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    Originally posted by ALLMTR View Post
    If the turbo outlet is 3”, leave the dump and system at 3”, that’ll be more than enough for 500rwhp

    if you want some headroom for 500rwkw+, funnel out to 3 1/2 dump and back to 3” beside the box and back
    I think I will stick with 3" dump. 500hp in street regoed 1000ish kg missile is probably enough


      For sure! More than that from an SR would turn it into a bit of a pig IMO
      I own a two and a half litre Commodore - 8.93 at 142mph


        Will the shifter hit the passenger seat?

        I'm pretty sure Santo with the blue fj20 1200 ute makes 700 or 800 whp through an auto with a 3" exhaust.


          If you did want to move the shifter forward, not hard to make up a different replacement sandwich linkage

          Xcessive manufacturing make up a relocation/shortened bracket to suit Silvias, but same idea. Their kit puts the shifter at the equivalent spot as a normal SR gearbox, but still to the side, which you don't notice after driving for 30 seconds.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	bracket.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	vg_shifter_kit.jpg
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            Keen to see results man. I've been thinking of doing the same box switch for mine but If the shifter sits further back that'll almost put in line with the seatbelts...
            See how yours turns out.

            Dump pipe wise my mates Gemini had a 3" dump and made over 500hp with ease.
            Amy's has the same setup. You should be sweet!

            Keen af to see this go and laugh like a fat school girl :D
            1975 TX Gemini Coupe - 1991 VN SS - 2017 VF SS Redline Wagon