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      Originally posted by Stix Z
      i'm upset i lost that video of that aboriginal woman taking a dump on a train that was on youtube
      Originally posted by Jim
      Sorry, am late to this thread. I have been protesting against whitey oppressors all morning with my people. I shall serenade this thread with my didge until nash comes in and puts it all into perspective.


        That Safety Red work attire is on point.


          Originally posted by mrkebabs View Post
          That Safety Red work attire is on point.
          This is Canberra, we can't all get around in singlets and boardies all year round.

          Ol' mate's positioning of the cradle reminds me of a semi related CSH, had to pickup a current 3 series that bricked itself from a place in Nicholls a few months ago. The owner laid carpet squares under the edge of my tray so it wouldn't scratch his driveway.


            you know

            i could write an update here

            i could talk about the taste iron block inline 6 that i just got

            maybe the ZF gearbox

            perhaps even show the 280km/h speedo, distinctive interior or even the distinctive mirrors...

            maybe even chat about the other black coupe

            the one that is now manual

            (well, once HEL send me a damn clutch line)

            this is performance forums

            another day has dawned

            and then the sun has set

            and on this fine day

            a car was delivered

            an extremely fast

            extremely rare

            extremely saught after


            alpine white 318i optioned with the fantastic automatic

            boy howdy

            removed 10 tons of leaves from the cowl

            bonnet struts were gone. pinched the good ones from the blue racing compact

            it verks!

            so plans are a stock restoration. i have sourced the correct wheels and i have sourced the correct head unit

            it needs a clean, inside and out, and then it needs the carpet swapped out from the compact

            then we will have a car

            a 1997 E36 318i auto.

            stock as a rock.

            just as nature intended.

            who cares about M3's anyway

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              M3’s are for peasants. Auto 318i’s are for the super rich to waft along on in between the casino and their super yachts.
              Originally posted by Stix Z
              i'm upset i lost that video of that aboriginal woman taking a dump on a train that was on youtube
              Originally posted by Jim
              Sorry, am late to this thread. I have been protesting against whitey oppressors all morning with my people. I shall serenade this thread with my didge until nash comes in and puts it all into perspective.


                The skompa of BMWs.

                Amazing read.
                Proudly presenting the new foot long chocolate Subway.
                Originally posted by ALLMTR
                Rats tail haircut used to mean make sure the OC spray is shaken


                  Originally posted by FioriGuy View Post

                  i care more about the $300 some random will pay for it than actually having a purple rack, the difference between them and the silver tag is meh

                  i didn't know all facelift cars got them and i've pulled more than my share of sedans apart to assume it was just another worthless silver rack
                  I had a z4 purple tag rack put in the e30, and it's night and day. Drives like a near new car.

                  .... because every driver experiences the destructive potential of the effortless surge of power available through the smallest of body movements.

                  Dr Hoon

                  DrNick is king!!!! No, Mark Webber is now! Long live the king!... hold on a minute mate, Ricci is in charge now


                    the other problem with this shit is that it looks bad

                    like i get its an old neglected car and all that but i at least want some sort of basics appearence on my driveway right

                    these wheels need to match. obviously someone has been doing burnouts considering the stockies on the back. also the 7 series wheels up front look dumb. 18's are too big. wish it came on the M3 wheels but whatever and ever, amen

                    simple fix, i have lots of wheels.

                    ok, i want to put the E36 back on E36 wheels, then i can remove the 46 wheels... and i'll put the E46 wheels on the coupe. woop.

                    muuuuuch better

                    now for the


                    16's don't fit

                    i should've thought of that

                    rear wheels still have loads of tread. nobody has been doing burnouts, its just obviously the donor wheels for whatever happened to the originals didn't fit on the front...

                    oh well. dig out a set of 17's

                    get the first one on, cool

                    go out back, jack the back of the car up to do two at once





                    crap. good thing the front bar already fell off

                    if it was 1995 i'd be so angry

                    anyway now my cars are stuck together

                    this is my story

                    oh also, fun times

                    the rear springs are made of wood for some reason

                    unsure if factory
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                      this thread just gets more and more cooked. please continue.
                      Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
                      And I’ve explained many times this is not just another four year election.

                      The outcome will determine civilisation as we know it.



                        I just realised I put the wrong wheels on the 318

                        how can it be a Nicky Minaj tribute car with the WRONG FUCKING WHEELS




                          Get off my bonnet


                            Nailing it in reverse would make the news


                              felt like working on the compact today, lets get some of the cool stuff installed.

                              first up

                              i dont know if anyone remembers, but when i first did the interior swap from grey to black, i could not for the life of me find another car with map mirror lights. ie) when you open the mirrors on the sun visors, the little light above lights up. must have been a $240 option or something because it seems random if a car has them or not.

                              its actually more involved than just the lights, the sunvisors themselves have electrials in them to activate the light when you slide the mirror open etc etc

                              anyway, finding black ones seemed neigh on impossible, the only car out of any of these shitboxes to have these damn lights was my original compact! so i kept the grey ones and left the electricals tucked up in the roof lining.

                              well, until the coupe, with it's ruined interior, delivered.

                              map lights and the sun visors with the required connections....

                              that are full of water...

                              so back to the compact, take the sun visors off, do some nelso-ing to find the wiring

                              swap the best bulbs between the lot....

                              and in theory i should have the $240 map light option function again and i think that's the last of the grey interior peices gone.

                              swapped the grommet for the sunroof over too, nice and factory black.

                              then after several weeks in the dry drying out, some nice new seals and a bit of love, installed the clear tails

                              got some clear pre-96 side markers from the coupe too

                              the compact lives outside so excuse the dust. im cleaning as i replace things.

                              unfortunantly the passenger side guard has a big dent in it, a big wave like something pressed against it? dunno, something for the panelbeaters to sort out when i get the body kit painted.

                              early model M3 steering wheel (sport-steeringwheel-option-2 on the order sheet, maybe you could spec more than one style?)

                              turns out they'd gutted the ring that the airbag and horn connections go through for some reason? unsure.

                              thankfully the ring from the base models/normal steering wheel is the same part number so winner there.

                              got it all installed

                              check out the top speed on the cluster good luck doing that in a compact though

                              got the vaders in after that

                              sorry for the bad photo it was after dusk

                              doesn't seem like much, but this took me all day as i was cleaning and fiddling as I went

                              the grey seats in the black interior... i dont mind it as much as i thought i would. seats still need to be sent off to be retrimmed at some point though so we'll see

                              oh yeah

                              all of the base model parts i pull from the compact, go back into the coupe.

                              it's a clean VIN etc so hopefully someone will want to take it on as a project car after i'm done, perfect for an LS or something...


                                so other happenings

                                boom, crushed (as discussed)

                                i traded this:

                                for this:

                                (that's the compact from page 3 or something early on so isn't a new one)

                                (oh also, that's spacs wagon)

                                then i traded that

                                for this


                                318ti m-sport, 200k on the clock, runs drives, cats and rego (no rego)

                                but hey

                                not bad right?

                                you may remember another e46 compact in the same colour with the inverse guard wrecked.


                                ill elaborate later on.