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    Fiat Multipla

    Writing this on the train to (hopefully) pick up a top tier mainstream oddball auto - a 2001 Fiat Multipla.

    I was going to do a 'try and guess what car I've bought' but realised most of you are in bed right now.

    There is no great story behind this but I'll type it up anyway as I have an hour to kill on the train and the thought of doing actual work is painful.

    To cut right back, I've had a thing for these ever since seeing them in Wheels magazine in what must have been 1998/1999 and reading Robbo wax lyrics about them. If I'm not mistaken it was in his top 10 cars in one of the annual round ups.

    Fast forward around two decades and I find myself looking to move to the UK. It was at this time I began looking at all the odd shit I couldn't buy back at home or shit you can buy for mad cheap here.

    This is how I ended up in the Boxster, should probably have been how I ended up in a 911 but unfortunately I'm not baller enough.

    The Boxster was almost one year ago to the day and I was getting restless.

    For some reason I've had a thing lately for E36's. Specifically a grey bumpered red coupe with sunroof and no spoiler in immaculate condition.

    These are somwehat thin on the ground but as sick as I am, I enjoy the search.

    I've looked at Multipla's on and off over the past four years and have flirted with the idea from a distance. Effectively, most gen 1 Multipla's are fucked. Just wrecked interiors from years of family duty and just as disgraceful exteriors.

    One casual facebook marketbook search later and somehow I've stumbled upon 'the one'.

    Clean black exterior, red interior, basically one owner, full service history.

    I'm aroused.

    Drop the guy a message, as well as some enabler friends of mine. They were strongly on board.

    It's at this time I find out from one of my enabler friends that someone in his circle is also looking for a Multipla. Said gentleman has also messaged the seller.

    This multipla MUST BE MINE.

    I write another casual, non-desparate message to the seller.


    Get chatting to him, its been taken in as part-ex. car checks out, I try not to sound too excited at things he says.

    For example, seller 'it's actually a nice car, shame about the interior though', me 'what's wrong with the interior, the ad didn't say anything about interior damage?!?!?', seller 'the red, it's absolutely awful. It's mint but absolutely awful', me (an absolute sucker for red interiors) 'Yeah, what a shame'.

    Bloke was actually 10/10, straight shooting mechanic with some bants.

    Anyway, he's holding it for me right now. Will see if he's still 10/10 once I go and see it, this thread may be very short if not!

    Click image for larger version

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    En route with Xmas sandwich and backup wheels. I've been stranded in some fucked up places before, always bring a skateboard or secondary form of transportation now. Old Alfa's have scarred me terribly.

    Click image for larger version

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    Will update post inspection.


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    I find them interesting, but fu k they are ugly.

    Best of luck to you.
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      Watching with interest
      Originally posted by myshortyboomba
      I've had many gauges in cars. I always found the conrods react faster than a gauge.

      you can always hear them when they break and they stop the engine immediately so you can't do any more damage.


        It certainly isn't pretty. Only a face a mother could love, one might say.

        But it has character, you can't deny that.


          Didn't know what it was, came in here hoping for some cool, old Fiat. Leaving terribly disappointed.


            Originally posted by Bren View Post
            Didn't know what it was, came in here hoping for some cool, old Fiat. Leaving terribly disappointed.
            I had the same experience.

            Also, WTF is a Xmas Sandwich?

            VC Valiant


              These are one of these 'short lived, ugly, glorious failure' cars.

              I prefer the Renault Avantime:

              But understand in principle.


                I love these things, so ugly they're cool. PS: the coupe turbo (blown 5 pot) is a relatively simple swap... Would make for a hilarious ring taxi.
                Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                My Italian 510


                  99% of people would run away from a Multipla
                  Youre that 1% that runs towards one

                  Sick. Carry on
                  Originally posted by Jim
                  I feel that rules are important as without rules there is no cheating and cheating is a vital part of drag racing.

                  Originally posted by elfturbomax
                  What has happened to PF? It seems to be diesel love now days. Maybe the name should be changed to Particulate Forums.


                    I got 'upgraded' to one once in Italy. Drive better than they really should for something that ugly.


                      Came here hoping for a 60s 600 Multipla (which weirdly, I have a service manual for). This is weird enough to be interesting though. Please proceed.


                        Kind of looks like a failed pope mobile where somebody jammed extra grille under front windscreen instead of bumper area.

                        That thing makes a Subaru Vortex look like a work of art.

                        As above interested to see what happens next.

                        an easy fix is get a mate to drive in front of you at 60 then 80 then 100 and mark in on your speedo with some liquid paper.


                          Bravo ! Continue.....
                          " Racing cars don't have doors. Toilets have doors" : Keke Rosberg


                            Peak weirdness attained! I hope you bought it.


                              Be sure to post in the abominations thread, I'm sure factory abominations are welcome.