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The Quick Wristy… Toyota Aristo JZS161

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    I have to do something about the stereo, I am running out of Bros and Crowded House CDs to feed into the stacker
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      Originally posted by Babalouie View Post
      I have to do something about the stereo, I am running out of Bros and Crowded House CDs to feed into the stacker
      have you tried adding a few Guns and Roses Spagetti Incident CD's into the mix?


        a few quick service items

        crack the glove box

        pull the back panel off glove box

        pull another panel behind glove box

        pull the filter cassette


        eeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


          Looks identical to the one I pulled out of my Century, except mine was even more manky!


            Originally posted by Norbie View Post
            Looks identical to the one I pulled out of my Century, except mine was even more manky!
            we need an updated tour around the century man i wanna see more of it.


              Next time I give it a proper scrub I'll get some video for you.


                Originally posted by schnitzelburger View Post

                we need an updated tour around the century man i wanna see more of it.
                It is super cool. HTH.


                  mad progress man
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                    So I did this mod on my prado and was bloody impressed with the results so thought I should get some for the aristo too.

                    It has taken Toyota an unusually long time to realise how shit their windscreen washer squirters are but eventually they made some that aren’t as shit.

                    It’s one of the rare issues I have with Toyota, that and their fucken cup holders which are fucking hot garbage. How can they engineer such good cars and yet get a simple cup holder so fucking wrong.

                    Anyway, here is the typical Toyota squirter. Pissweak.

                    Sometime in the late 2000’s they finally fixed it but kept the design the same so it’s a straight swap with a lot of cars. As I mentioned I got a set for my 120 Prado and thought I’d be smart and get a set for the Aristo.

                    To get the existing ones out u gently shove something soft and flat at either end to press in the tabs and pop them up. I used a plastic scraper.

                    The aristo squirters are the same size but the hose inlet is on an angle but that wasn’t an issue.

                    As I said since they worked so well with my prado I thought I would be a smart cunt and blah blah ill skip to the end they suck, wrong angle.

                    Ahh well can’t win them all.

                    Here is the part number for anyone who wants a set for their prado, about $30 each on ebay.

                    I am also collecting pictures of the mods ive been doing on my prado which I will make a build thread for, so pics of good squirters will be up soon.

                    Moving on, I thought I would pull down the GT86 diff as well.

                    Not much to say since I didn’t really do anything with it other than look

                    Drain the oil, stinks as always

                    Pop the back off

                    Took the bearing caps off and pulled it out marking the shims and bearing races.

                    Crown wheel goes plonk

                    Looks like its 8inch so fingers crossed its same PCD as whats in the aristo.

                    T2 in all is stinky glory

                    Since its been raining so much I can’t get the diff out of the aristo so im stuck until then. I am still tossing up if I should take it to a shop or attempt it at home. Kinda wanna do it at home.

                    And in other news I bought a set of wheels for this. I need the guards rolled, the wheels need tyres and i need to put the teins in so no pics yet.

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                      My first time seeing the term pissweak used literally lol


                        Aye peeps got some progress on the wristy.

                        It was finally time to see if this 86 diff was going to work so I set about disassembling the rear end.

                        A few weeks ago I picked up a set of wheels, so the first order of business was to test fit the rears.

                        Size is 18x10 +30 and the rear end seemed to eat them up nicely.

                        Minimum poke, not even 10mm

                        And here is the big reveal!!!!!!

                        Super happy with that look, and fitment is great as well, have a look at the dish!! like 80mm there.

                        Ok so I don’t want to show the wheels until I get the guards rolled, get some rubber, hubcentric rings and wheel nuts. I also didn’t want to show them until I got the coilovers in as I didn’t want to pollute eyes with nice wheels at standard ride height.

                        FYI I can’t afford, and am not cool enuff for 100% no boosheet JDM wheels (I’m not even cool enuff for ronal teddys either) so you will all have to be happy (or not happy) with replica wheels.

                        Anyway, we move on.

                        Diff comes out, now I have to say this was a lot easier than doing it on my old MA61 so I was happy there, but I did struggle with the stupid underbody brace that was fitted. The fucken thing was bolted to the fuel tank straps and the front mounts of the rear subframe so when I unbolted it both the fuel tank and subframe wanted to fall out. But only then could I get at the exhaust and then get the diff out.

                        No real pics as it was a struggle but check out the Active Rear Steering rack there, stupid leaky POS

                        Drain the diff, ooohhh so close I’m getting exited.

                        Use a slide hammer to pull the axle stubs it’s the easiest way. (soz for angled pic)

                        Take the back plate off diff to reveal the single peg shitness I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!

                        Then unbolt the bearing race holders (they also house the shims)

                        Ok so now slowly remove the centre and stick it on the bench next to the 86 centre and……………………………


                        Well the crown wheel is 8 inch and 10 bolt and would bolt up to the 86 centre but obviously we are going to have a problem in other places. Very disappointed with this since I was mucho hoping there was a cheap, readily available option for aristo owners. But no.

                        From that point time was ticking to put it back together as each second passed I was slowly letting out the magic, if I didn’t hurry I’m sure the diff would go out of alignment or spec or lash or mesh whatever and I’d be fucked.

                        Quick cunt just get the thing into the car before it all goes wrong, I don’t want to end up with a fucked diff that sounds like a thousand screaming monkeys falling into an abyss.

                        Phew that was close.

                        Ok whats next since I have the car up? Coilovers ok.

                        Look at those things man its like candy or something

                        I pretty much followed babalouie’s info and it all went in easily.

                        Rears comparisons

                        Rears in

                        Fronts comparisons

                        Fronts out

                        Fronts in

                        So I didn’t bother setting the ride height because I know I would only have to do it with the new wheels. I still measured the fenders and the corners are all within a few mm of each other.

                        It sits a tad lower, but once again will all be sorted with new wheels.

                        Still pissed about the diff, does anyone with a JZX100 chaser want it? tree fiddy as is for PF’ers but I will tack on some cream if it goes on marketplace/scumtree tho.

                        Drove it to work today and the ride is firm but not uncomfortable, handles nicely. Instructions say its set to the hardest setting from factory so that gives me some relief to know that I can soften it up, I will adjust it to the middle settings and drive it home and see how it feels.

                        Other notes, I forgot to test fit the fronts 18x9 +30 so umm yeah will get to that. Love you Ronal Teddy Bears.

                        Also pulled off the trim around the wheel arches in anticipation of getting the guards rolled.



                          Bugger with the diff, so close and yet...
                          The new nugget
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                            I'd love a set of Ronal Teddies, no joke.

                            Bugger about the diff. Welcome to borrow the welder if you want it fixed 😉


                              lol at teddies...

                              But such nice coilovers, so nice.


                                I was so excited at 18x10 Ronal's

                                Why do you play these games with my heart ;_;