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Sabine Schmitz 'ring missile - Ford Transit

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    So cool!! :D


      Swap the light bars around..
      Getting the better / brighter light up higher will give you much more coverage and better bang for buck.


        Has been busy with trips to Hawaii and France, very little van time.
        Found out that three blokes, mountain bikes and associated gear fit very comfortably in the van. Stupidly forgot the beers

        Wired in the side strip light, along with an outdoor marine switch for a little 6 LED spotty. Taught no pics basic circuits, heat shrinking and how to use a crimp tool. This big long lamp uses .75A. Spotty sticking out the end of the black bar on the roof uses 1.25A.

        Wired in the second solar panel. Spent some coin on a decent DCDC charger and a quality inverter. These are supposed to arrive in the mail tomorrow, but my luck with Australia post, these will be delayed until November 2032. Will wire these in on the weekend.

        List to fix/buy:
        Make spotlights work
        Replace Drivers A pillar Trim
        Replace wipers
        Gearstick bush
        Drivers seat padding
        Setup cabin stereo
        Properly secure cabin stereo
        Tint Windows
        Cabin lights
        Shift reversing camera measurement to rear channel
        Fix cabin USB ports
        Clean up cabin wiring
        Make cabin cigarette lighter work
        Fit cabin stereo properly
        Clean cabin wiring
        Replace blower fan resistor
        Living area step
        Left side camera water contamination
        OSR blinker replacement
        Charge house batteries from alternator
        Sink plumbing
        Shower plumbing
        Fresh water fill plumbing
        Grey water fill/extraction plumbing
        Wire Right side lighting
        Wire Left side lighting
        Remove stickers and redneck badging
        Thermal sunshades for cabin
        Living area roofing
        Living area walls
        Living area storage
        Wire in living area stereo
        Jesus bars for cabin
        wire in rear light
        Fix fresh water leak
        Drivers door window seal
        Fix horn
        Vanity mirrors for sun visors
        Make AC work
        Wire in second solar panel
        Fix switch block earth fault
        Good one dickhead


          Box of awesome arrived today.


          Good one dickhead