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    S14 Saga

    So tried to do a complete history tale of my Silvia problem, but with this forum hack, Tinypic where I had a lot of old photos uploaded shutting down, and thread that logged the whole thing thinking its still there but dead links. It all got too hard.

    So seeing as this car Is going through a make over thought id just pick up the story from now and sprinkle in some flash backs when relevant/ have the time

    It has been through a few looks, Current plan is to build it as what 2010 me would have dreamed if had the budget/ patiance/ can let it sit for a bit longer than I did back then. With there being no drifting at Marulan or Wakie ATM seemed like a good time to fix the baind aid on the baind fixes over the years

    Did the 'JDM' conversion which was way less common back then in the first year.
    It got many defects and fines in the first 18 months on the road, but after red label, heap of fines, EPA, fines and another red lable 2 weeks before rego due I thought I would leave it off the road "for a little while"

    clear coat got really bad do I rattle canned it Mocha

    Did some damage on the front end panels so I went widebody all round and kit for some dumb reason Eventually came together with some 18in rezax all round
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_122558.jpg
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    Blew up the rear quater and most the aero and was sick of how unreliable it was being track only without eing able to test it. Reshelled it into a Sil80. It was pretty much a bear, though still waterproof shell. doors, boot, dash and wiring but nothing else sitting on blocks of wood. At that time a 14 shell wasnt worth much, or worth the sentimental value i had still vs it sitting in a part of the yard that was useless space anyway that you didnt see unless mowing the lawn around it.

    Sat for about 2 years before a drunken conversation with my brother lead him to start rebuiding it. He wanted to wo with an old style NA build with flares wasnt quite my cup of tea. Ended up with a NA RB25 and over 18 months or so he got is 80% done,. then realised its going to be a pain to rego and be pulled over straight away. So it sat. In the mean time ther was 6-12 months with not a lot of track days going of so I stripped my Sil80 to build a neat street car. When that was done it had been about 12 months since I had been to the track and they started back up and had the itch again. Asked him if I could finish it off and take it out. But like everthing the last 20% takes another 6 months so all up it was about 4.5 years since the car left the house
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_122559.jpg
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    I kept using It and slowly made it a bit more my own, back to turbo SR, Normal widebody and sparkly paint

    Click image for larger version  Name:	36944747_10156660181543578_6834055032573263872_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.81 MB ID:	7229182

    Then Spring 2020 did a track day and motor started knocking. I was already collecting a few parts to change some stuff up so this turned into the catalyst to doa full makeover/ rebuild
    It isnt going to be a full on crazy track car, as still have hope that it may got back on the road one day. Maybe when it can go on modified historic so can justify the costs .... Damn being a 97 model
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    Started collecting parts for this in early 2020. As got in my head this can having the earlier Zenki front end just wasnt right. I have come to like the zenki front a lot more than back in the day when started seeing some nice examples around 2011 ish. We got the front end for a good price as part deal of towing a car for friend he was going to part + some cash, came with the Navan bar too which was huge plus.
    But for me this car is factory Kouki and is just what it was ment to be. so started just keeping a look out for parts popping up.

    A set of plastic JDM kit popped up consisting of a JDM front bar, Navan skirts and series 2 rear bar with one fiperglass pod. It was in canberra but the price was right so left a deposit and did the day trip down without much hassle. So it was pretty much the exact combo I had run 10 years earlier. But I had a hunch, and was correct that being widebody now the skirts and pods looks a little sedate. PlusI wanted to run a Greddy front lip which I had seen a bunch of times with Navan skirts and never seems to flow. The current 270R style skirts and rear bar seem to be quite a good match being a lot chunker than Oem but that tiny bit smaller/subtle than most other aftermarket stuff. I ended up selling them off with the Navan zenki front bar for what it all owed me so pretty much the kouki bar owed me nothing bar a trip to Canberra.
    At the same time a set of front guards the same +50 origin I was going to buy anyway to suit kouki popped up locally so grabbed those
    Ordered a front Lip and Bonnet around this time too
    Click image for larger version

Name:	152733170_766560277607447_5912460505187651585_n.jpg
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    Also first time round used to be able to get honeycomb grills for $50, A couple times grabbed one or 2 extra and sold them so subsidize shipping when I got a box of random stuff off yahooJP, now wasnt much more to buy brand new from america somehow
    Click image for larger version

Name:	153429526_261001722066438_603254186895785267_n.jpg
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    Funnily enough the brick style headlights that were aftermarket and 'expensive' back in 2010 are now way cheaper than 2nd han OEM so grabbed them with some crystal parker and indicators and test fit it all along with 17s all round For when % stud conversion hubs arrived ( as was running S13 hubs)

    Plan was to run big 17s and low. I already had some equips that we have had for years, good spec but Hi disk so not much dish for the sizes (9-20,10-7). Was looking on yahoo for months for even just a pair of big 17s so I had at least 2 rears. Nothing was popping up here or over there. Any big sets were like 3k+ and none were perfect specs for me. Even looked into rebarreling as did some VS-KF and Minervas for the sil80 as had similar hard time to find big 17s, but prices for 'hero/chrome/youtuber' wheels in sizes that are good for rebarreling were going for dumb money before new lips, more than I old my rebarreled ones sold for . Should have kept those, but that's story of most things with me. Was looking into doing the panasports but would turn out to be an 11.5 and want to just run a 235 at the rear for simplicity.
    So after hitting up streeter to see if he still got good discounts on new wheel looked in that direction. But even these days big 17s is hard to find new with limited options.
    Ended up going with the Work Meister S1R. The 2 piece version, but could get them in 17x9-9 and 10.5-19 so should be perfect and via streeter less than most people want for 2nd hand wheels in those kind of specs. Also had a pair of the old style 2 piece meisters back in 2011 so fitting somewhat

    So with the motor coming out around AUG 2020 due to knocking it was time to start on it .....after it sat for another 6 months haha


      Your car sure has had a few different looks hasnt it? hahaha

      I know the frustration well of build threads being ruined by image hosts deciding to change their build thread was destroyed when imageshack decided to move the goal posts 6 or so years ago

      You definitely get 10 points for commitment, given the headaches you have dealt with so far

      Good luck for the rest of the build mate


        Loved this thing over the years, great to see it's not dead


          wheels are sick and i like the hard headed persistence too.


            Yeah I miss the build thread, tried to do a similar thing on instagram lately with more long form captions, but not the same. Also like on forums how you get the contradicting opinion/ different views and ideas compared to a curated echo chamber of most people that follow you like your stuff ect.

            I think most of this car has been done out of spite to not let it defeat me over the years

            Bought this end of 2008, being my 3rd silvia but only being 15 months or so after buying my first. Pretty much instead of putting money into my CA 180sx that I had been using as a track car for 9 months I decided to sell it and buy something else with rough equivalent I would have put into it for 5 stud, SR swap. I wanted something ready to go or something that I could get for less than 10 and drop a few grand into so I could have it a nice street/ drift car for 12-13k ish
            So went back to the bank got a 15K loan and was looking for a decently modded s13 with all the usual bits for the time or cheap series 1 s14 as no one loved them back then. The market as weird though with s13 prices being all over the place and none being stockish or mid teens and still needing work and s14 zenkis being 8-12K depending. Spent most my time at work trawling all the forums and usual places, a few cars seemed ok but don't think I looked at any.

            Then one day randomly looked at boostcuising of all placed and saw a fresh add, along the lines of:
            S14a, purple, 19s, lowered, exhaust, intercooler, boost controller, Wollongong, 10K.

            Was no pictures or anything but hit the guy up and looked at it quite soon after. It was rough with bog crack in quarter and paint chipping off rear bar. But it was a series 2 for less than a lot of S1 were going for at the time. Talked him down to 9K and few days later boss came down and picked it up for me in early Nov

            I lost the pictures of it when I picked it up, but was on Gestalts? from memory, king springs and dodgy intercooler and exhaust. but photos of this are lost.

            A few days later had go together a bunch of parts to install, fuel pump, bride from 180, enclosed pod, coilovers, pinapples, brake pads ect. Had a mate come around and help, and got coilovers done by lunch so thought take it for a drive 5 min down country road to check all good and get something to eat.

            It was unfortunately was the once every 6 month trip that day for highway patrol out there
            RED label defected for
            pod, battery not secure, rear seat not bolted in, bov, brake light out, exhaust too loud
            I got red stickered because the seatbelts didn't retract quick enough. they still locked but didnt wind back quick enough according to him so i had to get it towed home for about 5 min costing $400 as was so regional

            Also as I had about a month left of P plates left means I lost my license for 3 months.

            Most people would have taken this as a sign, Sold up, paid off the loan and kept their neat NA S13, but no I was the stubborn idiot who has now gone through 2 engines, 3 turbos, 3 steering racks to name just a few things

            Again seem to keep at it out of spite


              After what I didn't realise was 6 months of getting parts and procrastinating after pulling the engine out I decided I need to get motivated and start putting the time into it. One of the first big jobs was the engine bay

              If I was going to do this 'properly' this time one thing I wanted/ needed to sort our is wheel clearance. Over the years I had hammered the hell out of the tubs where they were scrubbing and they were a mess. The firewall side I can deal with but the tubs looked a mess.

              One of the things that people started doing in around the 2010's was just cutting out the tub and leaving it exposed which I was never really a fan of plus I wanted to keep the car 'registerable'. Then a fabricator in SA Rex Kelway was known for his blogging on nissansiliva (especially because he always did it in the 3rd person) started making some nice looking tubs, rather than the hacked up trailer tubs most people were using.
              The I believe nopistons asked/ bugged him if he could make a DIY weld in set for people interstate. Now he sends them all over the world.
              I always loved them but never got around to it/ could justify the time and money and potentially have to take the engine out, but decided now was the time.
              The joys of a Silvia that you can buy pretty much everything off the shelf, they are a fancy lego car

              Made it as easy as possible for someone like me with no sheet metal experience besides dodgy welding up rear quaters after hacking for widebody, Even came with instructions haha

              So started to hack out the abused OEM metal

              Got it pretty close with suprisingly little messing around

              Gave them an Etch prime while they were out and I could get to everything and were sitting pretty close

              No having borrowed a welder dad bought 10-15 years ago ( seemed like he paid a lot as then a few years later all the cheapies that did everything came out) But seeing as we didn't use it regularly always used gasless as didn't want to pay bottle rent. So between me not knowing what I was doing and gasless making life difficult I never got the hang of it in the few times I used it. But with Bunnings and other places having no rent fee on bottles seemed like a better time to give it a shot as if it sits for 6 months its not costing me money. Got all the gear to setup for gas then a few practice bits and took the plunge to lean by doing.

              But as they looked shit decided to grind back as much as I could

              Then covered in seam sealer to both keep the water out and hide my sins hahaha

              So now just need to paint the bay again.
              Some one that knows what they were doing would have got a better result and Kelway did most the hard work. But it was a satisfying feeling when it is something new I have done over the years and will hopefully get better at
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                When a young Nopistons welded tubs in, he despaired and panicked, as he had not thought about what to do with the items that normally live in those places. Fuse boxes, washer bottles, overflow bottles, etc., and he did not want to "tuck" or relocate the same things into an awkward spot. That may have contributed to him giving up on that car. Now that Nopistons is fatter, older, and wiser, he knows that you can use a) universal products, or b) re-purpose other more suitable shaped items quite easily. Nopistons now sometimes wishes for a project car to tackle this again on, if only to atone for past sins.


                  Tubs look good! Is the car getting a color change?


                    Originally posted by nopistons View Post
                    When a young Nopistons welded tubs in, he despaired and panicked, as he had not thought about what to do with the items that normally live in those places. Fuse boxes, washer bottles, overflow bottles, etc., and he did not want to "tuck" or relocate the same things into an awkward spot. That may have contributed to him giving up on that car. Now that Nopistons is fatter, older, and wiser, he knows that you can use a) universal products, or b) re-purpose other more suitable shaped items quite easily. Nopistons now sometimes wishes for a project car to tackle this again on, if only to atone for past sins.
                    Ah Rex

                    Had a set of kelway tubs in my first S15 and similar dramas.


                      Originally posted by CEF33Y View Post
                      Tubs look good! Is the car getting a color change?
                      about the only things carrying on to the new look from the exterior are the skirts, rear bar, rear widebody and tint


                        So as to the issue of the tubs lack of room for anything

                        For anyone that has ever owned a slightly lowered Nissan of the 90s knows that as soon as the car is lowered it starts to scrub. Most people just tuck it up a cm or so higher above the pinch weld. But I was still having issues so early on I decided to extent the loom and run it around the strut tower. Cut and shutting about 50 wires and extending at least half of them. No pictures but ran along here
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210223_182241.jpg Views:	0 Size:	271.6 KB ID:	7229837

                        But then after a few different lock setups and heights it was still scrubbing where it passes through the fire wall into the wheel well
                        It got bad one time so as a last min fix before a trackday not long before it got stripped I hacked a square out of the side of tbe car so I could fit the Junction box through and ran it back above the guard
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210223_183345.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	7229838

                        So now with the tubs in the way I had to do something about the fuse box. I could have maybe tucked it in the corner but that would mean cutting a hole in nice new tub.
                        So went about relocating it. Again probably could have done a full race car basic loom but i just wanted everything to still work incasd it ever got back on road.

                        So I started by stripping the loom. Most of it came apart fairly easy. I only really removed some stuff from the ac as that was all that was being used in 1/3 fuse box sections so was worth deleting
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210213_123246.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.57 MB ID:	7229839

                        As I had already extended a few wires in the past I only had to cut and shut about 10 wires this time, moreso just to untangle them. So gone down to only about a dozen wires going through the guard Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210214_205404_348.jpg Views:	0 Size:	335.4 KB ID:	7229840

                        Then decidedto fix the hack job
                        Some more dodgy welding and only a few fires later. Then punched neat hole for a 44mm grommet
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210221_174702.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.96 MB ID:	7229841

                        While I was at it tacked in a scrap bit of metal to where the original hole for the loom was, then just went to town with the left over seam sealer to waterproof it.
                        Highly professional finish, but tyre sill prob eat half of it anyway
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210220_214720.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.58 MB ID:	7229842

                        Then it looks like the fuse box should nicely reach into glovebox area without having to do much else
                        Will run the gearbox plugs through the firewall either through old a/c holes or the one near clutch master I enlarged. Thsn should only have to extend a couple there and run a main power line to fuse box
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210213_134647.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.25 MB ID:	7229843

                        So just need to re insulate it and will do a final fit when I get around to the interior stuff and engine bay is finished.
                        so not as hghard as I was concerned about, but I haven't hooked up a battery yet to see if all the smoke stays in yet so may be speaking too soon
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                          Originally posted by (Locky) View Post

                          about the only things carrying on to the new look from the exterior are the skirts, rear bar, rear widebody and tint
                          And windscreen sticker I hope ๐Ÿ˜‚ itโ€™s been on there for a while!


                            So while I was doing all this thought I would start on another job that didnt need doing for ages. But sometimes having a more fun end of the line job to juggle between some stuff that should be done ASAP keeps me motivated. Plus this was a lot of 30min hour or work then waiting overnight for glue to dry

                            I had had a few different types of tail lights on it over the years
                            Stock S2, DMax, DMax tinted red, Smoked 50/50 style, and back to dmax.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	459736_632348840113984_1445678402_o.jpg
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Size:	276.6 KB
ID:	7230857

                            They had taken a beating with one side being broken with a few tags of wakie wall and the other being crashed into.
                            Had seen a couple of people mod tail lights like this with OEM 180sx and s14 housings
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	152949837_1166839627085608_2134327485958001741_n.jpg
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Size:	95.8 KB
ID:	7230858

                            Having also seen 326 power take apart aftermarket one or custom but couldnt find info.

                            So with mine being destined for bin had a play around with them
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	153903289_1121857208309851_9047798847852278933_n.jpg
Views:	393
Size:	82.1 KB
ID:	7230859


                              Removed original lenses and glued back together, no idea how people do these without breaking them as the housing melts faster than the glue holding the lense in. Rough cut a replacement lense

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	153656471_3001610610120544_5279036836947792584_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	95.2 KB ID:	7230863

                              Removed the internal lenses/coloured covers
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	144312659_468449717502711_43269721703489926_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	87.6 KB ID:	7230864

                              Checked that the LED themselves were actually red without the internal cover and see how it looked
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	144373984_417329952713666_5561641692764511613_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	85.5 KB ID:	7230865

                              Added a little of extra flair before the new lense went on
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	151969480_338169607515929_5110717745603504482_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	65.3 KB ID:	7230866

                              Followed by a lot more trimming then glue down, Repeat 2 more times.
                              It was hard to get exact fit as the DMAX lenses have steps in them so the housings are made to accommodate that, so not a perfect fit. It is defiantly a track car finish that you expect them to get damaged at some point.

                              But for tail lights destined for the bin it was a a bit of a fun project and $50 of materials. Worst case can buy another LED set of ebay if not a fan of the look when car is done
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	153732660_437803684133232_5634587800811982955_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	172.3 KB ID:	7230867

                              Then the TRON mode
                              Need to get the boot sitting properly and it will line up haha
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	152905688_131383312219345_2849783752643315055_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	19.1 KB ID:	7230868
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