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The Quick Wristy… Toyota Aristo JZS161

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    The Quick Wristy… Toyota Aristo JZS161

    So, since covid hit I have been struggling with the fact that everyone has been plundering their super, freezing mortgages, claiming multiple jobskimmer payments and generally milking that fat cow in an effort to do irresponsible things with money.

    I figured I would try get in on the action since I don’t wanna miss the boat. I called up my accountant Babalouie and he said it was a great time to overcapitalise, so I fired up mygov and a random tax file number generator and went to work.

    Once I had the fat stacks burning holes in my dacks (I am a poet) I set to work looking for a fun car to drive to work. Now, calm your tits, I’m not completely irresponsible, you see I have been driving my petrol V6 120 Prado to work and was concerned that I’ve been pissing the kid’s college fund away on fuel. So, I started narrowing cars down on carsales.

    The car had to be 4 door (or big coupe) and be able to take car seats cause of one 1 existing kidlet and another due in May. It also had to be RWD and be able to skid well enough to impress the folks at Jonno’s no13b_Coupe ‘s skid days. It also had to be under 20k which covid obviously made it a fucking nightmare to find anything decent. Fucken great.

    Scoured carsales with all different search criteria and managed to narrow it down to 2 cars.

    First contender was a VE SS Commo since I had been gagging to scratch the LS1 itch for ages and really, it’s a lot of car for the price if you could find a good one.

    Other was the JZS161 Aristo since selling my 2JZGTE Mk2 Supra I was feeling very lost, like I had a 2JZ sized hole in me that needed to be filled… more on filling my hole later.

    Looking at gumsales pretty much every day, the Aristos were out of reach with most being listed over 20k and I just couldn’t manage to get myself to go see any of the VE’s under 20k since most of them were just not in a condition I was comfortable with. Big kays, dropped headliners and some of them looked like you could probably make your money back if you looked between the seats for dropped baggies.

    I did drive a couple at a dealer and even being in shit condition, I still really liked them. Hopefully one day I’ll get to say I owned and skidded an LS.

    Struggling with whether I should be even buying anything I stopped looking for a couple of days only to find a Marketplace add show up with an Aristo 5mins away from me listed for $11,500. Fkn wow better jump on it. Messaged the bloke and tried to set up a time to see it, I asked if it was complied and rego’d, he said no, and that someone was coming now to grab it. I told him to let me know if it sells and left it as a missed opportunity.

    In the meantime I hit up to find out what I’d need to comply and rego it. Spoke to some bloke named Nathan and wouldn’t you know he was FUCKING ON TO IT. He laid out every scenario possible and how to navigate it without getting big pineapple pumped then said to email him the VIN and he’ll make sure it was all good.

    So, after making a new best friend, the seller msgd me back saying it didn’t sell and that I could come see it on the weekend. I asked him what sort of import approval it had, he said it was all good and it could be rego’d and that it was a race car import and that “all it needed was a new VIN”….. Hahah fucken yeah ok sure. I thanked him for being upfront, said that I didn’t have time to do a “drivetrain swap” and that I was going to go ahead and not touch the car with my 10 foot clown pole.

    Disappointed that I missed out on the bargain of the century I jumped onto carsales to see what else was up and stumbled upon another Aristo that caught my eye.

    Now this was originally at $18k, a private sale, 1999, grade 4, 81,000kms, and a full timing belt service when it landed. Guy said it had to go as it was being kicked out of where he was storing it.

    I remember the add and sent it to the nopics a month ago to show her what an aristo was but thought it sold as the add got taken down a day later.

    So this add was up again, only thing was it had $16k. Right better go see it. So contacted old mate and set up to see it that night. Went and had a look, the dude was super honest and a perfect seller really, almost guilty I was gonna hit him with a lowball. It had the standard 20yr old stock 2JZ leaky rear main seal a few other leaks here and there but otherwise car felt good and looked to be in great condition.

    Anyway, scored it for $14k, drove it home and here it is. I should say yes, I wanted white.

    It’s got the JZS160 povo pack wheels on it, don’t know why? Old mate said that’s how it landed. Looked in the boot and found a 17inch spare. Bit annoying especially since the guy bought new Hankook tyres for it so I will be obligated to wear them out before considering new wheels.

    Headlights are discoloured but can be fixed as per Bab’s thread.

    Interior is really nice, I think the owner in japan may have smoked it’s got a slight hint of ash and air freshener smell but none of the ashtrays are stained so maybe not?

    Also note the HVAC controls are different from Bab’s touch screen, not knowing about either I was always thinking the ones I got might have less reliability issues so fingers crossed.

    Engine is stock, has a SARD boost gauge, the guy actually removed it thinking it might have affected his sale but what he didn’t realise was that the boost line was hanging there blowing boost into the cabin lol.

    Plugged it in and haven’t properly remounted it yet.

    No mods on the engine I can see just yet,

    and only other mods are 2 front and rear underbody braces and an aftermarket stezza that doesn’t actually work.

    Surprised to see a factory JBL sub mounted under the parcel tray and what looks like a big (for factory) amp under the CD stacker.

    When I drove it home I honestly thought I might have bought a dud, at that stage I had plugged up the boost line in the cabin and as I drove it home it just felt so quiet and sedate. I gave it a bit here and there but was starting to worry that I wasn’t really getting the kick I would get when driving my 1300kg 2JZGTE MA61.

    Anyways got it home plugged the boost gauge in and then dropped my mate naten (thanks for the help mang) home confirming it was actually making boost. Was making about 0.7 or 0.8 bar and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Man its just so quiet and sedate when ploughing its way to 100kph.

    Also want to shout out to Do the safety dance. for giving me quick answers on how much I'd be up for to do the rear main while I was still deciding to buy it.

    Anyways it needs some work obviously initial findings are:
    - Brakes shudder just slightly
    - Fix oil leaks
    - Headlight polish
    - Trans service and full flush
    - Get rid of stupid wheels, I’ve always wanted a JZX100 in Toyota superwhite sporting BBS LM with polished rims and black painted centre so might live out that dream with this. Although mine might be BBS* wheels not BBS.
    *fake replica cheap fake povo lame.
    - Its just too and sedate and plain looking, if that’s its nature I have to make it more obnoxious somehow so needs an exhaust.
    - Since I can’t get the stereo to work I need a new one.
    - The build plate did not show LSD so that as well
    - Needs wire chopping to cancel the nanny VSC Trac control stuff. Although I spun it up on brake for a second and didn’t need to turn anything off.
    - More lows to match new wheels, will spend some time considering this since I want to keep it comfortable.
    - More boost and some fuel cut trickery is always nice.
    - Other than that, just enjoy really

    Hope to keep with the updates, I don’t think I can keep up with Babs on this one so just letting you know now, don’t expect it.

    First thing I did today was get a 2nd key for it, unfortunately the guy doing it wasn’t able to get a key programmed to reliably work and has contacted his suppliers to update their codes and will let me know when he can program one for me. In the mean time I got a dumb key made for $20 that will still work.

    Now to start learning about the car like translate the HVAC controls and other weird stuff like this second key barrel on the dash just next to the fuel cap button, what in the fuck is that for?

    If you made it this far then thanks, if not then hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed ya mum.
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    These are great cars, and king of the sleepers.

    Subscribed for skids


      14k, a 2jz, a write up covering in jokes, what's not to like about this ?

      Good buy TBH!


        Outstanding mate, congrats. And likely a better car than a VE in every way.


          That looks perfect for a daily runabout, I'm a bit jelly.


            Whilst the build may not reach Babs level of CDO can we please have a pointy stuck at some stage????


              Awesomeness, so unassuming.

              A nice set of wheels would def bring the street cred from Camry all the way up to Aurion levels.


                Always liked Aristos... for a while I actively looked for the original model, I wanted a STOCK one. Every single one in that 6 month period were single turbo converted, 300kw+. Probably a reason for that though.


                  Nice one. I was actively looking at these previously... Multiple times.

                  It looks like a good buy!


                    Congrats, nice write up too lol


                      cheers all


                        Oi don’t blame me for your poor life choices, lol
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                          Fuck I miss mine, so much fun to skid.
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                            I approve.
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                              very good. bring it to a toymods meet cunt
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