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Hail damage? I think you mean speed dimples

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    Hail damage is somewhere between pretty bad and not noticeable depending on the light. Stand 3m away and you'd be hard pressed to notice it, even if you knew it was there. But get up close and you'll definitely see that basically every panel copped it.

    Had the Recaro for years. I drove a couple of different MX5's with aftermarket seats at the time though the club trying to find something I liked and eventually settled on this after a test-sitting a bunch of seats at WTAC that one of the vendors had brought out. It fits my 175cm, 60kg, 30in waist perfectly. I've got it sitting on a set of side mount brackets bolted to the stock rails but I'm going to have change it up and go lower. Top of my head is about level with the top of the roll bar, so with a helmet on that's definitely going to be a problem.


      Car is obviously real dirty but caught it in a good (bad) light today to get a picture of the damage. That's pretty typical of the boot, bonnet, and right hand side of the car. Left side still got hit, but not as much.



        Covids are over! Or not, but club motorsport is at least back on!

        MG Club motorkhana weekend before last saw the rego renewed and a couple of cotter runs to make sure all was still in working order. The BF Goodridge tyres on the red wheels aren't great on tarmac, but they are good fun. Swapped back to the stock wheels with ye olde 595 RSR's the night before, set tyre pressures and all appeared well. Got up the morning of the event and one of the tyres is dead flat. Fuck. Figured as shit as the BF's are, they're probably better than rock hard RSR's, so put the red wheels back on the front and kept the stock wheels on the rear.

        Cue one shitfight of a driving day. Easily the worst I've ever done. Massive imbalance front to rear, spun many times, couldn't stop and careered right through the end of finishing garages, hit many cones. Tried messing with the shocks and trye pressures throughout the day to try and balance out the tyres but I was just all over the shop. Think I ended up 12th overall and 4th in class. Multiple tests where I was seconds off what I know the car should be capable of.

        What should be the car's first dirt event is this coming weekend, but the no-pics is away and I'm not sure it would be the best place to take a 2yr old...
        I'll grab some new tryes for the stock wheels before the next tarmac event though so hopefully that is actually the problem and not just that I forgot how to drive.


          And in keeping with the previous trend of this thread, today involved another MG Club of Canberra motorkhana. Don't have the results yet but this time around I did way better. Pretty sure I took outright in one of the tests, and was somewhere between 2nd and 4th overall. The car is such a big difference compared with my old NA in that it actually slides. The NB doesn't have as much straight up grip, but it's close, but mostly I think it's that the diff and handbrake actually work. Vast majority of things I can take a slightly wider line and just drive around the cone, but if required it's not hard to get the back out and pivot around the cone instead. I could never do that in the NA.

          Why such a stark difference between the last event and this one? Tyres. I was talked into trying a set of the new Zestino Gredge RS by a mate and had them fitted to the stock wheels on Friday. Put them on the car last night and left home this morning for the first time with them on. Seemed fine on the drive out to Sutton Road this morning with ample grip on the Parkes Way roundabouts, but was very happy with them throughout the event itself. Next problem is an alignment as I could definitely do with some more camber at a minimum.


            And we have results!
            1st in class, 3rd outright, outright fastest on one test.

            Alignment also happened earlier this week. Now rocking front -2.2 camber, +4.4 caster, 0 toe; rear -1.5 camber, +1mm toe.


              Khanacross with the Light Car Club of Canberra on Saturday! First dirt event in the MX5, first dirt event in a RWD car, 4th dirt event total.

              Day consisted of 12 tests over the course of a stupid hot and dusty day, and the car didn't miss a beat. I however managed to collect many flags and even two wrong directions... End result for the day was 17/40, but on the plus side all of my clean runs were well within the top 10. Feels like I'm vaguely in the right direction though, now mostly need to not make so many mistakes.

              God it felt good when I got something right though. In particular there were two tests where they had added a 360 around a flag in the middle of a decent straight, presumably to slow everyone down. Both times I feel like I absolutely nailed that turn. Super quick tug of handbrake on entry, mild power down, and nicely pivot around the flag ~300mm from the front right headlight, and finish it off with a gentle peel out along the straight. So much fun when it worked. Will definitely be doing more of these in the new year.

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                More khanacross this weekend just past. Significantly less flags and WD's than the last event but somehow further off the pace of the front runners when it did work. Most tests I placed in the 7-10th range, with the two tests the involved flags stretching out to mid 20's. Overall result was 9/35.

                Still had a lot of fun though and feel like I'm starting to think about pretending to almost nearly get the hang of it.

                Also picked up some new wheels today. Forgot to grab a photo and they're now under the house but they look like...

                SSR Integral A2
                Will get fitted with appropriate motorkhana tyres once I wear out the Zestino's on the stock wheels.


                  I think the new wheels will suit the car nicely.

                  Originally posted by Jeo View Post
                  feel like I'm starting to think about pretending to almost nearly get the hang of it.
                  This quote resonates with me haha
                  The Slowly IS300


                    I feel like it sums up my thoughts pretty well.

                    Tarmac, fine. Most of the time I'm generally where I want to be. I can see fuck ups coming before they happen and feel like I can usually react accordingly.

                    Dirt, nfi. Sometimes I'll hit a solid section of a run where I feel like I've really linked a few corners, mildly sideways where you're right on the edge of traction but not losing too much speed. Then the very next corner will run slightly off line, or too exuberant, or both, then I've washed off too much speed, bog down, and drop what feels like multiple seconds in a single corner. I'm sure it's entirely a practice thing and I just need to drive more in low traction environments, but the biggest part that gets me at the moment is that I simply don't see the problems happening until I've missed the window to properly react. Still fun though.