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The Black Rattler - BA XR8 5spd manual ute

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    I've had several 4WDs - they haven't been tracked for obvious reasons, but otherwise pretty much everything has been for street/track use except the blue 120Y coupe and the 720 ute I had a couple of years ago - I had other cars for track stuff at the time. There has been a couple of cars that weren't intended for track use like the Legnum and Aristo, but they ended up going to Lakeside once each while my track Sil80 was out of action. Legnum was crap, Aristo was reasonably quick!
    The XR8 is my only car at the moment. Thinking about getting a tune done on it to level the playing field compared to my previous Commodore. Not sure it's worth it...


      Funnily enough I nearly ended up with a black BA XR8 ute instead of the Statesman.
      Originally posted by brasher
      TJ is 99% African American.


        Good effort on getting back into it after a bit of carnage, definitely a better V8 note then an Sv8.
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          Originally posted by hrd View Post
          I'd like to try another Commodore V8 but with a manual sometime in the future - I reckon they've got potential to be decently quick
          The future is now! A tidy low km VE SS came up for sale and I jumped on it. Should pick it up this weekend. Hopefully this one will keep me interested for a few years.

          The XR8 always had a slight timing chain rattle on startup (hence the thread title) which annoyed me, and there's limited options for making it any faster. I was looking into tuning the the Boss motor, but you get less bang for your buck than the LS motors. And the only other option for going faster is sticky rubber, but that's a bit sketchy I think. The leaf spring rear hits the bump stops hard enough now with the 180TW Sailun rubber. More grip would make it hit the stops harder and that has potential to get nasty at Lakeside - there's some very bumpy high speed corners out there with plenty of consequence if it all goes wrong. And although the reason I buy cheap shitters like this was in case I wrote one off at a racetrack, there's no reason to go out of your way looking for trouble! SO time to move on.

          I'll probably feel guilty tracking the VE at first coz it seems to have had a pretty easy life so far, but I'm sure I'll get over that feeling before too long. It's a fair bit nicer and newer and lower km than my usual street/track cars, but not too far over my self-enforced $10K track limit. Maybe it was time for a CPI adjustment on that anyway - it's been 10yrs since I scared myself in the RZ Supra and brought in that rule of not tracking anything you're not prepared to financially walk away from if it got wrapped around something at Lakeside...