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The Orange Eyesore - 1977 RA23 Celica

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    I keep reading 'The Orange Eyesore' as 'The Orange Arsehole'.

    I suspect both are applicable.

    Keep up the good work, pal.
    Originally posted by brewdles
    In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


      LOL thanks, it definitely is an arsehole to work on sometimes!


        So. Garrett g25-550.
        Torque sells tow cars.
        Horsepower wins horse races.


          MN love this thing already.


            I decided it was high time I unwrapped the built 18R-G. I've had it in my possession since 2011, eight whole years and I had no real idea what was under the plastic wrap. So I was quite surprised to see this not-so-resplendent red on the valve covers:

            I have no idea where that came from, the engine I sent down to Sydney had no red on it! Oh well, the rest of it looks very nice including a few things I'd completely forgotten about. Like a full gasket set and brand new studs for the inlet and exhaust manifolds:

            Chemically cleaned and repainted block:

            Crank pulley machined to accept a trigger wheel, with sensor mounted on a custom bracket:

            I need to drill mounting holes in the trigger wheel myself after I've figured out how it needs to be aligned:

            I have no recollection of this but the sump has been modified with wings for extra capacity:

            The exhaust side even includes a convenient oil drain for the turbo:

            All in all I'm pretty stocked with how it looks - apart from the red valve cover which will be repainted in wrinkle black (factory look) when I get around to the final install, probably several years away.

            My memory really has failed me on this one, I don't know for sure what had been done inside the engine apart from a full rebuild with some custom internals. After trawling through my old email archives from 8-10 years ago I think I've pieced together most of it:
            • Revised rod/stroke ratio with longer rods and shorter pistons, it's meant to be good for 9000 RPM!
            • SPS forged pistons, I think they might be oversized to take the engine capacity out to 2.1L, unsure of compression ratio but somewhere around 9:1 rings a bell
            • Crower H-beam rods
            • New bearings/seals/gaskets etc
            • ARP main studs
            • Some sort of custom head studs, block might have been drilled and tapped to accommodate larger threads
            • O-ringed block with MLS head gasket
            • All new timing gear including upper and lower chains, various new guides and tensioners etc
            • Cylinder head reco, ported with bowl blending
            • Larger valves and heavier valve springs, cams are stock 18R-G but the best of the bunch from the early 70's engines
            • Sump modifications, possibly including baffles and changes to the oil pickup, and of course the wings.
            It's a bit vague in places but I think the general idea is it's going to be one tough tractor motor and might even make a bit of power. We shall see, one day!


              While I was poking around in the storage shed I found my old HKS turbo manifold I'd been hoarding since 2005. These were originally sold in the late 70's and were a blow-through carby setup with an airbox which enclosed the factory Solex sidedraughts, some sort of ancient Garrett turbo (which was called Air Research back then I think?) and a great big external gate on top. The package I bought was just the original cast iron manifold + gate, with a newer (but still old) TD06-17C turbo mounted with an adaptor from the original T4 flange. Oh and it came with the most hilarious home-made screamer pipe I've ever seen!

              Anyway it was pretty filthy but I cleaned it up a bit and test fitted it on the old 18R-G sitting on the engine stand:

              I'm not sure if I'll keep the wastegate, but I think it would be cool if I can restore it to original working order:

              Turbo mounted, tucked up nicely next to the engine block:

              The screamer pipe really is quite silly, I don't think I'll keep that!

              I've never come across one of these turbos but I assume it's old and crap and belongs in the bin:

              Anyway that was just a bit of fun, I won't be doing any serious work with this for a good long while but it was nice to see how it all fits on the engine. It's a cool thing to have and should fit in very well with my plans to modify the car in a kinda-sorta period correct fashion. This really was an upgrade available for this car in its heyday, so it's perfect!


                Today I had some helping hands so I was able to relocate the built 18R-G to the shed where the car lives, and since the engine stand is occupied I just chucked it straight in the Celica engine bay for now.

                Seems to fit quite nicely, but I'm liking that red less and less:

                Do I want to test fit the turbo setup on the car even though that would be a total waste of time at this point? Yes.... yes I do. Maybe tomorrow.

                I also need to install one of the W58's I picked up from psi999 earlier today, mostly to get it out of the way but also to see how well it fits with shifter locations etc. If I'm not feeling too lazy tomorrow I might get it done then, but I am not willing to do that on the ground so I'll have to roll the Supra out of the way so I can get it up on the hoist. It will be interesting to see what the old thing looks like underneath - hopefully not too many nasty surprises. Stay tuned!


                  Originally posted by Kiahatsiu View Post
                  So. Garrett g25-550.
                  Assuming for the moment I don't want to keep my TD06... what does this thing do? I know nothing about turbo models these days. I do see from Goleby's web site that this one is pretty damn expensive, is that for a reason?


                    your motivation is impressive mate.


                      Thanks, I'm trying to keep the momentum going as long as I can! It's too easy to spend the evenings watching TV with a refreshing beverage in hand, but shit don't get done that way.

                      Today was a long one but I wasn't working on the car directly, rather I was re-organising sheds so I can work more efficiently. With the second 18R-G out of the way I was able to empty the small shed so I can clean it out properly and categorise all the shit in there, including all the stuff I'd forgotten about over the years. For a while the front yard looked like a tip:

                      But it's looking a lot nicer in the shed after pressure washing the ceiling, walls and floor. Just ignore the stubborn oil stains from the various leaky cars that have lived there:

                      With that done I was able to put things back in a more orderly fashion, including hanging body panels up on the wall. Later in the week I'll mount some hooks on the walls so I can put more stuff up out of the way:

                      I definitely need more shelving! But even as it is I've freed up a lot of space and can start moving stuff out of the big shed where it's getting in my way all the time. More efficient use of space = more getting shit done = closer to skids.

                      I still want to build another shed though.


                        I'm keen to get the orange thing up on the hoist soon so I can test fit one of the W58's kindly donated by psi999 last weekend. They came with two different shifter positions so I lined them up next to the old W50 to see which one is closest. It doesn't look like it in these photos but the one which had been painted black is very close, maybe 10mm further back:

                        Turns out I had three W58 bellhousings lying around in my pile of bits. One of them looks like it might suit an 18R block so I bolted that up to the black W58 along with the clutch fork and throwout bearing which luckily seems to fit. I still need to investigate how the crossmember is going to work but that might have to wait until it's up on the hoist.

                        The good news is the overall length and the output shaft spline is the same so I can re-use the existing tailshaft. Sometimes Mr Toyota makes it easy!


                          fantastic! So happy to see them go to a good home after all these years of hoarding.


                            I'm very glad you did hoard them, thanks for shooting them my way! I promise they'll get plenty of good use. Eventually.


                              Good stuff!
                              a clean and organised shed is an amazing thing.
                              turbo looks like old starion or cordia. Eg old crap that should be binned lol
                              Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons

                              Originally posted by seedyrom
                              my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn


                                TC06's were from Mitsubishi trucks from memory. They were the old school upgrade for anyone with a TD05 (eg VR4, starion, etc).

                                Loving the thread. Reminds me of the early Toymods days in the late 90s wen there were a number of these driven round the Hills district with 1GGTEs.
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