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    Sounds like the same issue that Sreten had with his e46 touring (m5e39 restorations). He had to drop the whole suspension down to get the strut back in
    Originally posted by Stix Z
    i'm upset i lost that video of that aboriginal woman taking a dump on a train that was on youtube
    Originally posted by Jim
    Sorry, am late to this thread. I have been protesting against whitey oppressors all morning with my people. I shall serenade this thread with my didge until nash comes in and puts it all into perspective.


      got it in the end

      so long weekend was spent turing the red car into this

      so that this can happen

      got this from it

      (also the rest of the driveline)

      suspension went in here

      sold the shit coilovers.

      don't worry, coupe is booked in to a buddies workshop to have the works thrown at the suspension so it rides low again except properly this time.

      also booked in for roadworthy and replacement of some of the shit bits i don't want to touch myself like brake lines and subframe bushes

      that should be it, everything the coupe needs to be... good i suppose.

      right i'm at a cross roads now

      i want to go full send. turbo M50 or M54, 3 litres plus, all the good shit. 500hp and all that daily

      not hard to do these days, just spend money pretty much.

      mrs works from home so i have her yaris to drive if i need to

      so like

      do i give up on the E36 compact and full send on the E46 coupe?

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        E46 coupe looks neat as!
        tbh give it 300-350hp with the turbo’s torque and it will be a riot and fun on the street
        Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
        Memes are only detectable by NSA.


          Evicted the seats from their slumber in the shed. Grot, dog hair grot, grot. 5 hours with a Bissel but still a bit filth. Much better though.

          They weigh too much so I’m not too concerned, they still need to go elsewhere. Like the bin. Might pinch the rails. For now they’ll work though.

          evicted both the bent window regulators too

          what a pain in the dick. Seems they use high quality rivets which eat Bunnings quality cobalt drill bits quick.

          Tossing up if I care about electric windows. Winders are lighter and more reliable. Race car right?

          Pulled the front end off

          getting ready to pull the 4cyl so it can go in the bin. I have an abundance of 2.5’s here so… I guess for now it’ll cop a 2.5. Maybe.


            blue car...

            you know what annoys me?

            old window seals.

            look at this crap!


            anyway ordered new ones from FCP Euro

            Yeah, great...

            Got one in at least.


              You bought new parts?? Over capitalizing at it's best!
              Originally posted by piss98
              fuck I'd be happy to suck Bill Gates off


                Two new parts! And still more to come. FCP euro delivered, sending me a new seal, least painful process ever…

                anyway in other news



                  I fucking love this thread.


                    Now we’re talking. Does it run?


                      Hmmm. Are you wrecking it?
                      Originally posted by Marlin
                      Chickens will slip under water in the cover of darkness like a seal team and FUCK YOU UP.


                        It might run, no idea. It has no key. Thankfully getting a new one won’t be a big deal. Been sitting since 2009

                        Needs a lot of love. No brakes. Bad paint. Interior needs work. But it’s all there.

                        Not wrecking it no. I’ll sell it complete for what I paid if someone else wants to do that. I just wanted to save it from becoming a cube. It’ll sit in my backyard under a car cover until I build a big ol shed. (Coming soon)

                        I just wanted to own a Jag tbh. This one will never see the road under my ownership. I’ll try and get it running though.
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                          Oh wow. You have an illness! This is either awesome or tbr beginning of the end... Hopefully you have no other boothy-like PF'ers living near you or there will be a thread complaining about someone having a wrecking yard at their house!

                          Oh and FCP Euro is awesome
                          Originally posted by piss98
                          fuck I'd be happy to suck Bill Gates off


                            Originally posted by FioriGuy View Post
                            Hey I saw this yesterday. I tried to visit a mate in a suburb named after an explorer and saw it. I remember thinking 'barn find'.


                              Originally posted by dsm2002 View Post

                              Hey I saw this yesterday. I tried to visit a mate in a suburb named after an explorer and saw it. I remember thinking 'barn find'.
                              I think that’s the first time it hasn’t been a BMW that gave it away…


                                yo, if you come across any rwd volvos or holden calibras, flick me a message. also carry on Skompa 2.0
                                I am junkie for swedish high quality shitboxes. my latest fix is this...
                                WANTED: HOLDEN CALIBRA - WHAT YA GOT?
                                robslothyoung - follow me on insta.