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    Where to start? Those with long memories may remember when I first bought my 190E Sportline in 2007. I loved that car - the look, the drive. It made me feel at peace every time I drove it. But it was so fucking slow. And in trying to address the performance, I went through ever-increasingly retarded plans until I'd totally ruined the car and it finally end up stripped and in the bin. Bought, built and sold some other dumb shit in the meantime trying to get that original feeling back while addressing having enough fasts to be interesting but they never stuck.

    But in the back of my mind, I've wanted a B7 Audi RS4 ever since seeing Jeremy Clarkson rape one up a mountain road racing some mountain climbers:">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="873" height="525">

    Sold from 2006 to 2008, they made about 10,000 of them worldwide. First released in a sedan, a first for an RS4, then later in a wagon and a convertible, they were the last manual RS model Audi ever made. All other generations of RS4 have been wagon only.

    Plenty is made of Audi V8 with the troublesome timing chain issues where the timing chain is on the back of the motor. This engine shares the same architecture, but suffers none of those issues due to the guide materials used. In fact, the fix for the S4 and S5 models is to install RS4 components!

    Speaking of the engine, it is rated at 309kw and redlines at 8250rpm! It is basically the same engine from the first V8 R8. And while they suffer from intake carbon buildup issues being direct injection only, they don't suffer from any potentially catastrophic issues like the bearings in the E90/92 M3 or the headbolts and cams in the W204 C63. The engines and drivelines are renowned for being quite bulletproof.

    From the factory they run what is called DRC or Dynamic Ride Control. Basically, this has the diagonally opposite shocks hydraulically linked which by all reports makes for a wonderful ride and great handling. But it is quite unreliable, frequently developing leaks and is incredibly expensive to maintain especially if a shock replacement is required.

    Also, Audi raided the family parts bin and stuck a set of Lamborghini Gallardo front brakes on them which has meant they've developed a reputation for very expensive brake upkeep.

    Recently, we'd found ourselves in the position where we might consider getting a nicer car soonish - maybe later this year. So I started kicking some tyres. I drove a 135i, an ISF and a 2004 Audi S4 which had had the timing chains done. I really liked the 135i, it totally reminded me of when I got my first E30 323i but faster. But it was just too small and a two-door didn't make sense for carting growing kids around. The ISF is a no brainer - fast, right sounds, mega reliable - but I just couldn't love them. The interior is, well, "Toyota" and I find the styling of boxier cars more appealing and the ISF is too curvy for my tastes. The S4 was cool to drive, manual as well, but if I bought one I'd always be wanting that missing "R".

    So on paper and in my mind, I've the RS4 but the prices were still higher than I wanted to spend. And I'd never actually been in one, let alone driven one. I was also concerned about some of these spendy things if I were to be fortunate enough to own one. I've had Carsale search alerts set up for a few years on them And while the lower end of the asking prices has been dropping, the asks are still all over the place depending on kms, body style, mods etc. Like from $29k to $65k! But I needed to scratch the itch and drive one to make sure it truly was the car I wanted.

    Now if I was to buy one, I wanted a wagon in any colour but black.

    A recent search on Facebook marketplace revealed a black sedan with ~135k kms in Caboolture for $35k asking. Switching on my biases, I figured a $35k RS4 in Caboolture would be a bit of a shitter, but it was close enough so I threw on my best genuine buyer poker face and went organised to take a look, fully intending to only kick the tyres. I did feel a bit bad about that.

    Anyway, I was greeted by a mint black sedan with practically flawless body and paint and just a few small imperfections on the interior. It had a full service history and the front and rear pads and rotors had recently been replaced with Brembo items at a cost of $2.5k just for the parts. A previous owner had removed the DRC and replaced with a set of high-end KW V3 coilovers (around $3k worth). The current owner had also installed a Pioneer nav/DAB/Android Auto headunit which retails for $2k and added an amp and sub, so an easy $3k exercise. He'd also installed a Gruppe M carbon fibre air intake which is around $2k. Otherwise it was standard. He'd owned it for four years after selling is 500awhp+ R33 GTR and had done about 5000kms in that time but now was selling because he wanted a Ranger Raptor. I felt like I was looking at a car owned by me!

    Had a drive and loved it. Instantly sealed the decision that I wanted one.

    Back to Carsales and there was a wagon in Byron Bay for $35k in the colour I'd probably like the most, Daytona Grey. I thought about taking the two hour drive to look at it but I just couldn't get past a couple of lines from the ad - "Servicing is up to date, and she’s running absolutely beautifully." and "Interior & Exterior are in good condition considering the age of car." The first line left me wondering what exactly was up to date? What else had been done? What expensive things have been neglected? On a car like this with the problems and costs well known, surely you detail all the good things if you were really serious about selling the car. Especially if you live in a rural town where buyers are sparse. The second line, well,I'd just looked at a 14yo car that was fucking mint, so this just screamed to me it was showing signs of tiredness.

    The other factor was, buying a car from interstate right now, and probably for many months to come is just going to be a headfuck. Not like you can just jump on a plane to Adelaide tomorrow to check out a car and buy a seat home on the next flight if it turns out to be shit.

    So frankly, I was kind of put off. And in doing so, I just kept thinking more and more about what a good deal the Caboolture sedan was starting to look like. I didn't hate the sedan, in fact I think they look more menacing and the fat arches are more obvious. I just felt like I was a wagon guy. So after a few more sleepless nights rolling scenarios around in my head, I chanced almost certain divorce and plucked up the courage to raise it with my wife and arrange for the whole family to go and take a look at a black sedan and try it on for size. Which we did last Sunday The guy was very accommodating. I pored over the car, jacking it up and looking underneath extensively. We had taken a suitcase and an esky with us to try out the boot for cargo space and I pushed and tested every single button and switch in the thing.

    Came home and avoided eye contact with my wife for a few hours. But she knew. I was sold. So she laid down the conditions of purchase which includes a total and permanent revokation of any automotive related decision making. Plus I have to take her out for a date once a month in it.

    So I messaged the guy and went back on Monday to have another drive and offered him $30k and I feel like I stole it from him at the $31k we settled on. So a few nerve-wracking advance bank transfers later, I picked it up yesterday and drove it home. That feeling from the 190E is back. It's not happiness, although I am so fucking happy. It is a feeling of peace. A long time coming, well researched, ticking a bucket list item feeling of peace. And it addresses the performance flaw of the 190E.

    I just fucking love it. I love the look of the dash dials. I love the feel and thickness of the steering wheel (also stolen from a Gallardo). Love the all black interior including the headliner which could also have been grey as in some others. And I love the fact that all of the expensive things are already done by some other sucker who for once, wasn't me.

    So here it is, my dream wagon in any other colour than black LOL!

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    Pics no worky. Good story though.


      So to keep rambling, in ever circular discussions with psi999 from here about what car I should be aiming for, I kept coming back to "I want a car that makes me want to pull up a chair in the garage and just look at it, marvelling at the fact I actually owned one. An RS4 was the only car I kept coming back to that I thought would elicit such a feeling.

      And true to form, at about 10pm last night, I went down to the garage to tuck it into bed for the night. Opened the garage door for a bit of fresh air and to enjoy the landscape view we are currently lucky enough to enjoy and figured I'd capture both of my views in one!

      Click image for larger version

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        Please give me a buzz on your next trip to Toowoomba for work. I need to sit in it.


          Originally posted by richzx View Post
          Pics no worky. Good story though.
          I uploaded them to PF, so hopefully they are working now?

          Oh, in case anyone was wondering, my plans for this thing are to drive, clean, maintain and just generally enjoy so it'll be a pretty boring thread from here on. No further mods are planned.

          I must be getting old, I quite like the noise from the factory bi-modal exhaust inside the car and the intake unleashes copious borts when given the beans.


            Awesome cars. Those seats were an option too I thought?
            CAD Automotive Paint Correction, like us on the faceballs. Discounts on all detailing and ceramic coatings for PF members


              I did add one mod of my own.

              You know how I said I've wanted one for a while. Well, there was a period of time when I first started the current contract job. I wasn't earning a lot, certainly not enough to buy an RS4, plus they were still up there in price, and I was having a few mental struggles. So to try and keep myself focussed on working towards a goal, Personalised Plates Qld had recently released an option to buy a plate with 2 or 3 numbers and 3 letters in any order. SO I bought myself some plates to put on the car I one day hoped to own.

              That day was today.

              Click image for larger version

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              I can't believe it though, I fucked up drilling the holes on the rear plate in my excitement and now I have two extra holes. I'm going to have to ask for permission to spend the $64 to get them remade now.


                Originally posted by redbucket View Post
                Please give me a buzz on your next trip to Toowoomba for work. I need to sit in it.
                Absolutely man!

                Originally posted by FLI355 View Post
                Awesome cars. Those seats were an option too I thought?
                In Australia, I am pretty sure they were standard and it was an option to revert to the full electric "comfort" seats. But in all other markets they seem to have been an option except for the US who couldn't get them at all.


                  Nice buy! Loved these things, truly unique along with it's competitors of the time.
                  Seats are standard for Aus market Verts might be optional, been a while - forgotten.


                    Nice. Seems like a fair bit of bang for the buck for $30k compared with M3s of the era. Those upgrades could be expensive though.

                    BTW: Der RS4.


                      Die, der, das - my year eight German memories were far too faint to recall which was the right one to use LOL.

                      An E90 M3 in manual, if you can find one, would be at least $40k from my looking and you know, rod bearings. And an E92 wouldn't have been on my radar because two doors AND rod bearings. And I'm glad I bought one with the upgrades already done for once!
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                        What upgrades? I can't even see the twin turbo's????


                          Go here for someone with all the skills going full retard on a turbo install on an RS4


                          This will be an otherwise boring thread.


                            I've been eyeing these off lately as well, will be watching, very very nice!
                            Originally posted by myshortyboomba
                            I've had many gauges in cars. I always found the conrods react faster than a gauge.

                            you can always hear them when they break and they stop the engine immediately so you can't do any more damage.


                              These sound awesome. Well done.