven't been able to do 1 hour of something on it a day.

              So far thing you'll never fucking notice are fixed/done.
              So the 6615 radio is all wired up working. This was especially excellent cause it had some earthing problems or something. It'd work then you would bump it and it'd turn off...
              Turns out for some reason or rather they'd put some rado wire on the main power wire then soldered it for about a second. It literally just slipped off, so with that fully rewired the entire stereo circuit.

              Csh buuuttt rewiring the whole thing it works and what was even more exciting is that now the aerial actually functions and goes up and down when the stereo turns on. Even more exciting ("fuck you're a lame cunt man excited by the radio aerial working. Really?" Hey shut the fuck up) is that the buttons on the dash to go up and down now work as well!
              I've got a video but because the windscreen is filth you can't see it. Dumb but little wins.

              The next part is similar but probably lame but eh. I searched in heaps of places to have a bluetooth stereo to work with the old stereo. Found a guy online that converts them but no answer. Nothing other else other than FM transmitters and some box thing for too much money and so on.

              Fuck it. I've gone full autosalon and it's now got TWO stereos in it. The idea was simple. I want to retain the factory looking (factory SS is 6630 and I've got a 6615 probably mentioned before) but still have my music playing so I can look like a hectic cunt doing fat laps.
              Couldn't get the bluetooth as mentioned so now it runs two.

              Everything works perfectly. The factory unit plays the radio and the new one does the rest. This will sit in the centre console under the lid so should be snug in there. I've wired up the whole stereo so it's just a case of connecting all the speakers amps and the subs to test it all out.

              Having the lower dash shit out as well gave me a prime opportunity to start wiring up the gauges. I haven't gotten all them yet but have created neat little looms for them all.
              Run wires out to where the senders will sit for water temp, oil press etc.

              "Cool mate no one cares about your looms and wiring"
              I'm not good with wiring any thing tbh. So this is pretty neat for me. I've even discovered heat shrink!
              I got a gauge holder thing from bigredauto which are just a 3D printing type place that do these sorta things.

              I'll paint it up neat and should be sweet (gauges just there for reference)
              Click image for larger version  Name:	104226380_270852900638323_6633436114338809679_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	349.8 KB ID:	7156299
              Click image for larger version  Name:	104748776_2789040121323741_1113004730150706572_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	801.4 KB ID:	7156302
              Click image for larger version  Name:	104492534_2715441002025284_232620863410913401_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	871.3 KB ID:	7156303

              So now that all that's essentially money dependant to finish I've pulled up the old SS interior. Finally.

              I haven't found anything too hectic or gross. Couple of new hair ties 60 cents somehow melted into the old sound deadening and some more heckers audio cable which has been munted and chopped, for what reason is anyones guess...

              The drivers seat is still there but ready to be removed same with the carpet. It got dark last night so I left it for another day.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	105576742_263726338408082_7701610068341126176_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	384.0 KB ID:	7156304
              Click image for larger version  Name:	105702683_2723640987868204_3418926237848139315_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	921.2 KB ID:	7156305

              I plan on ripping up the carpet sometime today/this week. it's just sitting there for the moment and buying some new stuff.
              50.50 still on underlay.

              I DO however need some half decent front seat belts if anyone has any.
              Mine are horrible looking and the front clickers look terrible:
              Click image for larger version  Name:	105661499_215273619493636_7376373991231821790_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	139.7 KB ID:	7156300
              This is the passenger side. Broken old. Probably has herpes.
              The drivers side is electrical taped together

              I've found a mob that are doing brand new PRESS buttons so I can at least do the rears unless I find a immac set...

              That's pretty much it for now.

              I've got to order the gauges actually might wack up a wtb before I buy anything, install those then paint the holder thingo.
              Then next bit. Tyrie the madcunt sorted me out with the shifter box cable adaptor I needed for my shifter. So I'll start pulling that to pieces and learn how the lock out switch needs to be wired in. I've found a dude that's made new selector pattern things which is great cause mines munted.
              Get the wiring box thing that I need and throw that in.

              Order/buy carpet and fit. Then put everything back together.

              We are looking at doing a boot install as well now. Mainly cause I want to and there's nothing not even the original carpet in there. So need to do something.

              Funny how all this stuffs taken ages and looks like I've just made a mess. Should pay off anyway

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              1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                Pic complementary picture of Jackie who is uber uber keen to go do skids in the industrial estate with my 19s on the front and stockies on the back. The full VN experience
                Click image for larger version

Name:	104338759_508886199811999_2000709358994982014_n.jpg
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                1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                  What's your plan for seats? The ones in there look like they'd clean up OK - I have a steam cleaner vacuum thing if you want to go down that path.


                    Originally posted by Captain_Slow View Post
                    What's your plan for seats? The ones in there look like they'd clean up OK - I have a steam cleaner vacuum thing if you want to go down that path.
                    VS Caprice ones. I've got them stashed up at my parents. Gus The Snail has the door cards to match which Pauls sister is going to bring down for me.

                    The back seats actually in reasonable nick. The drivers has a ciggy burn and some stitching has come apart in the middle of the seat. I can send pics.

                    I also do not have any attachment to them. I've never been a fan of them. I got the Caprice for the back seat (make it up-spec with the head rests) and figured I'd just do the whole lot.

                    Ideally I want devonish, culsons or VF clubby fronts cause they comfy a-f.

                    I might take you up on the cleany thing but. They're under cover but a bit dusty and would come up mickey mouse with a good clean
                    1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                      Took me ages but I found the dudes messages when he sold them to me...

                      Even has the arm rest in the middle seat!
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                      1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                        Oh yeah, I think you did tell me about those. Still, yeah, the steam cleaner is really good at getting out years of dust etc.


                          Yeah I'll hit up up bro that'll be really handy.
                          1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                            Been an absolute fucking shit week.
                            I needed some clear headspace so I went to work on the VN.

                            So I've pulled all the seats out now they're just sitting in the carport. I don't know what to do with them...

                            Did some final wiring for the stereo which is all ready to go in. Ran the lines to the speakers Amp and subs in the boot (just dummied them to make sure I had enough cable)

                            One small extension which was my own error and I'm back in business. I started modifying the centre console but got cold so I called it. I'll need something to cut the section out so the stereo can sit in there properly.

                            Sunday I went out and started hacking shit to bits. Ages ago I bought a B&M shifter for it and am sick of seeing it lying around in the tool box. Fuck it today it goes in as well.

                            I bought a drop box at summernats 2 years ago for it and figured it was time. It's a Lowe Fab one. Cool solid design just needs some mods to fit it in.

                            I had to make a few adjustments to the tunnel to get it in which comes as a template which weirdly enough is still that little bit too small. So extra trimming had to be done.

                            This one is familiar from earlier but you get the idea of what I started with:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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Size:	871.3 KB
ID:	7158473
                            So standard VN-VS shifter assembly. Looked ok in the 90s looks sad and yuk now.

                            I didn't get as much in depth pictures (some guy on a VN page wanted a few pics on how to do it)

                            There's 6 riveted down points on the original base plate (I think the new one has them as well) so drilled them out disconnected the shifter and pulled it out.

                            Funny thing this actually. Earlier on I mentioned that the speedo didn't work. One of you good blokes sent me the link to buy one online. Typical me has done nothing about it cause the car has sat for so long and haven't worried about it.
                            Anyway I've removed the plate, shifter and disconnected the 14mm bolt.

                            It's a tad grubby underneath but that's no real surprise, anyway check this out.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	9.jpg
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Size:	2.50 MB
ID:	7158474

                            So it's never been connected since I've owned it lol.
                            Easy way to knock back a few ks on it maybe? Who knows. I'll replace it soon.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	2.jpg
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Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	7158477
                            I stupidly don't have any pics of the hole I made here. The base of the drop box is rectangular so imagine a rectangular notched shape in the middle of it.

                            After further mods to that I got to fiddle around with the shifter and make it fit. I am just a hack idiot so this might have been easy for some people but... The old measure twice and then again trick? Did that didn't seem to work I mounted everything up, drilled the holes to locate the shifter after triple check marking them. Mounted it. The middle one sits 1mm over to the right. I made sure this was bang on to!

                            Fix that then hard mounted everything to do the shifter cable. Same deal. I reckon my eyes must be off lol.

                            AFTER SEVERAL MODS LATER and some 'Jonno you retard' mutterings on how a B&M shifter cable should sit:

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	3.jpg
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Size:	692.5 KB
ID:	7158475
                            It's in. Even have some nice polished black bolts for it!

                            Next task is getting it in then making the surround fit. Tested before seemed ok and made the small incision for the reverse lock out thingy.

                            Messed around with it a little. Looks pretty mad now.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	4.jpg
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Size:	943.6 KB
ID:	7158479

                            Hard mounted.
                            Everythings out... So the little plastic majigger underneath this was a right pain. It's been broken before at some point (there's clear cellotape holding it on... go the shit modded out of it and still needs 'slight' trimming underneath to sit flush. No biggie.

                            I'll wack some pics up when it's all finished but the idea is it to look just like this (taken from some matte grey VN at Summernats last year)

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200628-134620_Gallery.jpg
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Size:	440.4 KB
ID:	7158478

                            The console is covered in who knows what so I am going to clean that up a bit as well. The handbrake boot is the same so I'll bin that and make something nicer looking.

                            I do need to work out how to get around the inhibitor switch but. I've done exactly no research on it but shouldn't be too hard? Currently the thing won't start which is fine.
                            I also need to properly disconnect the old shifter linkages and add the box mount thing that Tyrie generously gave me. That should get it moving again.

                            I think after that I'm pretty much done with useless mods inside.
                            The Caprice door cars gus the snail has given me are stuck in transport so I'll chuck them on when they get here.

                            Then back to mechanical things to get it going again.

                            I'm super keen to get this boot setup going as well.
                            You know. 2x inch subs. Neon lights fucking NOS bottle for no reason.
                            Autosalon IS NOT DEAD
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                            1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                              Useless but I am hoping helpful update #119

                              I cbf dealing with shit and waiting for email replies I jumped in the SS for an hour to see if I could get it to start.

                              I've disconnected the wiring from the old shifter to the new one and added connectors.
                              Seems simple? I am no auto electrician by a long shot so all this territory I am literally winging it...

                              I've wired it up a few times now with absolutely ZERO success...
                              First time was my own stupidity.

                              I did some googling on the wiring looms as well. I found a thread and reply from gtrboyy so I am hoping he can help.

                              Green and Pink are the N lockout/inhibitors which according to this belong on the bottom

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	bm shift1.PNG
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Size:	112.1 KB
ID:	7161310
                              I also discovered in this diagram those hook looking tabs are pushed into the side of the housing.
                              I've now wired up the switch to what I think it should be.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	switch.jpg
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Size:	35.8 KB
ID:	7161309

                              From what I understand there's no real indicator as to where each should be? So grey on the inner side (closest to the shifter itself) and the black one to the passenger seat.

                              On the 2nd switch which is for the reverse lights as you see pink to the shifter/drivers side and green passenger.

                              Once I re-aligned the tabs I have the thing running again.
                              I don't seem to have reverse lights (could be the light problem it's now too dark to check) or something else.

                              The next issue is it seems to be happy to start in any gear. I haven't hooked the cable to the box yet so I can test this stuff.

                              Any help would be appreciated
                              1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon


                                Just got home dude....been awhile since messed with shifter wiring.

                                1/2 sure pink & green bridged are reverse lights....most ol' holdens are iirc

                                2 greys are starter...they'll go up to plug further up on trans tunnel meet up with purple starter wire & maybe earth wire or some shit for manual cars.

                                Can't get into garage untill thurs/fri to look at other car with pro-ratchet...can't remember which way wires go on those switches just that you can see tabs moves in slots of shifter gates.

                                Should be able to check with test light...put in park or neutral turn key it lights up...reverse same thing.

                                Then if car doesn't turn over in park/neutral have to get under there adjust it all untill it works & clicks into each gear correctly.
                                an easy fix is get a mate to drive in front of you at 60 then 80 then 100 and mark in on your speedo with some liquid paper.