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Audi A3 2.0 turbo quattro

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    Audi A3 2.0 turbo quattro


    So after not owning a fast-ish car for about 7 years now, or even a car for most of that 7 years
    I finally have a cheap and fast (by my low standards) car

    It is a 2006 8P Audi A3, with the 2.0litre TFSI turbo motor, a 6 speed stick shift and 4wd.
    It has had a hard life with poor-ish maintenance but only by the most recent owner before me

    At 225,000km the body has quite a few small scratches but is quite straight.
    It looks good from 10 feet sort of car.

    The leather interior and factory stereo are amazing for me

    Plans so far-

    Engine flush and oil change
    Throw in some fresh copper plugs and new fuel filter
    Tidy up interior (the odd broken trim and clip, leather is in great nick tho)
    Have a mechanic do the timing belt as it's overdue. Appears above my skillset due to euro car-ness
    Home made air intake ($300ish online! some 90deg silicon bends and shiny piping may be achievable with experimentation, just want more woosh woosh)
    Blueflin flash tuner? 41hp for $600 seems to good to be true, are they a scam?

    Maybe some affordable (im on a carers pension now) & subtle asthetic/ICE stuff to make it feel like its mine and now the previous owners
    It has factory 18" rims I can restore back to good condition.. cut and buff the paint as well to hide the scratches better?
    It would look awesome lowered but factory ground clearance is already extremely low
    Maybe darkest legal tint, some sort of aux cable solution for the factory stereo (Symphony II, sounds terrific) and little LED spotties

    I got to take it for a 300km drive from Macksville NSW, through grafton and up into the Gilbraltor ranges home to New England with my stepdad today
    One of the best days I've had in a long time. Coming from mid-west WA (straight flat roads everywhere), I had no idea Australia had driving roads like this
    Few cool toys out and about - nicely restored cooper s, guys on on enduro bikes, the odd WRX etc and a nice cafe to stop at for a burger at the halfway point

    Look forward to spending many weekends out there as it's so close to home
    2005 audi a3 turbo manual quattro

    Good pickup. TJ had a Bluefin tune in his VW so he could probably give you feedback on what they're like.


      Keep ontop of maintence and repairs and they're OK. Skimp and you're in for a world of pain unless you shop around, ie buy most stuff from OS. Rockauto carries alot of stuff for these iirc.
      Make sure the Haldex coupling has been serviced, have heard a few cases where they haven't and die leaving you FWD only.


        Yea the serving has been neglected for about 2 years or so - so I have alot to catch up on.
        I did however get it for a sweet price - $3500.

        I've tidied it up today. It's parked safely in the man cave looking like a million bucks
        I've found a list of common failure points that preventative maintenace can fix (including the Haldex coupling), will slowly work through it in order of priority while I "shake down" the car as a daily.

        I cannot wait to get this yucky motor oil changed so I can start cruising it as it's another world inside compared to the shitters I'm used to driving.

        It does have a small rattle from the engine bay but I've done the screwdriver trick and trying to isolate, I think it may be alternator or something near it. It disappears when motor is warm and sludged out oil with 2degree Glen Innes mornings wouldn't be helping. Some fresh oil so I can keep running it (it was parked up for a while) and fixing stuff and I will feel alot better. It does have a Check Engine Light but me and my stepdad were pretty much on boost for 3 hours in those mountains, flogging the absolute crap and it didn't miss a beat, ran cool and was making good power.

        I'm spewing I might have to wait an extra day (Tuesday) to do this and take it for another run, only due to living in the bush and will probably have to order oil filter in.

        One thing at a time - here are some better photos.

        I have ordered some radio keys to pull the Symphony II head deck out and unjam the CD, I want to crank my own tunes and discovered the factory subwoofer in the boot.
        I also have a Bluetooth OBD II dongle on the way to check and clear the CEL light that doesn't seem to be affecting it in any way.

        I am prepared to put up with some costly repairs to start with if need be, as I love the way it looks - the 5 door quattro sportbacks in real life are sort of like a saab wagon but with pumped out wheel arches. Its amazing to drive and the interior is built like a tank, with everything well thought out and nice to touch.

        She's definately savable and definately a keeper !!
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        2005 audi a3 turbo manual quattro


          its due for its timing belt and waterpump service at 210k. ill bet it hasnt been done. budget 1200 there alone. most by thia age have dead or dying clutches, a 2k expense , and a habit of snapping the selectors in the box for first and second if you shift too hard again 2k plus. that engine does pcv valves for fun. start her up and see if the oil cap can be undone. if it gets sucked shut the valves fucked. they also carbon up in the ports and need the head hot tanked to fix. walnut blasting works sort of...
          coil. packs and plugs are service items at this point. finally the plastic coolant block on the head crumbles and falls apart. shitty to fix.

          get a short shift kit off ebay. makes it 100x.better
          stock pads are soft and not great. as said haldex service and use full synthetic oil. good luck
          I'M NOT A HOOKER BUT 20 BUCKS IS 20 BUCKS...

          I am junkie for swedish high quality shitboxes. my latest fix is this...

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            Nice score... still got the Courier ?

            Don't mention the adBlocker !!


              Sloth - already put money aside for the timing belt service, yes it is due
              cheers for the other tips - the clutch feels good previous owners were all elderly people, not sure if it's ever been done but not a concern anytime soon. I could possibly do a clutch myself as it's just a toy and I have tools, provided it's not some weird crazy euro thing and can be done on axle stands in a shed with a sturdy floor and a couple weekends
              I will do the pcv test later in the week

              Yea still got the Courier Gin, just been starting it once a week. I'm my mums carer now and have inherited a barn and some land I can turn into living quarters and get a dog to keep me company. Main goal at the moment is get the Audi a reliable daily (I'm sure with an oil flush + timing belt service it'll be good for a year or so while I do other little service items that have been backed up and start looking at maybe putting a cool room panel structure in the corner for bed + kitchenette + heating in New England winters. Then once this is all done the Audi and the Courier will be my afternoon tinker things to keep me busy

              You don't actually need a car where I live, it's a 5 minute walk to the supermarket and a 5minute walk in the other direction to the hardware and parts store. And we have Mums Yaris for medical appointments and a trip to Armidale once a week for big things.
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              2005 audi a3 turbo manual quattro


                sadly club change is a nightmare. exhaust subframe driveshafts tailshaft transfer then box off. i sold my quattro bora because of it.
                I'M NOT A HOOKER BUT 20 BUCKS IS 20 BUCKS...

                I am junkie for swedish high quality shitboxes. my latest fix is this...

                robslothyoung - follow me on insta.


                  Oil change today
                  Added some of this to the diff oil horridness that was in the motor

                  Got some ramps that fit great under low cars, and an oil drip tray and borrowed a 36mm socket to remove the filter housing and do the filter.

                  Has fresh 5w30w full synthetic it now. The oil flush worked amazing. Took it for a spirited 30min drive and on returning home the oil is still nice and golden.

                  Next step is tomorrow when I'm less tired - will order a Haldex service kit from eBay per PF's recommendation above, and book it in for a new headliner to stop it drooping.
                  Now it has fresh oil I feel like I can at least drive it around now while I sort it all out, and don't feel guilty about it.

                  The only other major issue for pinkslip is the keyfob's dont do the remote central locking, when my normal OBDII bluetooth adaptor arrives I will reset all the codes.
                  Tried the keyfob programming ignition/doorlock sequences online with no luck.
                  Trying to avoid buying a VAG-COM license + cable but may come to that.

                  Works off drivers side door controls, and both keyfobs blink red (I put a new battery in one, other has battery from last owner)
                  I do get a clicking from rear right boot area so will check battery voltage tomorrow. Appears to be a central locking module and a vacuum pump that control it all, one may need replacing.

                  Then after roof lining/haldex service, central locking fix + pink slip I will book it in for timing belt and water pump service.
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                  2005 audi a3 turbo manual quattro


                    Originally posted by dhs View Post
                    Trying to avoid buying a VAG-COM license + cable but may come to that.
                    OBD Eleven is a cheaper option that can pretty much do the same thing with the added bonus of being connected via Bluetooth through your phone rather than a PC, I sold my VCDS cable after grabbing one. Version 2 is out now, but if you stalk FB marketplace or VW/Audi forums you'll find a used Version 1 much cheaper, possibly around $100 or so. Version 1 works with Android phones only, Version 2 works on iPhone and Android.

                    Version 2 -

                    Version 1 -

                    Don't waste your time with the eBay China spec VCDS/VAG-COM cables unless you have a dedicated laptop you never connect to the internet which becomes your VCDS laptop, the VCDS software calls home to Ross-Tech when started and will overwrite the EEPROM living in the copy cables as soon as they're connected which fucks them up.


                      You won't fail a pink slip for your doors not locking, they won't even check.

                      Originally posted by dhs View Post
                      The only other major issue for pinkslip is the keyfob's dont do the remote central locking.
                      Originally posted by race6.3l
                      Only gripes are the bluetooth and stereo are bread and butter spec, not one person has been able to hear me properly during a call, even with my head all contorted towards the roof mounted microphone like im trying to growl a chic sitting on a clothesline


                        That info is Gold thanks Astina SP, looking into it now
                        I did the PCV test that Sloth told me about above and it failed (car stalls when removing oil filler cap).
                        Have PCV kit on order, looks simple to do (already had engine cover off to have a look this morning)

                        Also good to know thanks ITS60 about pink slip/central locking

                        2005 audi a3 turbo manual quattro


                          Happy to help with any VW/Audi info, especially around Mk5/6/7 Golf and A3 equivalents. Moved from Mazda’s to VWs have bought 3 new over the past 10 years and done stuff to them all, experienced all the shit from all generations of the EA113 and EA888.

                          Edit: good on PCV too, once that’s sorted you will able to see if there are any other issues, as fucked PCV corrupts some of the other diagnoses.
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                            Look at and wheeler dealers. Can watch an episide where they do haldex service. And repair a gearbox selector fork on an Audi tt. Yea not an a3 but looks similiar.

                            .n...end of the extent of my audi knowledge...


                              cheers guys
                              more good news I heard back from the motor trimmers here in Glen last night, they are prepared to do the roof lining (they had a look and weren't sure about the airbags on the B pillars) saves me leaving the car in Inverall for a few days and that's the only thing that really lets the interior down visually . I'm leaving the car with them on Tuesday hopefully doesn't take too long maybe done Wednesday morning

                              The Audi Symphony II head deck has a CD jammed in the stacker and the ebay seller I bought radio keys to remove the head deck off cancelled my order and said they were out of stock. Not sure what to do now. I do have an FM modulator but the ciggie lighter doesn't appear to work. Pulled out the centre console and it is plugged in, maybe the socket itself is faulty? I might buy a multimeter and try and test the wires going to it somehow and if they're OK just solder the fm modultor straight on and run the cable through the bottom of the cig lighter socket for now

                              Limited radio stations here in the bush and I miss tunes when I'm driving, don't really want to go to the expense of putting a head deck in and ruining the interior

                              9triton- cheers man, someones coming to buy my 4WD in the next half hour now I don't use it, but that will give me some good viewing for this afternoon.
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                              2005 audi a3 turbo manual quattro