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Mediocre car thread: Toyota Crown

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    Mediocre car thread: Toyota Crown

    In an effort to contribute a bit more car content to the forums in light of the recent influx of shit posting, I'll be adding two or more threads on current cars. I'm terrible at taking photos along the way so there is likely to be more rambling than pics. I'll try to find pics that fit in with the story along the way, but I'll gloss over a lot of details no doubt. I'll take more pics when I get to work tomorrow if anyone cares.

    So the story begins last year some time when I see the car advertised on facebook for pretty cheap. I'm not actually looking to buy a car, but I'm always looking (if you know what I mean). The add states the car has been sitting for over 20 years, not running, and in poor condition; all things I find desirable in a car. The post has a lot of interest so I make an offer sight unseen (it's a few hours away) and transfer a deposit to lock it in.

    Two weekends later when the seller is free, myself and a mate make the trip up. We take his car trailer and work truck, because free fuel and towing with a truck is awesome. Get to his place, and the car is surprisingly nice. Interior is a little rough but the body is pretty damn good. Seller is a nice guy, said he rescued it from a family in Dubbo who put it in the shed when the old man who owned it died. He owned it since new, drove it daily up until death in 97 where it was put in a shed. The family were gonna scrap it until old mate picked it up for basically free. This is what I was told, and it sounds reasonable.

    So here is the first pic I took, after loading it on the trailer. Old mate obviously a Toyota guy as seen by cars in the background:

    It's a 1975 MS83 Crown wagon. Clearly not as desirable as the earlier Crowns, but still cool in it's own way.

    So it sat in my shed for a few weeks before I got a chance to look at it. Here's the engine bay as I got it, with air filter removed:

    Don't really need to be a Toyota fanboi to see there's a lot going on over here:

    It's normal to see random wiring in old shitters, but what's with the hoses and taps?

    Anyway, for a car that hasn't been started in years, in this case maybe 22, it's pretty unlikely to start with whatever liquid is in the tank. So I used a fuel tank from a ride-on mower hung from the bonnet connected straight to the carb.

    Checked it had oil in it, kicked it in the guts and it didn't start. Checked the points, and the insulation was deteriorated earthing it out on the dizzy housing. Made new insulation out of something I can't remember, put some points in it and it started straight away and idled, sounded perfect. Toyota's are fucking awesome.

    So after confirming it ran I bought all the usual service items. Plans were to replace water pump, hoses, plugs, filters etc. Drop the fuel tank to clean it out, clean the radiator.

    Here's what I found when I removed the top hose:

    For some reason I managed to take 4 pics related to the radiator, despite missing other things.

    Found a NOS top thermostat housing on ebay:

    Water pump installed:

    Put new belts on, not pictured. Had the radiator serviced by a local guy who obviously needed to put new outlets on the tanks, did a great job. Dropped out the fuel tank:

    It was actually pretty clean inside, so I didn't send it out for cleaning, just did it myself while replacing the hoses. You can see on the top that someone has been at it before.

    I then removed a bunch of the fuckery from the engine bay. The fuel system was pretty out there. It's not uncommon to see electric fuel pumps put on old cars when the mechanical one fails, but this had some taps doing weird shit that I'm not interested in getting my mind around.

    Funnily enough, I connected up the stock fuel pump and it's still working perfectly.

    Amongst the clusterfuck of wiring in the engine bay, is an isolator for this thing in the back. Note the amazing carpet:

    Random spare shit in the back under the floor, including a spare mechanical fuel pump:

    Have since found so many random receipts and documents from the 80's, including some conspiracy theory stuff from memory.

    Car made it's first movement under its own power, drove it about 30 metres from the shed to the grass to flush cooling system. Actually I think I did this before installing the radiator, cause I used bore water which is pretty filthy. Also looking at this pic, I forgot how dry everything was late last year, grass non existent.

    So after getting everything back together I took my daughter out for the car's maiden voyage around the block. Discovered the gearbox was either fucked or had no oil, and the brakes were a bit shit. Probably sounds irresponsible to do this with my kid in the car, but I live in a pretty rural area, whatever.

    Tried to bleed the brakes, rear cylinders were leaking. Put new wheel cylinders on and they bled up great. Here's under the hubcap:

    Those are the same tyres it was parked with 22 years ago. I'm sure they're a death trap but they don't lose pressure are uncracked and look pretty good so YOLO. Put club rego on it late last year, and drove it the 60k's to work. Drives pretty well, however doesn't really like going about 90 on the freeway. This is how it looked:

    It's missing the rear badge on that side. It bothers me a bit but what can you do. Drove it intermittently last year. Came in handy as the fires came before Christmas, I took loads of things in to work to store in case we evacuated. Pretty happy with how it's been going. Didn't really have plans to modify it, which is unusual for me. But just before I closed up for the year I had a couple of hours spare so decided to lower it:

    Was a bitch to get the front springs out, as double A arm suspension can be. You can see all the dirt and shit on the ground where I did it. Had only planned to take one coil off, but after all that effort, I didn't want to do it twice so lopped off two. Thought it didn't look to bad but after driving it home it settled in a bit more:

    I haven't touched the rear springs yet. That photo was from earlier this year, after bringing home my AE86 which I stored at work during the fires. You can also see my other project car which i'll start another thread for at a later date.

    And this final photo I will add is the photo I took today before leaving work. This is where It has sat for at least 3 months. I haven't brought it home since I bought another project a few months back taking up my only shed space, and after all the rain earlier in the year my road eroded away enough that it won't get in the driveway:

    So I didn't really say what my plans are with this thing. I thought if I saw this thing for the first time and it was a total piece of shit, I'd just chuck an LS in it and do skids. But as it turned out it wasn't all that bad. Given that it's not a particularly sort-after or valuable model Crown, I'm thinking I might slam it on some old dished Jap wheels. However 15 and 16" wheels are usually 4 stud. I've also got some old Toyota fender mirrors that were meant to go on a KE70 years ago that could suite. Another option is to put in a 2j, which I recently came in to thanks to the car in the last pic. But I don't have a box, and I'm not sure I want to put that much effort in to this car, at least not while I have another project taking up space in the shed at home.

    Anyway, there's my ramble, hopefully it was a good distraction from some of the other bullshit taking over PF these days.

    70s Toyota wagon in a very 70s shade of baby vomit custard. Thank you for making PF great again.


      The people across the street when I was a kid had one exactly like this. I don’t think I’ve seen one in forever.

      Cool car. Would look awesome on appropriate wheels. Looking forward to progress!


        I love 'old man' modifications. The amount of work that gets put into fixing a problem the wrong way is astounding some times.
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          Nice. Would take an MS85 any day, they are lovely old things. Not quite as nice as the old MS65s, but as a wagon... damn.
          The new nugget
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            nice one bruv, that fuel system is next level, i think you should contact elon musk


              Love it, saw a near identical one at my local tyre joint when I was getting new shocks and lift blocks installed in my Nav.............It had a 4.0 tojo V8 in it, wish I got some pics.

              Don't mention the adBlocker !!


                I like it.




                    Oh, this is you! Now I can put it all together.

                    Proudly presenting the new foot long chocolate Subway.
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                      Thanks for the kind words gents.


                        Good shit mate! Love it.
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                          I had an MS85 and MS112. The former got donated to the local speedway and squashed by monster trucks.
                          the latter got a 7MGTE and five speed. Was an awesome sleeper for the day.
                          Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons

                          Originally posted by seedyrom
                          my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn


                            Body looks amazingly rust-free

                            UZ/A341 combo too much effort? Would make for a nice cruiser
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                              Very little rust. Tiny bit in rear wheel arch that has been repaired, and a bubble on the tailgate.

                              Definitely UZ is an option. If a complete runner shows up for the right price I'll grab it. But Soarers aren't as cheap as they used to be.