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    90s toyota shitbox

    Long time lurker, kind of wanted somewhere to document all the shit I do to this car in case I do decide to sell it (highly likely given my track record).

    Had pretty much packed up everything, sold all my cars and was getting ready to relocate to the US (no pics is from freedom land). 2020 happens, whole year gets fucked, left with no car to tinker with and a deep desire to do skids again. Previous 11 cars were all Audi S4’s.

    Started looking for something decent to buy (because I couldn’t be fucked to build something so soon after finishing the last project) and everyone was smoking crack (or maybe I was out of touch with prices regarding anything other than older Audi’s). Felt it’d be better to just build something and the no pics was cool with it, so why not. Was originally looking for something older, but with absolutely zero welding skills, anything I wanted was going to require a diff conversion/4 link so I shifted my search parameters.

    Truth be told, I always thought these were super ugly cars (I still kind of do), but it was cheap, a clean base, and I got it for a good price. MX83’s seemed to be selling super quickly and were hard to find in untouched form. I looked at 3 before buying this one. Every person I called about their car told me “yeah man, it’s super clean, nothing wrong with it. I’d say the condition is excellent”. Whenever I’d look at these cars, they’d have crash history, interior totally fucked (like someone just poured about 1L of oil in the drivers foot well and left it for absolutely no reason at all).

    Saw this pop up Friday night around 5pm.

    He was asking more than I wanted to pay, but got in touch anyway. He told me he’d already had 10+ calls and someone was coming saturday morning at 9am to look at it (which I kind of believed after seeing how quickly they were selling). Grabbed a bunch of cash, shot off at 7am. Older fella who ended up being a really nice bloke, ended up having a good chat, threw a number at him and he was happy to take it (to my surprise). Came back with a car trailer an hour later and loaded it up with a mate.

    Got it home, gave it a good clean and was pretty happy with everything about it.

    Sold new on the Sunshine Coast at David Vodic Toyota. Full log books, purchase receipts and a genuine 110k on the clock.

    Found a bloke who had a container of vvti’s that had landed. Went out, got one. All the others were sold but he let me swap some broken shit on mine which was nice (dipstick, coil cover, other odds and ends).

    Motor was fairly clean, belt looked pretty new. Sump has had a slight knock at some point, I didn’t take it apart to inspect. Lower timing cover was cracked, probably from the forklift they used to toss the engine around overseas. Ripped off the stock turbo. Sold that. Picked up a golebys yaris kit. Cyl 5 coil pack didn’t fit, so just chopped the end off the coil to retain the stock pcv crossover tube.

    Thought it would be time to find out what the fuel tank was like (was told the car didn’t run because of a dead pump, but I could see coolant sprayed everywhere from asshole to breakfast time in the engine bay – 7m things). Needless to say, it was totally fucked.

    Did some cleaning via electrolysis in the hopes to remove the rust, it was still pretty fucked in the end. I did end up using a fuel tank kit to coat the inside but was never really pleased with the results. I ended up giving a local kid the 7m in exchange for a fresh fuel tank!

    Since I was never going to use the stock ecu, I started looking for a non vvti intake manifold and throttle body, so I could have some sort of IACV setup. Found what I was looking for pretty easily and got them home. Also removed the valve covers at the same time.

    I enlisted the help of a local fella to soda blast all my intake parts, cam covers and waterneck – have had good luck with it in the past and found it to be more durable than painting the parts. Brake cleaner does a good job at keeping it looking nice. I ended up having a gen 2 6266 laying around, some tial wastegate and bov things and a couple other parts which is why I ditched the stock ecu from the get go. Motor looking half decent. Also ended up getting a box of stuff from golebys. 6boost manifold, new timing covers, a heap of fittings, fuelling things and some other bits, new engine mounts and brackets and some other pieces I needed.

    Was about time to get the engine out. Came out piss easy which was a welcomed changed after only working on gay audi v6’s that required an engine pull to basically do anything.

    Got a fenix shroud with some fans.

    Went up to the Whitsundays for a little holiday during peak covid since QLD wasn’t fucked at all. Was nice.

    Got home and threw the engine in, but had to see what it was like with all the bits bolted on.

    With everything bolted in it was time to take the car to craigs place to let him do everything I cant. The man has skills. Did a killer job on everything (as always). I had him mount the intercooler, do all pipe work, mount the battery in the boot, make a throttle cable bracket and fpr bracket, mount the PWR trans cooler, full 3.5” stainless exhaust, mount the wastegate etc. Needless to say I’m stoked with how it turned out.


    Had to pull the motor back out once it was home for craig to weld up the water cross over pipe, install the MV 1.5 shift kit and 3200 converter they made me.

    Got that all sorted and then made up the trans cooler lines. Going to add a little reservoir with trans temp sensor soon so I can tell how bad I’m cooking the trans stalling it up. Also had a bloke come out and make up my powersteering and AC lines. Did a killer job.

    Hit up Eddy to get some wiring for the elite2500 and he hooked me up with some neat littelfuse boxes for all the wiring stuff. Truth be told I didn’t even understand how a relay worked before deciding I should try and wire in the ecu, but figured it out pretty quickly (with his help). First crack at making the fusebox and harness for the fans on the car.

    Was pretty lazy and people had made good power with stock fuel lines so decided to just adapt my -6AN lines to the stock hard lines. I think I used 5/16 olive clamps to convert to AN. Really didn’t want any problems with fuelling so I used a filter on the pump, then an inline filter, then each injector has the filters in the extensions.

    Went digging at repco and got some decent hoses to adapt the heater system. Turned out nicer than I was expecting and the heater works perfectly.

    So after that was all done it was pretty much time to fire it up. I’d booked the tune 6 weeks in advance so the car was built in about 8 weeks total. Went to start it 5 days out thinking I’d have enough time to iron out any small issues before the tune and be ready to rip. Well.. that didn’t go to plan.

    Went to start it up and it would not kick over. It had spark, had fuel, and had air. Was a little confused as it wouldn’t even fire with start ya bastard. Left it for the day and then got on to hoffman the next day to see if he had any ideas. He was nice enough to spend a few hours on team viewer with me, fucking with the tune to see if he could get it going. All I’d done was import the jzx100 basemap in the 2500 software, change deadtimes and injector size to 1000cc and set the fuel pressure. Nothing he did was able to make it turn over so at that point I figured the motor is probably fucked so I better check compression. Didn’t take any more photos but every cylinder was the same. Leak down test showed 80% loss on every cyl past the rings. Was confused as all fuck.

    A mate had told me about his 2J that had sat for a number of years and the rings receded leaving him with an equally low comp motor. I decided to just try anything at this point since I was basically out of time and pour a heap of brake cleaner down into each bore and crank the fuck out of it for as long as I could. Vacuumed anything that was left in there out and still no start. A mate ended up coming over one night (who knows more about JZ’s than me). We pulled it all apart to check timing, everything seemed ok. Timing light showed the offset angle was correct.

    I started just removing fuel from overall correction and eventually got a small bang around -80%. I knew we were on the right track. Turned the injectors off and cranked and cranked and it finally fired up and died shortly after so obviously it was rich as fuck. Finally got to the sweet spot and it fired up for the first time at 11pm with no exhaust. Neighbours would have hated me but I didn’t really give a fuck. Unfortunately I’d told scott about 12 hours earlier that I wasn’t going to make it but he said if I got it sorted he’d squeeze me in somewhere in the near future.

    Nopics filming for the first proper start and claiming to be poisoned.

    Pretty much from that point on it fired first time, every time and after a bit of driving and some heat cycles the compression came back to 160psi on all 6 so something was fucky with the rings.

    Had to manualise the box as scott from next level wasn’t finished testing his a340 wiring thingo to work with the haltech a340 control update.

    This is how the engine bay looked after all the bullshit

    Was told that the diff bushes are known to be fucked if you’re trying to launch so a local fella ended up supplying me with some bushes and a reinforcement plate for the subframe.

    Since I had some time to burn a mate ended up selling me a spare ratchet shifter that he wasn’t going to use. Had no intention of installing it but wanted to see how it would look. Note wiring everywhere. Craig is going to make me a drop box to have it sit about 30mm deeper so I can have it look as factory as possible.

    This is pretty much how it sits today. Had been waiting to go to the dyno before finishing off the wiring in the engine bay and figuring out what to do about my overflow

    It ended up making 400hp on 98, 510hp on e85 but was out of pump so hoffman turned it back to 470 and told me to put a bigger pump in it and come back.

    Pulled the walbro 460 out and put in a 535 (525 with no checkvalve). The filter was already pretty dirty for having driven less than 100km (cause for concern?).

    Didn’t really want to pull all the wiring back out just yet so looked for some brakes. Did the old R33 GTST thing, but waiting to find wheels that look decent (and somewhat stock) before installing them.

    Found a clean coil cover on flogbook and hit up the dude selling it. Told me it wasn’t him selling it, but his mate and to call him instead. Finally got onto him and it was actually a bloke who I’d sold my old jzx110 to years ago. Anyway he sent it down and got it on. Looked heaps nicer than my shitty dented one.

    And this is pretty much how the car sits now.

    Got to the dyno again.

    The previous 510hp ended up being 500hp due to weather changes, but it put down almost 520hp again without the pressure falling away up top. It was pretty hot and humid as fuck in the booth.

    That’s pretty much where it’s at now. Need to install some headstuds I have here since it pushed a bit of coolant on the dyno and hoffman said it’s likely at the limit right now.

    Plan is to get a bigger rear muffler in there, install the shifter, gas the AC, install the haltech gearbox control thing, find wheels and install brakes.

    TLDR: shitbox 90s Cressida has 500hp with swap that’s been done a million times before.

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    Hopefully that's somewhat legible. This thread was kind of an afterthought and the build happened quickly.


      Normally I'd be one of those "Don't fuck with it leave it stock" commentators. Thank you for removing the 7MG AIDS that inflicted these wonderful vehicles.

      Al hasn't posted yet? Hmm, I hope he's OK.
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          the 1j is such an OEM-looking fit why wouldn’t you
          Originally posted by Jim
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          What has happened to PF? It seems to be diesel love now days. Maybe the name should be changed to Particulate Forums.


            Makes me miss my cressy from 2006! Same deal but I kept the twins and factory management, was a great car and the JZ is the engine these should have come with.


              Not sure why the videos didn't work above.


                Great sleeper, and some sunning fab work too.

                Engine bay looks tits


                  Nice work on the quick build! Definitely not here for the arachnid coitus!


                    Lovely. May you have many happy journeys to and from lawn bowls.


                      What a great write up.

                      Dat exhaust fab tho.


                        Yeah that fab work makes me mildly moist. Also, skids?


                          Brilliant work. Perfect sleeper!


                            Thanks guys. No skid vids yet. Soon.

                            Pretty keen to find some radials and go to the track to see what it will run. Hoffman said you need 550hp to run a 10, so I might not get there until it cools down a bit.


                              fuggin awesome build man well done