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Datsun 1600 Sleeper

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    Datsun 1600 Sleeper

    I have had this 1600 for around 11-12 years. I bought it with sr20 and different water to air intercooler. I got rid of the Microtech and started redoing everything. It was running, but everything (conversion wise) was rough.
    It now has a combination of Datsport and Maddat conversion components.

    I mainly use it for track days at Wakefeild and Powercruise Click image for larger version

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    It was painted previously with rattle cans. I am a house painter by trade and may have painted it with brush and premium foam roller(around 4 beers and an hour and a half including prep work

    Its a good 10 metre paint job
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Standard unopened sr20det
    rocker stoppers
    6boost exhaust manifold, gt3071, 3" system

    Sr20det 5 speed. 2nd one

    Autronic sm4, IQ3 dash, Haltech flex fuel

    180b SSS front struts, vl turbo calipers, Mitsubishi Cordia discs, r31 skyline rears

    Datsport rear adjustable crossmember and arms, v8 Commodore cv's and custom shafts, R200 viscous LSD

    Maddat front crossmember, gearbox mount, fuel cell, moustache bar, front sway bar

    Frozen boost water to air and reservoir, bosch cobra water pump

    Alpha motorsport fibreglass boot, bonnet and guards

    13 x6 sunraysia's which the hubcaps go on to and clear brakes or Jellybeans

    Nankang AR1 205/60 13

    The 2 water to air radiators are under the boot floor and behind the grill so there is nothing at the front to give it away

    3 " exhaust with dummy tip

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2384.JPG Views:	6 Size:	2.17 MB ID:	7195544Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2389.JPG Views:	6 Size:	1.49 MB ID:	7195545Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2376.JPG Views:	6 Size:	2.51 MB ID:	7195547
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      Ken from Totally Tuned did the final round of tuning. 2 previous performance workshop will remain un named. Ken and Glenn fixed quite a few things

      The car has around 270rwkw on e85 and 225rwkw on 98. 1080kg without driver

      Gordon from Mechanical Care did other stuff

      Glenn from Roadway Belconnen for exhaust

      Paul from Neltech Engineering for mod plate and certification
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        Combined footage from Wakefeild, Powercruise QLD and Powercruise Sydney

        Edited by 13 year old son

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          That is a cool jigger.

          Always have a soft spot for a tidy 1600


            That's a cool little sleeper!


              Love a good datto. Nice.
              .... because every driver experiences the destructive potential of the effortless surge of power available through the smallest of body movements.

              Dr Hoon

              DrNick is king!!!! No, Mark Webber is now! Long live the king!... hold on a minute mate, Ricci is in charge now


                A few people didn't like the water to air set up for various reasons. Too complicated. It is unseen and works. I don't like the look of big intercoolers hanging out the front

                Radiator fan on front and fan under rear on full time. 19mm hose

                Ice in reservoir for Powercruise and track cools it below ambient for a while

                Ambient air temp 20c. cruising Inlet air 30c ish. Idling in traffic reaches around 43 c and cools down to 30 ish after 2-3 km driving

                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  Originally posted by PXL265 View Post
                  That is a cool jigger.

                  Always have a soft spot for a tidy 1600
                  Not quite as tidy as it looks in pics


                    Love me a good sleeper, well done!
                    I own a two and a half litre Commodore - 8.93 at 142mph


                      Love it.

                      I bet it gets up and boogies with that power to weight ratio


                        Nice datto, your young bloke's video was great


                          That's sweet love a sleeper


                            That's awesome. Good work.
                            Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                            My Italian 510


                              Originally posted by Guido View Post
                              That's awesome. Good work.
                              You missed an opportunity to compliment him on his tidy Fiat 124.