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    Originally posted by Its me View Post

    Yeah that’s right.
    The E30 type make for some pants shitting moments so I put put the E46 rear in my E30.

    interesting, is it difficult to convert? not that my 2002 really needs it..
    Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
    Memes are only detectable by NSA.


      Originally posted by clutch-monkey View Post

      interesting, is it difficult to convert? not that my 2002 really needs it..
      Yeah a bit. I cut the rear floor out and welded the e46 one in.
      But we are making a real mess of this fellas thread ha.


        Originally posted by Roy928tt View Post
        Yeah, nah, having recently driven a NB MX5, I don't see a 1500 kg BMW really cutting the mustard, I'd be investing in a Crap Engineering kit and fit the Mazda KL into the MX5.

        Indeed it all reminds me that the snotty old 924 I have lying around is far greater than the sum of it's parts.
        just googled this. wow. for anyone interested


          Exciting build, but the big question is, how many more 3D printed shifters can you make? And could you scale one down?

          Sincerely, interested party.


            Originally posted by nopistons View Post
            Exciting build, but the big question is, how many more 3D printed shifters can you make? And could you scale one down?

            Sincerely, interested party.
            Without the electronics, I could produce a significant number. Scaling will be an issue as it's designed around certain sized external components.


              Its been a busy few weeks since the last update, many parts have arrived inlcuding the DCT controller and flywheel to suit the M54, many more installed.

              Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_9179.JPEG
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              Subframe has been pulled, all poly bushes installed throughout, as well as chassis reinforcements. Despite the kms I had no signs of cracking or other damage., the ugliest part of that area is where I attempted to weld overhead in a polyester shirt

              Click image for larger version

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              I've stripped more of the interior, all the sound system was removed and the multiple door speakers per door. Since I still will drive this on the street I chucked two kicker speakers i had laying around in the front and wired them to a cheap Sony carplay unit - it was at this point I discovered that the harmon kardon system results in effectively zero stereo wiring in behind the dash as its almost entirely run out of the boot. The speakers didnt actually fit the OEM Mounting basket so I printed up a basic adapter.
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Name:	IMG_9206.JPEG
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              The suspension has now been entirely overhauled

              New coilovers, strut tower reinforcements on the front, inner and outer rack ends, front arms with offset bushes for extended caster in the front have been fitted, all rear bushes replaced, with rear reinforcement plates on the spring mounting points on the rear upper control arm - in the e46 they're made of cast alu so in high spring rate and racing applications they punch through. New brake discs and EBC Yellowstuff pads have been fitted, the OEM brakes are 330mm so should be sufficient for the foreseeable future however the caliper is a single piston sliding.
              Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_0005.JPEG
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              The seat rail and Velo seat is in - this was quite tricky, the seat needs to be very offset to the base else it is completely offset to the wheel and pedals, so I needed to make this up a second time.

              Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_9180.JPEG
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              The motor refresh is mostly done, I need to add a catchcan, the OEM CCV/PCV/Stupid german bullshit clogs up and fails, like mine did. They're a right cunt to replace so I just bypassed it, added a normal PCV setup and piped it back into the intake. There was no decent take off point for a hose barb so I printed a piece that clamps together with a threaded fitting into the OEM intake

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_9230.JPEG
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ID:	7199947

              Currently the car is mostly back together - from here it will go to my suspension guy to have all the suspension and alignment sorted. After which the DCT swap will start over christmas. I'll probably be pulling the mechatronics from the box shortly and starting the wiring there. From that point it'll be a case of customising the starter motor bolt point on the box to fit the M54 starter and then mounting the box and fabricating a custom crossmember
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                nice thread. Im in the process of DCT conversion using HTG GCU. Domi PCM board as well. Seems like a few have it sorted but hard for others. Cutting up the tunnel in the 28 this week i hope over covid. Tailshaft adapter looks mint. Domi or Legit??

                Cheers Mat


                  Yeah there seems to be a huge amount of inconsistency in peoples setups. I think the lack of clear documentation is the cause of that more than anything

                  Yeah its an SLG driveshaft adatpter, it is very nice


                    WHY OH WHY did you use those shit reinforcement plates? The basically do nothing at all but introduce a heat affected zone right where it cracks anyway. An engineered solution is the best fix with a brace going in there too, but the redish designed (and copied) plates are what you should have used. The turner style ones like that are old hat. Better ones plate over the area and down the floor pan.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	USRP_2-min_1024x1024@2x.png Views:	0 Size:	213.7 KB ID:	7201655

                    Originally posted by Buford T. Justice
                    This happens every time one of these floozies starts poontangin' around with those show folk fags.


                      I'm planning on purchasing a topside brace from max racing parts anyway.

                      I wasn't aware these were an option - oh well, too late now


                        So not much to post, cars been in a holding pattern until I can get access to my mates hoist to start on the gearbox and GCU install.

                        I removed the OEM Mechatronics board, with a hammer as it's a ceramic PCB and a nightmare to get out

                        Click image for larger version

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                        That wasn't the worst bit, the whole PCB inside the gearbox is coated in a conformal coating which made soldering in the new board a nightmare, I consider myself to be intermediate in soldering skills, but this was really at the limit of my skill level.

                        Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_0275.JPEG
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                        I just need to solder the domiworks intermediate board to the gearbox connector now which will need to wait until I'm back at the speedshop where the gearbox is.

                        Brakelines were well overdue for replacement

                        Click image for larger version

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                        I was also gifted a carbon wing and bought myself an E46 CSL style front bar which will need to be painted in the coming weeks so I test fitted that.
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                          Nice work, post your valve test when you get there too. Does look like a cunt to solder. What are you going to pot the solder joints with when done?
                          The Slowly IS300


                            I'll probably pot them with silicone, I've been a bit mindful of the permanence of potting. Box will go in, make sure everything is working correctly and then come back out for potting I think.


                              You can buy the conformal coating mix from RS etc, best to do it properly once you confirm it works.


                                Foamy was very excited to put his new forklift to use by chucking the auto out of this thing in the bin the other day

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