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    I actually had a Fumoto drain valve in my old Greddy sump. It was in it when toomuchboost forced/suggested to me that I buy that sump from him, and even though it made oil drains slower, it was very casual and I liked it. The sump removal oil change was an exaggeration, as three of the four oil changes I've done since this engine conversion have taken place with the sump removed but thats because I had to remove the sump for other reasons. Anyway, on with the show. Time for more specialty tools:

    Click image for larger version

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    Two step guide to impressing your wife/partner(nopics).

    1: wait until kids go to sleep
    2: proceed to garage underneath kids bedroom, and start hitting things with hammers.

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    Sump came out much better than I thought it would. I couldnt get that corner out, but its barely visible from the inside of the sump so I'm putting it down to a trick of the light. And yes, I'm aware how bent my ruler is. Might as well have used a banana.

    Click image for larger version

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    Scraping sealant is far from my ideal Tuesday night, but the 100 pack of new razor blades I picked up made it a lot easier. And a stiff nylon brush actually helped finish it off. Maybe because the sealant is only 2 weeks old, and not fully baked on with 1000 heat cycles, who knows.

    Click image for larger version

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    Now that I have a 9m long garage thats easier to clean, tidy and organise, I've lost my M6x1.0 tap. Typical. Anyway, the SR20 sump is held on with ten of these M6 bolts, and the three rear ones are blind holes that go into the upper sump. When you're incredibly smart like me, and have had 5 different sumps on the motor multiple times each over the life of it, those holes will fill up with sealant if you're also a spastic like me. One time I had put a sump on with the motor hanging on a crane, and did them by feel. I was surprised that it was leaking oil just after a fill (not running), because those bolts were tight! After sticking my head down there, they were all sitting proud, and one of them pulled half the thread out of the hole trying to tighten them. Like I said, galaxy brain.

    So now standard practice is to scrape old sealant out of them every time (noone else says "every time I change my sump", do they?) with a tap or seal picks.

    Finally, you can see the nice big slotted shape in the S15 style sump pick up. This ideally would stop oil starvation if the bottom of the sump is pushed up into the pickup.

    Click image for larger version

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    This stolen picture is the S13/S14 style. And ofcourse only a yank would still be selling the old style pickup new, for money. Curiously, the support bracket is relocated on the S15 pickup, to being riveted to the actual pickup strainer. I've seen first hand the strainer snapping off the pickup tube after a small tap to the sump, so I guess it was an actual reported problem that Nissan had to fix.

    The main reason I was actually motivated to pull the sump off and check for damage was that I honestly couldn't remember what pickup was in the engine. I COULD have left it, but now I also know that the ding in the sump was actually in hard contact with the pickup strainer, so possibly could have had implications down the line, too.

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyway. Picture quality was getting worse as my hands were getting more and more covered in sealant, and my gosh darned neighbours were fucking so loudly with an open window opposite my garage, I couldn't listen to calming episodes of Binky while I applied sealant to things I've already re-sealed repeatedly. This is the lucky Fumoto check valve with a handy 14mmx1.5 thread. It's just a check valve but made every oil change extra lazy. Plus bonus JDM points.

    Still haven't fixed the oil leak from the turbo tho.


      That check valve looks like it would get knocked off the first bit of roadkill you ran over!
      Originally posted by Rdyno
      It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


        fumoto things are bloody handy tho


          Its above the crossmember tho haha. It was in my greddy sump for years on a lower car that I drove more ruthlessly

          Oh great I've jinxed it now.


            New tool time! Splashed out and picked up this beauty from work... that is correcto, a flexible driver with a 5/16 hex socket... aka a hose clamp driver! So much easier for this horrible dimension of hoses, clamps, and assorted piping I've created.

            Click image for larger version

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            This is just a diversion, the real fun part was pulling the manifold off the side of the motor so the whole setup could be rotated, without once again dumping the coolant from disconnecting all of the lines.

            Click image for larger version

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            With the exoskeleton compromised, the wily hunter could see the succulent meat inside.

            Click image for larger version

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            Despite being thorough with multiple test fits to align the lines and fittings in the most cromulent directions, somehow the hardest to reach one was left completely loose. Lesson learned.

            As per the service manual, all work was completed listening to 80's ballads, to drown out the noise of neighbours fucking.

            With the smashed sump fixed, new oil leak un-leaked, and this week GFB sent me a replacement boost controller to replace my seemingly brick'd unit, there is a very good vibe in the garage at the moment. Hopefully I can get at least a fortnight before I break something else out of good willed incompetence.


              Well done. Got any skin left on those knuckles?

              We need to do a sensible family Dad SR cruise.
              Originally posted by Rdyno
              It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


                fkn lol at soundtrack


                  Awesome work fixing the sump.

                  TBH I am disappointed there was no recording of neighbours fucking. PF must be slipping.


                    Narrator: except he did not fix the sump.

                    Ran the car on stands for 5 minutes, not a drop. Drove 5 minutes for the school pick up and parked it.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Click image for larger version

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                    On closer inspection, the sump seal was wet the whole way around. I thought there may have been a problem with my sealant, it's only been open a few weeks (and sealed) and I've never had a problem with it before. Fuck it, new tube, let's do this.

                    Jack car up, again.

                    Hook engine up to engine brace, again.

                    Undo steering rack, again.

                    Undo control arms, again.

                    Undo engine mounts, again.

                    Undo crossmember bolts, again.

                    Drop crossmember.

                    Undo sump bolts.

                    Scrape off goo and try to pry the sump of-OH GOD THE BLADE JUST BENT THE WHOLE SUMP


                    The sump peeled off the motor like a slice of cheese. I guess these things have a life span and can only be pried off a motor 30 or 40 times. Oh well, I don't have a spare sump and CBF chasing one down at 10pm.

                    It's time to move onto Peak Silvia™.

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                    Went for a scenic drive to [SOMEWHERE THAT WONT WAKE UP THE KIDS] with a few blocks of wood, straight edge, selection of hammers and expertly chosen forming tools. Beat the living shit out of it until it resembled a flat flange before returning home.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	1TgPSIh.jpg
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                    A few friends who work as jointers insist that cork gasket is the future, so making a gasket was the next step. Smothered it with ultra grey and have given it a good 36 hours to cure before putting any oil in.

                    As much as I enjoy this, I think I enjoyed that 5 minute test drive I had on Friday more, so I sincerely hope that my dumb cuntiness has run its course and this will be the end of this chapter.


                      JB weld next./i


                        Goo doesn't like the cold.

                        Originally posted by brewdles
                        In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


                          Well thankfully, it's worked. Been driving for a few days, and not leaving a mess behind. To be fair, it wasn't leaking before the jack smashed the sump, but when I bashed the dents out I didn't even consider that the mating flange would be buggered. Lesson learned I guess.

                          I don't mind 'publishing' shitty accidents that befall me or stupid things that I do trying to cut corners, 'cos the answers might help out someone else. Always did my head in when certain guys on NS would come and ask for help, outline a problem they're having, then when someone answers it they would ask for mods to delete the thread, or edit their first post to a ".". Maybe they didn't want to keep an online history of problems their car has had for when its time to sell, who knows. Anyway, PSA, if your car is falling through the air and you have a choice, don't catch it by the sump.

                          Hopefully some non-sump content soon.


                            I enjoy reading the problems and errors and then how they were overcome. It all adds to an entertaining story and keeps me coming back for updates. And it proves that you’re human and humans fuck shit up no matter how big or smooth your brain is. I always leave my cockups in, screw ego.
                            Originally posted by Rdyno
                            It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


                              Originally posted by StupidFlanders View Post
                              I enjoy reading the problems and errors and then how they were overcome. It all adds to an entertaining story and keeps me coming back for updates. And it proves that you’re human and humans fuck shit up no matter how big or smooth your brain is. I always leave my cockups in, screw ego.


                                Between work and family, I haven't had much desire to do anything related to the garage, but I finally tricked myself into buying a drill press, which was super necessary to make super necessary jobs easier and more efficient.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	dj1AkbT.jpg
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                                Decided to redo my coilpack bracket. The existing one was never a 'finished product', and my second attempt is better not publishing. Took a lot more care measuring the layout, and making that as a repeating pattern. Surprisingly awkward to get verniers inside the rocker cover to measure accurately, so a lot of cardboard was harmed in making this.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	ISyuXlu.jpg
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                                Suppose its a good start that the template bolts up to the rocker cover.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	WKiDiW5.jpg
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ID:	7272066

                                In the past, every time I make a template and transfer it to stock, the holes are always in the wrong place. Everything on the template was measured and written down, and then double checked against the rocker cover. Using the center rocker cover bolt as a datum point, the the coilpack holes were marked, and from those + the center hole, the mounting holes could be be located. Then from all the hole centers, a pattern was formed to clear the rocker covers, and also minimise the amount of metal remaining. Because you know, lightness.

                                Somehow, all of the important features on the drawn-from-plans item matched the YOLO template, which I didn't expect to happen.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	H5SQnA2.jpg
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ID:	7272067

                                Another set of holes were added for the coilpack mounting bolts, and it sort of looks the part now. Pillar drill was about 1/100th the effort of mounting the piece in a vise and using cordless drills. I've never had space for a dedicated work bench for fixed tools, so this feels quite decadent and grown up. Also, it has laser beams.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	GhIAQg5.jpg
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ID:	7272068

                                After telling nopics "I won't be long", killed all the pink bits with grinder, bench sander, and good old fashion files.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	f0UzJhg.jpg
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ID:	7272069

                                With much relief, the bolt holes all line up. One hole left to drill for the cylinder 1 coilpack, which has to be crooked in order to fit. That's marked, but ran out of time for the day.

                                Needs a little tidy up before paint, but should probably wait until its a bit warmer for that too. Oh well, pretty happy with the cheap drill press, I actually had a lot of fun doing this, I might revisit a few other hastily made brackets.